It was seven years ago since it happened and i still get calls from relatives about seeing re-runs of the episode from time to time. I was 13 at the time still in middle school. im trying to find a video clip of the episode but i found an imdb article Im Dylan.

Edit: local paper article and interview with my mom.

proof? me and my family. im the one in the very back right. also very bearded me with duckface and proof.

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TubsTheCat1613 karma

Stop being such fucking cunts reddit.

Let the man take his time, what's wrong with you?

HerpDerp48671359 karma

Thank you tubs, thank you.

ChipsAndCurrySauce1372 karma

Did you ever want Jo to come and rub those massive tits in your face?

I mean, you were 13 and all...

HerpDerp48672081 karma

i fantasized about those tits for years, trust me.

Edit: Wow reddit gold thanks!! its so shiny!

BroWhenYouNeedIt1033 karma

Did producers provoke you in anyway to try to make you look like a brat or could you just do whatever you wanted.

HerpDerp48671433 karma

There were situations that they would put me in just to get a rise from my brother and sister. like in one instance i would go in my room to get away from the family to play xbox and shit and my brother would always come in just to fuck shit up. so they would purposely tell me to go to my room so they could handle the situation for the camera.

Skuggsja1215 karma

Sounds reasonable, if you think about it. The producers aren't creating family problems for the cameras, they're recreating conditions that trigger the already existing family problems.

HerpDerp48671314 karma

Without a doubt, i do feel kind of responsible and bad for providing the triggers cause it brought my mom to tears at some points.

morningpooper839 karma

If you have Hulu Plus...

HerpDerp4867854 karma

Awesome you found it! right episode and everything!

fietsvrouw815 karma

For those who do not have Hulu Plus, I grabbed a screenshot of you here. And just in scanning the episode, congrats on surviving those siblings of yours!

HerpDerp48671329 karma

god my long hair was a mistake.

Tiep0790 karma

Were your parents paid to be on the show?

Were you really as bad as the show portrayed?

Did things change after the Supernanny left?

HerpDerp48671061 karma

  1. they did receive a small sum of money after the show but they never told me how much nor did i get any of it.
  2. my brother and sister we really as bad as the showed portrayed for sure, i wasnt bad.
  3. kinda sorta but not anything super extreme.

ramasule755 karma

This guy is a champ answering every question, that's it im turning on res to upvote everything.

HerpDerp48671147 karma

I never knew it would take so long to answer everything.

Kuggis753 karma

Did your parents really like the Supernanny? Did they change after the show?

HerpDerp48671292 karma

We all loved Jo. we actually still keep in contact with her from time to time. just as nice as she seems on tv. and for the most part not as many ass whoopins, just more calm, so i guess they changed?

zero1509725 karma

So how much of that show was scripted..I mean did you actually learn from the super nanny?

HerpDerp48671201 karma

Well a lot was scripted, it is a tv show after all, but at the same time they just basically followed us around like we were living our every day lives. I didnt learn anything because i wasnt the "problem" child, basically all my brother and sister.

anotherguy2721 karma

Is your brother still a shit?

HerpDerp48671332 karma

both my brother and sister are still little fuckers even though theyre 12 and 13 now.

allisondojean455 karma


HerpDerp4867866 karma

Well they still get in each others faces from time to time. plus the overall mischief and unprovoked hitting and fun making dont help.

Edit: my spelling is atrocious from typing so quickly to answer everyone.

Escalus01365 karma

I don't know a lot about bipolar disorder, but wouldn't a psychologist and medical treatment be more effective than a TV nanny?

HerpDerp4867831 karma

It was only diagnosed about a year ago. we had no idea when he was little.

hellomynamesbruce595 karma

What lead to your parents signing up to do the show? Did any of the techniques Jo taught your parents actually improve their parenting?

HerpDerp4867970 karma

Basically the loss of control over the household, my parents didnt know what to do so they felt the need for outside help. so for some reason they resorted to national television. some did help, things like the naughty corner were complete fucking bullshit. but timeouts and leaving them alone were better than aggression and yelling.

HerpDerp4867540 karma

Sorry everyone i was driving. Ill start answering now!

HerpDerp4867430 karma

Alright guys I'm going to watch the football game! I'll answer questions from my phone periodically. Thanks for all the questions!

Kuggis378 karma

How does it feel to watch the episode you are in now?

