I Co-Created and Directed a Pilot for Cartoon Network called "The Awesome Chronicles of Manny and Khan" as part of the Cartoonstitute Shorts. You can watch the film here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlvIB4jGpLo&feature=youtu.be


edit: I'll keep checking back so keep the questions coming (SUN 7:34pm EST).

edit: FAQ Q). How do I become an Animator/Cartoonist/work in Animation?

edit: (this is just my opinion and is not the only way to go, there are lots of different paths you can take but I find these are steps in the right direction)

A). 1. Draw everyday 2. Surround yourself with like minded people who want to become Animators/Cartoonists 3. Go to college and study Fine Arts and get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation. 4. Intern every summer and try to get in at your favorite studio as an intern 5. build your portfolio 6. Never give up

do these things and you will find yourself someday working in Animation

some rules to live by: 1. Be the first one in and the last one out everyday. 2. Be kind to every person you meet 3. Make friends not contacts.

Q). WHat is your favorite...

A). Cartoon:The Legend Of Rockabye Point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp0xTbsOoMw Comic: Bad Machinery by John Allison http://scarygoround.com/ Go Read it!

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JosephGiardina18 karma

This has been really fun but you guys haven't asked me any really juicy questions so I figure why not answer some questions you didn't ask. Like: what is something really embarrassing that happened to you while working as a cartoonist? WOW! what a great question.

I was working at CN on Foster's as a cleanup artist and it was around lunch time. I wasn't very hungry but thought if I walked down the street I would find some restaurant that peaked my interest. After all, It was lunch time and I had just purchased a brand new pair of $10 sunglasses the day before. Cheap sunglasses are the best kind of sunglasses if you ask me.

So I walked, down San Fernando in the heart of Downtown Burbank. I walked past lots of great places to eat but nothing got me hungry, so I walked into the mall and through the food court, still nothing seemed to appeal to me. I walked through the mall and out the other side. I continued down the road passing more and more restaurants. The sun was very bright that day and I thought to myself " Thank goodness I just purchased these fantastic new $10 sunglasses". At this point I was about half a mile from CN when it hit me. It started with a rumble in my belly but it wasn't hunger. No, I was about to poop.

I was about 100 feet from a McDonalds but I feared such a short distance wasn't going to be close enough. I clenched my butt cheeks and moved as fast as I could while walking on my heels trying not to let lose the monster poo. 30 feet, 20 feet, there was the door I could see it, 10 feet, just a few more steps. I made it in the door and scuttled like the penguin to the bathroom. I reached for the door to the men's room but it was locked. I couldn't wait any longer. I looked at the women's bathroom door and in that moment as I contemplated whether or not to use the women's room it happened. I pooped.

At 28 years old I pooped my pants standing in a Mc Donalds. It wasn't just a solid lump, no no no it was full on hotdog water. I did what anyone would do, I cleaned myself up the best I could in the sink of the women's room and then tossed my underwear in the trash. when I was as clean as I could possible be after such a thing I peaked my head out to see if anyone was waiting. Thank God nobody was there, so I ran out of there as fast as I could.

When I was in the clear, out on the sidewalk, I stopped running. As I walked back to CN with my head down, embarrassed of what had just happened, I heard a screech from behind me and a sharp scrape on the back of my head. I turned around in shock to see a giant black bird two inches from my face flapping its wings and screaming at me; SCREEE! SCREEE! I stumbled back and fell to the ground as I tried to defend myself from the bird. While on the ground it made one more attack and I swatted my arms and screamed "Get away from me you stupid bird!". It flew up into a tree and left me alone. I rolled over and got up on one knee, and as I looked down on the sidewalk I saw my brand new sunglasses. They had been crushed from the fall. My brand new $10 Sunglasses had been destroyed.

I walked back to CN, with my head down in disbelief. How could I go on working the rest of the day after such a fiasco. I contemplated making up some excuse to tell my producer but by the time I had gotten to his office door I hadn't come up with anything. So I just flat out said "Ryan, I just pooped my pants and then a bird attacked me... the fucker broke my sunglasses... can I go home?". He just said "yes." and he said it without a smile or smirk, no snicker or snear. In fact he said it without any emotion whatsoever.

iolol3 karma



JosephGiardina8 karma

This is just the tip of the iceberg my friend...

fnwyfrnk2 karma

It's not reddit without a pooping-your-pants story. Thanks a lot, great cartoon, great AMA, keep up being awesome dude.

