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Sounds reasonable, if you think about it. The producers aren't creating family problems for the cameras, they're recreating conditions that trigger the already existing family problems.

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I worked as a journalist in a previous life (although not at the level of Washington Post) covering mostly defense and economics. This shit happens constantly. If an organization hears (by being asked for comments or through other means) that one news outlet is building a negative story on them, the obvious move is to give a competing outlet a friendlier version of the facts.

This is especially damaging if the story in question is a lengthy, labour-intensive exposé which will then have been "blown" by the competing news source, lessening the impact of the original story.

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While you were cast in a positive light, your brother and sister donned the role of the fuck-ups. Are they as happy about the show as you are, or are they resentful in any way?

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But did your family tackle the underlying problems?

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Many media outlets have gutted their investigative positions, that is true. All income in any company is generated in the sales department, so they are usually the last to go - after journalists, editors, typographers and other "dead weight".

That being said, it seems at least the low level "field agents" in organizations like Project Veritas genuinely believe that there is no journalistic method at all being employed in news organizations like The Washington Post and that the editors simply call the DNC every day and get told what to write. The woman who approached you sincerely appeared to think that as long as she brought forth damaging information on Moore she would be in the front page the next day without further vetting.

Alice, Beth and Stephanie: Do you think there is an educational shortfall here? That U.S. schools should do more to teach how news media works and the functions they are meant to serve?