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I've read your story before and I still get choked up when I read it again. The wedding on the tarmac always get me right in the feels. I know losing the love of your life is extremely painful but I want to personally thank you for everything you have done for all of us in the lgbt community. I know you would give it all up to have him back and I wish we could do that for you, but I'm so thankful for you two and everyone who fought so that I too can marry the woman I love.

My question is, what can I do for you? What can I do to honor your beloved for giving me something I never thought possible?

Edit: Thank you Jim, your response had me in tears all day and tonight we raised our glasses to John #thisonesforJohn

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Do you think your siblings will be embarrassed when they get older and see what kind of shits they were back then?

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I'm going to start saving money so that I can buy a pair of these for my son for Christmas 2016. I discovered he was color blind 10 years ago when he was 6 when he tried to tell me which kid on the playground ifo our apartment had taken his gameboy. He kept saying they one in the gray shirt, but none of the kids was wearing gray. When I finally figured out which kid he was taking about, the kid was wearing a bright green shirt. He could identify every other color when i asked.

I took him inside and pulled up a colorblind tests, the kind in the circles. He couldn't see most of them but some he could sorta see, would see a 6 where an 8 was. Now sometimes my kids mess with me so I still wasn't sure. At the bottom of the test was a reverse colorblind one, only colorblind people could see what was inside the circles. I asked him if he could see that one and he said no. I was momentarily relieved. I said "No? You can't see what it says?" He said "No mom, it says NO" When I looked underneith the circle it explained that colorblind people should see the word NO.

We spent the evening explaining how it was no big deal, he just couldn't be a fighter pilot but that plenty of people live just fine lives colorblind. But later that night I was alone in my bedroom and I burst into tears. I was quite shocked at how devastated I felt. Not that anything was wrong with him, but that there was this fundamental thing about how we literally see the world and I didn't share that with my son, could never share with him. My favorite color it's purple but my own son has no idea what it looks like, and I have no idea what it looks like to him.

I never let him know how upsetting that day had been for me and that was the last time I cried about, though if I'm able to afford these next year I suspect I'll cry the first time he sees purple.

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I understand that the severity of a natural disaster is sometimes determined by how many waffle houses are still open in the area. How bad does it have to be before a waffle house will close?

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Thanks, that does make me feel better.