JosephGiardina1 karma

Has poo-vision previously been discussed on reddit? It's what happens to my vision when I'm in a place where I can't find a a proper place to poo.

grimerphd13 karma

Not really a question but I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed this. I wish that cartoon network picked this up. It's definitely a lot better than some of the shows they played (like league of super evil -.-')

JosephGiardina7 karma

Thank you so much!

pyrowolf82 karma

PLAAAY! No but seriously, this so freaking great, love nothimg more but to see it become a series. The only thing that bothers me is that the platypus (Manny right?) has human hands and feet.

JosephGiardina3 karma

He has hands and feet because he is half man half platypus, a manypus if you will.

vmvp5 karma

Seems to be highly influenced by Kricfalusi. Is his style back in vogue?

JosephGiardina3 karma

John K makes classic cartoons, we also tried to do the same. It would be a lie if I said he hasn't influenced me in some way or another. It seems more so then other cartoons because the dynamic relationship between the two characters is similar.

touan5 karma

how much time did you work to make an episode?

JosephGiardina14 karma

It took about 8 months from pitch to delivery for the 7 min short. I worked a normal 40hr work week through most of the 8 months.

touan5 karma

Wow thats much and u did all that by yourself or you were team also what programms did you use for the animation? adobe flash?

JosephGiardina6 karma

We had a crew of artists and animators working on it, and it was done traditionally on paper for most of it. Then it was inked and painted digitally. the backgrounds were painted with paint on illustration board.

Flynn581 karma

That is a really long time for a 7 minute short. Would you be able to produce a standard 26 episode season?

JosephGiardina3 karma

in a standard season it takes even longer per episode, but we start a new episode every 2 weeks. and there would be three times as many people working on a full season.

Frajer4 karma

How long does it take for you to know if Cartoon Network picks up your pilot? If they pass can they pick it up later?

JosephGiardina6 karma

They never really "pass" they just don't move forward. There is always a chance they could pick it up later on down the road.

touan3 karma

whats your favourite part of making a cartoon?

JosephGiardina3 karma

2 things. telling stories is all about solving problems and I like to do that (solve problems that is). I also like collaborating with other artists to make something bigger. Its amazing to be apart of the animation process no-matter what job I am doing. So many great artists working together to make something meant to do one thing and that's to entertain.

notrodblas3 karma

Reflecting on all that you have done, would the 5 year old you be happy of all that you have done?

JosephGiardina6 karma

That's a good question! Yes

The younger version of me would be super happy! When I was a kid I never really thought jobs like this existed. I wasn't exactly sure who made them but I thought of those people as being made of magic or something.

notrodblas3 karma

Being a kid is a wonderful thing, and seeing how your cartoons will affect many children I hope you're "magic" skills will be ready.

:-) Have a great day, and thanks for thinking my question was good!

JosephGiardina1 karma

Thank you have a great day too!

mightaswelltroll3 karma

but can you draw jack the ripper wearing a speedo?

JosephGiardina25 karma

I think Eddy Murphy could play any roll in ANY MOVIE! http://imgur.com/kb76X

JosephGiardina1 karma

Jack The Stripper... Eddy Murphy Stars in a Dark Comedy about a male stripper accused of serial murders and on the run from the law. Its the fugitive meets showgirls... staring Eddy Murphy.

JosephGiardina16 karma

sigh... hold on let me plug in my cintiq...

JosephGiardina11 karma

almost done

pamplemouse2 karma

JosephGiardina3 karma

Eddy Murphy is the finest actor to grace the silver screen, if I had it my way he would play every character of every movie EVER.

Squat4203 karma

reminds me a lot of Ren and Stimpy, what sort of influence would you say that show gave you and did you give back to them in any way or sort of tribute?

JosephGiardina2 karma

It does and for several reasons. some more obvious then others. Both my short and R&S follow the same dumb big guy and angry little guy routine that goes back for centuries. Both Ren and Khan have funny yet commanding voices that define their character. Both Manny and Stimpy have goofy voices. these similarities are not intentional but come with the territory when making a show with the big guy little guy thing. When Khan snaps and points at Manny and says "You want a Game!?!" that is a very Ren thing to do and we sort of new that when we did it but we thought what the heck its funny to us. after watching it a million times I could go on and on about how I would change that dynamic moving forward. John K (creator of R&S) is a great teacher, and he has plenty of stuff out there for free so people can read and practice on their own. I never went to school, so I had to do my learning on my own. So my work resembles John's teaching more so then anything else. So when people tell me it reminds them of Ren and Stimpy it makes me feel like I did a good job learning. Though now, moving forward, and from what I've learned since then I would change some stuff but I would also keep the things that do work. Thanks for the question.

