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Mylaptopisburningme92 karma

Did they change your lighting fixtures out to more TV friendly? I am not sure if it was Supernanny or Nanny 911, the lights were always pretty blown out.

Mylaptopisburningme25 karma

I am not big on romance films, but that was really well done.

Mylaptopisburningme20 karma

Probably how I felt when I saw Siegfried and Roy. I was up close to the stage, worst place to be, I saw how most of the tricks were done. Sorry illusions.

Mylaptopisburningme9 karma

I somewhat liked the show, was there an outbreak of herpes? I noticed a few of the kids had sores on their mouth.

Mylaptopisburningme4 karma

Why when I go to a music festival or some other type of venue, they don't have regular bud, it is Bud light, or Coors light, why is it always light beer?