HerpDerp4867820 karma

Its really weird. Like really really weird. i was such an awkward kid back then and now looking at it i realize, i havent changed much hahaha

KermitDeeeFrog206 karma

Do you ever wish you behaved differently while in front of the cameras? I don't mean you were misbehaving, I just mean, if you had a do-over, would you choose different behaviour of your own to be immortalised on TV?

HerpDerp4867455 karma

hahahaha no not really. i was just being myself i wouldnt change it for TV.

Joker_Robinson333 karma

Funniest/ angriest thought you had during the show

HerpDerp48671169 karma

At one point the funniest thing i though of was " I should totally walk through from bathroom to my room naked after a shower." Almost did it to.

HerpDerp486726 karma

that was perfect.

morningpooper315 karma

I always wondered how disruptive having a camera crew in your house would be to your normal family behavior. How much of your day was filmed? Did it change you or your parents normal reactions to things that would happen on a daily basis just to make it better for the show?

HerpDerp4867440 karma

You know after a while you just dont notice the cameras and you continue with how you would usually live your everyday life. our day would be filmed from dusk till dawn. hell they even filmed my parents picking us up from school and swapping cars. overall though nobodies reactions changed even though the cameras were in our face.

JelliedHam485 karma

Dusk til dawn? You mean the nanny only filmed you while you were sleeping? Creepy...

HerpDerp4867683 karma

hahaha you know what i meant damnit.

Little_Radge285 karma

1) Looking back, were you really that much of a dick or was it overplayed for TV?

2) Do you ever speak to your Mom and Dad about it today? Do you resent them for it?

3) What was your reaction at school?

HerpDerp4867505 karma

  1. Like i said in other comments i was necessarily the dick, it was the younger sibling. surprisingly they made me out to be a fucking saint. just a good kid being affected by bad parenting at home.
  2. We never really talk about it now, kinda just got buried over the 7 years ya know. i dont resent them at all, they felt the need for help and i supported them.
  3. everyone was pretty cool with it! they all watched it at some point, and naturally i got made fun of from time to time haha

Skuggsja210 karma

While you were cast in a positive light, your brother and sister donned the role of the fuck-ups. Are they as happy about the show as you are, or are they resentful in any way?

HerpDerp4867392 karma

I never really asked them. granted its been a while since they saw it last. i might have to bring it back up and watch it with them again, you know for giggles and seriousness.

purpleblazed563 karma

wait til your little bro brings a girl over, then bring out the tape.

HerpDerp4867838 karma

bada bing bada boom.

six_six_twelve182 karma

i was necessarily the dick

He means "wasn't."

HerpDerp4867183 karma

thank you. its been a lot of typing for two hours.

doommonkey271 karma

1.) How did this show affect your social life?

2.) When your parent(s) recorded the clips to send to the nanny, how did they manage to film you without you knowing it?

3.) When the show showed how the family was doing after she left, and how her techniques worked, was it honest, or did your family just act extremely behaved for the cameras?

HerpDerp4867572 karma

  1. well for one the DVD i have of the show got me laid so thats always a funny way it effected my social life in the biggest way.
  2. well we knew it was happening but the kids being little made it easy because they didnt understand the whole concept of it. Other times it would be on top of the fridge or whatever.
  3. it was a little bit of both to be honest because it didnt last for very long.

ChristineBlair1072 karma

IAMthe girl that fucked him after he showed me the DVD of his Supernanny episode....AMA....

HerpDerp4867711 karma

Good times, good times.

FOUNDmanymarbles231 karma

wait, you got LAID because you were on supernanny? that's a thing people can get laid for?

HerpDerp4867321 karma

Sure is! you should try it some time.

ihatetheflu241 karma

how did supernanny act behind the scenes?

HerpDerp4867579 karma

The same man, shes really nice and down to earth. really genuine about helping in any way she could.

thornsandroses202 karma

Do you think your siblings will be embarrassed when they get older and see what kind of shits they were back then?

HerpDerp4867457 karma

At age thirteen and twelve they have seen it again and they are pretty embarrassed. i mean i think i remember my little sister mooning the camera at one point when she was throwing books. so yeah they wont go tell their friends about this experience. haha

NotASir202 karma

scumbag reddit, the AMA request gets more upvotes than the actual AMA...

HerpDerp4867302 karma

Sad sad day. oh well.

NotASir121 karma

Oh, I didn't know you were still going!