Squat4206 karma

My girlfriend wants to be an animator someday here is some of her work that one her the sundog film festival in yellow springs ohio. she made this when she was 16 https://vimeo.com/28175902

JosephGiardina3 karma

Tell your girlfriend she IS an animator, she can stop wanting to be one, she just is one. That was fantastic and extremely creative. wow! I'm going to watch her other videos now. very cool.

meeb111 karma

My Bf sent you that link below here is a link to my blogspot if you are interested the artwork hasnt been updated in awhile http://meghanbordersart.blogspot.com/

JosephGiardina2 karma

I love the one titled crawl, it is awesome!

touan3 karma

whats your favorite cartoon, from where do you get your inspiration?

JosephGiardina3 karma

My Favorite cartoon is The Legend Of Rockabye Point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp0xTbsOoMw

I find inspiration everywhere. But what drives me to keep going is all the ideas in my head. I am terrified that I will die before I get a chance to get it all out.

Notwhatitlookslike222 karma

Through out the video, the elf's nose was behind his face line. Its the little things that count man!

JosephGiardina5 karma

That was intentional. In the process of designing the characters we made a choice to have overlapping lines. at the time we really liked it but a few years later and it bothers me now.

cinemachick2 karma

Wow, you sound awesome! :D I hope to be in your shoes someday. I'm currently working on an animated short film of my own for my college thesis project.
Do you consider yourself an animator first, or a storyteller/director? How does that change your approach in creating a film? How hands-on are you in the actual production of the artwork? Do you have a favorite part of the process?

Also, what software do you use to storyboard? I'm trying to find one to get my animatic up and running (the cheaper the better) but I'm resorting to a way-too-many-layers Photoshop file for now.

JosephGiardina3 karma

Thanks! I think it all kind of melds together into one thing for me, I just kind of group it all together and think of myself as a cartoonist. when people ask what I do for a living thats what I say. I say Im a cartoonist. for storyboards I use photoshop mostly and just paper and pen.

JosephGiardina3 karma

When I made this short, My co-creator Josh and I did a little bit of everything throughout the process of making it, but we had a great group of artists working with us that did the bulk of the work. there is a lot to do when directing and art directing a show. In the beginning we wrote and outlined it together and then we split the show up and each story-boarded half.

who-what-where2 karma

What steps did you take to be able to get the ability to create a pilot for Cartoon Network?

JosephGiardina3 karma

First step is to create what is called a "pitch bible" that has all of the information you need to tell someone about your show. from character break-downs to what the show is about and everything in between. with lots of artwork. then you pitch to a development person at the network.

JosephGiardina3 karma

to pitch a show you need an 'in' somehow. If you are working at one of the studios like I was you can call up development, and ask if you can schedule a pitch. The short I made was part of a project called The Cartoonstitute and they were actively taking pitches almost everyday back then so it was a little different. Or you can try to get an agent to represent you and they will contact the Network Development People for you. But getting an agent is not easy.

d4ngerm0use2 karma

How much freedom did you guys have with creating the cartoon? Was there a set brief/storyline?

JosephGiardina2 karma

I'd say we had almost 100% freedom. aside from one major change at the very beginning everything was up to us and the artists we had working on it.

RobSons2 karma

From one artist to another, looks great man. Really like the atmosphere. Hope they accept it :)

JosephGiardina2 karma

Thank you!

AbsolutProdigy2 karma

Why do they play shitty cartoons now?

JosephGiardina1 karma

cause people watch shitty cartoons... I don't know, I wish I had a really great answer for you but I don't. not everything is bad, there are some really great shows out there.

Whiteace92 karma

Looks great, one thing bothers me though, what's up with the line through khans nose. Almost looks like someone forgot to put the nose layer above the line work for the face.

JosephGiardina2 karma

That was intentional. In the process of designing the characters we made a choice to have overlapping lines. at the time we really liked it but a few years later now and it bothers me too.