Did Jo ever snap? Even once? Like, even just stub her toe on a lego and shout "Shit!"?

HerpDerp4867282 karma

No! but that would have been fucking priceless hearing her proper english accent yell cunt or something along those lines.

viggetuff197 karma

How much did you and you parents actually change after the supernanny left?

HerpDerp4867584 karma

you could tell that certain things changed after she left for a while, like i would have a sign on my door that would let my siblings know when they could or could not come in and they followed that rule for a while......until they ripped it.

anotherbluemarlin104 karma

Nice Boardslide Dude.

HerpDerp4867186 karma

Oh god......I forgot about that part. ಠ_ಠ

Oopioppi102 karma

What was the application process like to be on the show? How much were you and your family paid for being on the show? How long did the filming go on for?

HerpDerp4867223 karma

Well my mom just wrote to them asking for help and telling them about how bad things were. they wrote back and asked for my mom to film how things were normally done in the house. they sent a camera and everything just for us. we sent that back and next thing we know theres a preliminary film crew to come and "greek" the house for television. and to be honest i have no clue how much they got paid for being on tv, i didnt get any of it so i sure as hell wasnt paid for my services! and i think the filming went on for about a month. if i remember correctly.

rekgreen120 karma

What does greek the house mean?

HerpDerp4867340 karma

Greeking is a term used in the industry meaning that they had to go around the house and take masking tape over any and all brand name logos.

Mylaptopisburningme92 karma

Did they change your lighting fixtures out to more TV friendly? I am not sure if it was Supernanny or Nanny 911, the lights were always pretty blown out.

HerpDerp4867161 karma

yeah they did, as well as putting tint on the windows.

Fortehlulz3327 karma

Would it have been for everything including clothes? Like would they have taken a piece of tape over a nike logo on your shirt, or was that blurred.

HerpDerp486766 karma

yep even that. they covered my middle school logo on my shirt with tape

yourmansconnect111 karma


HerpDerp4867124 karma

It seemed longer. Were you a PA in the second season?

Koyfe94 karma


HerpDerp486799 karma

Working on it. What would you want? i have to go look for the autographed photo of joe frost i have.

huntnm62 karma

Picture of you on the show and a yearbook pic side by side.

HerpDerp4867140 karma

next best thing i have a family photo up top and i can post one more resent if you would so wish ma' lord.

jpacheco9491 karma

Since that episode was aired 7 years ago have you ever been recognized as someone who has been on supernanny by someone you don't know?

HerpDerp4867226 karma

By chance i was one time, just because they heard my full name. i was extremely embarrassed and blushed like a little girl when they mentioned it.

exteremeruski76 karma

Looking back are you happy that your parents put you on the show or not. Also if you have a kid would you be fine with putting him on a show like this?

HerpDerp4867147 karma

im kind of indifferent towards it, yeah it was embarrassing to be on national television but im happy overall with it. but if i had a kid i wouldnt put him on a show like this. just after my experience i wouldnt.

fozziefreakingbear62 karma

Have you changed at all?

At the time did you take the whole thing seriously or was it just a joke?

Were you even a bad kid at all or were you just supposed to act bad?

HerpDerp4867118 karma

  1. Not really im the same person basically, i was never a bad kid.
  2. i took it as a joke, i actually thought it was fucking hilarious when i saw it for the first time.
  3. like i said i wasnt bad and they didnt make any of us act any different.

Hungry_Texan60 karma

Did your experience on Supernanny actually have a considerable effect on your life?

HerpDerp4867141 karma

In a way yes, it brought us all closer together as a family and taught us how to work together through those kinds of things. it was more relaxed for a long time but like any family we had our ups and downs.

Rogue_Tomato160 karma

and it got him laid.

HerpDerp4867219 karma

Yes that as well.

zombieslayerzak57 karma

How much was scripted and if it wasn't did it help

HerpDerp4867126 karma

Some things were scripted but otherwise it was pretty fuckin real yo. but otherwise in my opinion the help was quite minimal.

AvAngela53 karma

Have your siblings changed for the better, in the long-term?

HerpDerp486797 karma

Well they arent climbing up walls and shit like they were in the show so yes, haha. but i mean we're siblings so we bicker and fight from time to time.

MotleyKnight49 karma

What was it like to have someone come into your house and try to change the way you did things?