Whiteace91 karma

Fair enough, should have figured, animators have way too much attention to detail to let anything like that slide unintentionally. Great short though.

JosephGiardina1 karma


touan2 karma

how many years are you in to this job?

JosephGiardina4 karma

I'm going on about 9 years now

MrWampa2 karma

How did you get your job?

JosephGiardina3 karma

making the short? or in cartooning in general?

JosephGiardina9 karma

My first job in animation was on the Spongebob Squarepants Movie, I was a Production Assistant. I did what is called "copy and pegging". I made copies of the layouts on the copy machine and then registered them on a light box and peg board.

Im_A_Cloud_Moo1 karma

Are you at all affiliated with LMU?

JosephGiardina1 karma


Schroedingers_gif0 karma

Show biz isn't all glamour, huh?

JosephGiardina4 karma

just a bunch of regular people

Kosmonaut_2 karma

What's the best way to go about getting a job as an animator?

JosephGiardina5 karma

Go to an animation college then try to get as many internships as you can while in school.

JosephGiardina5 karma

when you are working as an intern, work hard, come in early and stay late. Ask people if you can help them, ask questions and then listen. Be as kind and nice as humanly possible, draw everyday, Make friends not contacts.

ParkerEH1 karma

Really good work. Something that I would've loved to see more of when I was younger.

JosephGiardina1 karma

Thank you!

ThePoliteCanadian1 karma

What kind of education do you need for something like this?

JosephGiardina1 karma

You should go to College and get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation. Lots of schools offer this type of program.

BermudaCake1 karma

How many frames per second is that pilot?

JosephGiardina2 karma

youtube compresses everything all weird so there are a lot of merged frames in the linked video Im not sure what frame rate its at there, but we animated it at 30fps

BermudaCake1 karma

Good to know, thanks! I made a super simple little walk cycle in 12 fps and when I did some in betweens to get it to 24fps it looked a lot worse. I guess the extra detail made the mistakes more obvious.

JosephGiardina1 karma

I can't get the link to work

BermudaCake1 karma

Oh, sorry. Here we go: http://i.imgur.com/ewhDU.gif And I meant to say run cycle.

JosephGiardina3 karma

I opened it up in Photoshop to take a look. try just cutting frm 6 (layer6) or fixing that pose (there is a pop there) when both his feet are off the ground. and frm 9 (layer9) - his head goes all crazy in size so tighten that drawing up so it hooks up in size with frm 8 and 10. also in 8 9 and 10 his eye goes all crazy. tighten that up and you will have a great little walk cycle. I likey

JosephGiardina1 karma

also whatever you do to frame 6 do to frame 12 as well.

BermudaCake1 karma

Thanks so much, I'm gonna give this a go. Annoyed that I did it in paper now, but I might just vector it so it's easier to edit in the future.

JosephGiardina2 karma

no problem, if you make the fixes tonight drop me a line so I can see.

JosephGiardina1 karma

Great Job! what did you animate it in?

taangeroo1 karma

Hey! I enjoyed the short and thanks for doing this ama!

Especially interesting to me is the animation, I was very close to enrolling onto a general animation degree.

  1. Is it near impossible to get into the animation industry without prior courses or connections? Where would you start?

  2. Is it fairly easy to move around the in industry or once you have a job at a studio you tend not to leave it?

JosephGiardina1 karma

It is not impossible but very difficult to do, I know because I didn't go to college. I've always felt like that has held me back and it makes me have to prove myself more often. I often times think about going back to school myself. So anytime anyone asks me how to get a job I always give them the best most effective route and that is to go to College and then try to get as many internships as you can over the summer at the Studios like Nick and CN, they have great intern programs at those studios.

I wouldn't say its easy to move around, I know it is for some people, but Im not the most talented guy out there. I've found that the work comes and goes, you just have to be persistent.

taangeroo1 karma

Yeah that is what I thought too. The biggest thing that is stopping me is the cost! I couldn't justify having my family put down $100,000 for a degree in art & animation at somewhere like scad or calarts.

what do you think of alternatives like online courses or part time degrees?

JosephGiardina1 karma

The school you go to is important but not as important as your portfolio and how hard you work. you don't have to go to calarts to work in animation. It helps because its a great school and they prepare the students well but its not the only way. Just try to take some classes and work hard. There are always grants and scholarships out there.

JosephGiardina1 karma

Thank you, and I hope you find your path and start animating soon :)

baroqueworks1 karma

Is this your first time working with Cartoon Network? Also, what are they like?

What are your feelings towards the current roster of CN shows, especially in comparison to the 90s-early 00's "Cartoon Cartoon" golden age?

Also, personal favorite cartoons/comics/movies/video games?

JosephGiardina1 karma

I worked at CN on Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends as a Production Coordinator for seasons 3,4,&5 and then for season 6 I was promoted to Cleanup. I also worked on the PPG 10th anniversary special as well before making the short.
My Favorite cartoon is The Legend Of Rockabye Point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp0xTbsOoMw My Favorite Comic right now is Bad Machinery by John Alison http://scarygoround.com/ Favorite Movie is Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan Im terrible at video games, I wish I played them but I just die in 10 seconds.

kuhndog51 karma

My best friend has a stop motion animated show. We are trying to gain a fanbase as we start making more episodes. There is a completed pilot.


If you could watch and give any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

JosephGiardina1 karma

That was great! Very well done. Tell Your friend he is very talented. I think you guys are going to do great things.

the only advice I can give is never give up. you will do great things.

Spoggerific1 karma

What do you think about anime?

Personally, I prefer it over American cartoons and even American live-action television because of the serial nature of the shows and their plots. American cartoons are mostly limited to comedy without any story - every episode is just a one-shot thing with no connection to any other episode. A lot of live action shows are also like this, and even the ones with some type of plot are usually very episodic when compared to anime. Take Firefly for example - there was an overarching plot, sure, but you could watch mostly any episode on its own without seeing any other and still enjoy it. They were rarely directly connected to each other. Anime is completely different (or, well, can be. There are still plenty of plotless comedy anime shows). The shows that do have plot will consistently carry on directly from the previous episode with very little overlap or recap.

Why do you think there are no American cartoons like this? Or maybe there are some, and you know of them?

If you had a chance to work on an American cartoon with more of a story that possibly wasn't aimed mostly at children, would you? How would you do it?

JosephGiardina3 karma

GREAT QUESTION! a month ago I pitched a show to cartoon network called "SUPER A LOT". it was to be an action comedy. where each season would ask and then eventually answer one question. with an over arching narrative much like Firefly (one of my favorites) anyways, then each episode would have its own story that could hold up on its own. They passed on it because #1 the tone didn't seem right for the network and #2 because after a new episode airs on say cartoon Network (or any network) they fill up their time slots through out the week with older shows. there is now rhyme or reason as to what gets played and episodes air out of order. if they had a show with a story that goes from episode to episode they couldn't then air it out of order and if they did people would "be confused" <- exact words. so there you go, that's why it is the way it is. I don't agree with it but that's the nature of show business.

Ayavaron1 karma

Yes but what do you think about anime?

JosephGiardina2 karma

I like it, though I'm not well versed. I like Vampire Hunter D, and I always go back and watch FLCL at least once a year and find something new and amazing in it.

nallown1 karma

when you were small what (cartoon) inspired you to be an animator

JosephGiardina1 karma

I grew up in the 80's and for the longest time I couldnt figure out the whole time thing, for years I didnt understand why cartoons wernt on every time I turned on the TV. That being said it was the 80's so I watched what I could, mostly Scooby Doo, Transformers, Smurfs, TMNT, but I would watch everything like Heman, STrawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow bright (had a huge crush on her). I also loved Disney movies. My favorite was the little mermaid (her too). I also loved the first Land Before Time. I could go on and on. Who Framed Roger Rabbit, they all inspired me. Calvin and Hobbs too.

JosephGiardina1 karma

When I was in elementary school, NFL football pencils were really big. I used to do drawings of Jessica Rabbit and trade them for Football Pencils. I also did drawings of the dinosaurs from Land Before Time as well, but the Jessica Rabbit ones were a hit.

nindgod1 karma

In your eyes, what is the best route to becoming a television writer?

JosephGiardina1 karma

The same as being an animator (see above) just replace animator with writer, and apply for internships at one of the Networks. Networks like NBC have writing programs that you can try to get into after school. All of these amazing jobs in entertainment start with school, and then internships where you want to work. If you want to write for TV try to get an internship at your favorite network in development, or even on a show. Every show on TV has interns for both Cable and Broadcast, those interns while in school meet people and make friends while interning. They then go on and figure out the next steps to find their way in the business.

nindgod1 karma

Thank you very much! Additionally, any networks you would recommend? (this is an optional question for you to answer, otherwise I will just be searching out all of them..)