HerpDerp4867129 karma

It was weird. Jo was nice so i didnt mind, nothing really affected how i went about my business.

ashbr2747 karma

Did you think your parents were bad parents that they couldn't discipline your siblings and lost contol? What did they try before calling supernanny?

HerpDerp486798 karma

I didnt think they were bad parents but just the fact they couldnt handle the two of them together at the same time. i mean its a lot to deal with having two kids within a year of each other. and they tried the traditional method, spanks and shit like that. they werent abusive or anything, just a smack on the ass when they were bad. afterwards it was calm talking and passive behavior towards that kinda stuff.

BroWhenYouNeedIt45 karma

Did your family get any benefits/perks from the show (i.e. did they pay for a family vacation or anything)

HerpDerp486784 karma

I think my parents got a check for being on the show, i never saw a dime of it though.

blev00560 karma

You should call your mum and ask how much they got, it would be very interesting to know.

HerpDerp486796 karma

Ill be right back with that answer!

dead_badger54 karma

what did she say?!

HerpDerp4867278 karma

She said she didnt fucking remember.......bullshit.

facejug3 karma

Well, technically, your parents did pay for food, shelter, clothes, etc. . .presumably with the money they got from the show.

HerpDerp48675 karma

very true. im an ungrateful bastard.

ChappyBlob38 karma

Did the show make you look a lot worse than you really were?

HerpDerp4867155 karma

They made me look like a fucking saint.

yeeeaaaarrrgggh34 karma

in your opinion did their behavior really warrant broadcasting your personal life?

HerpDerp486798 karma

In a way yes, things were out of control. They would throw things at my parents and start to get physical so yes i do believe it did. but at the same time i think my parents could have done something different instead of going on national television.

Deffusion31 karma

How is your family today? Hope you guys are doing well :)

HerpDerp486751 karma

We're really good actually! things still get bad but its natural with having siblings of course. and thank you so much! :)

Gobbles1528 karma

Great AMA

HerpDerp486737 karma

Thank you kind person. I tried my hardest.

justineTG25 karma

Do your parents feel more relieved knowing now your brother is bi-polar?

HerpDerp486742 karma

Well they have viable answers to their questions. So it's a big relief.

MaxBroek20 karma

Who signed your family up for the show? What was everyone's reaction to actually being in the show?

HerpDerp486736 karma

My mom did all on her lonesome. We were all pretty cool with it actually, almost excited really.

theguywithraybans10 karma

How many blunts do you smoke a day?

HerpDerp486737 karma

psshhhshshhhshhs a lot.

jasmaree6 karma

Is there anything about the show that negatively impacted your family?

HerpDerp486718 karma

Not in the least bit. Everyone was really cool with it. We didnt get fuckin hate mail or anything along those lines.

glashear3 karma

Did you get all the bitches at school at the time of this?

HerpDerp486710 karma

I was one dorky looking kid so no.

Chrunchie2 karma

Did you bang Supernanny?

HerpDerp48676 karma

For sure, on the daily.

uselesstrivia_for5002 karma

I can vouch for this guy.

HerpDerp48676 karma

You can?

sirderpalittle1 karma

were you ever a problem child when you were younger? you said that everything your parents were doing was wrong (referring to how they were raising your younger siblings). Or was it simply that they didn't know how to react to your brothers bipolar disorder?

HerpDerp48672 karma

I over exaggerated to saying they were parenting wrong. but i feel a large part had to do with the bipolar.

JugaBoo1 karma

Would you be comfortable giving out your last name? Its much easier to find a show by typing in "Suppernanny v. _______" I cant seem to find it [episode] anywhere.. really wanna know if you were a "fucking saint".

HerpDerp48671 karma

Haha there should be some links in the thread here with the video. But it should be under young. i have a different last name for legal reasons but it should be young family season 2 episode 14 i believe.

Space2kk1 karma

Holy shit, you look just like my brothers friend...

we also live in srq lol.

HerpDerp48671 karma

hahaha probably know him! who is he?

the_trombone_man1 karma

How many days did the crew film for?

HerpDerp48671 karma

About two weeks. it felt longer which is why i said a month.

[deleted]1 karma


HerpDerp48678 karma

I am now. so yes. yes i will.

[deleted]0 karma


HerpDerp48678 karma

For the most part they focused on the younger siblings and my mother and father so it wasnt centered around me. they more or less had me as an inside view for what the kids did to get my parents worked up, so i told them and they put those situations into action. and of course i did, during the interviews we had i would answer the questions they had.