JosephGiardina1 karma

try http://www.turner.com/careers/ and https://jobhuntweb.viacom.com/Viacom/taleo/index.html every studio has a job site where you can look up available positions including internships. this is a good start, happy hunting.

mrjlennon1 karma

I remember watching this short while browsing through CN's comedy development server (I interned there for awhile). Definitely a pilot that should have been greenlit!

JosephGiardina1 karma

Thank you! What was you experience interning like? Did you feel like it was a helpful step in your career?

poats1 karma


JosephGiardina3 karma

Currently:Adventure Time.

Of all time:Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.

Adult Swim: Saul of The Mole Men

JosephGiardina1 karma

All Time Second: Samurai Jack

I am also very much looking forward to Rebeca Sugars new show: Steven Universe.

poats1 karma


JosephGiardina1 karma

:) are you making Grill Cheese and onion rings too!?

fishanlers1 karma

If a network doesn't pick it up would you consider making it an internet show?

JosephGiardina1 karma

not right now because Josh and I are off doing different things. I am however thinking of doing different show for the web.

MyNameIsBruce21 karma

I've written a pilot for a cartoon (along with plot summaries of several other episodes), but I don't know any animators. How does a writer go about finding an animator to collaborate with? I only know live-action directors, and none of them have connections to animators.

JosephGiardina2 karma

That's a hard question to answer. you will probably have a hard time finding someone unless you are good friends with them. Most animators don't have a hard time coming up with their own ideas, and writing comes with the territory. If you are willing to pay them you'll have a bunch knocking down the door to work. But if its work on spec with the hope of payment down the road if it all works out, you will have a hard time finding someone. It doesn't mean your stories aren't worth telling. I'm sure you have something really great going. Its just tough out there and animators need to pay bills too. I've never heard an animator or cartoonist say "I have all these drawings and characters but I just don't know what to do with them, I really wish I knew a writer..."

JosephGiardina1 karma

I've given your comment some thought and I think you should just write your pilot as a short story. If you can write then you should take full advantage of the medium. It's the ultimate way for you to get your vision out there without having to involve other people. When you are finished with it the final piece will be all you. I like to read short stories.

darrelbarrel1 karma

Hello I am majoring in animation and digital arts at a renowned film school. My program combines filmmaking and animation.Does learning film theory and story telling techniques aswell as knowing how to work on animation give me an advantage in the animation industry?

JosephGiardina1 karma

I would think so

darrelbarrel1 karma

What are the requirements to be an intern at cartoon network?

JosephGiardina1 karma

You can look up Internship jobs here for CN and they will give you requirements in the postings. http://www.turner.com/careers/

atvrider1 karma

I must ask, is everyone at cartoon network tripping balls 24/7? You guys make some weird shit.

JosephGiardina1 karma

I can only speak for myself, no I don't trip balls 24/7. Though I am happy that people still call it that, tripping balls that is.

HeartsAcesMaces1 karma

Quick question that is a bit late, what is happening with Danny Antonucci? I'm a big fan of Lupo the Butcher and the Edds, and he seems to have disappeared. Please respond yo

JosephGiardina2 karma

I wish I knew man, I'm a fan too and I've never met him.

HeartsAcesMaces1 karma

You broke my IAMA response cherry. Thanks! Quick question, could you draw any other famous toons in your own style? It's always interesting seeing stuff like that.

JosephGiardina2 karma

this is how how I would draw Rainbow Brite. enjoy! http://imgur.com/Qjykp

fckyocouch1 karma

If you could punch any cartoon character in the dick, who?

GreenLad0 karma

Do you ever, perhaps, blaze some of that jah given 'erb when drawing cartoons?

JosephGiardina2 karma

no, it clouds my already messy mind.

awesomemarcus0 karma

Can you put cheese on a sandwich?

JosephGiardina2 karma

Yes I can. I can put cheese on a sandwich, with butter, lightly toasted on a pan, and I can eat it with a side of onion rings.

awesomemarcus-1 karma

i dont think you got the joke

JosephGiardina1 karma

enlighten me

awesomemarcus0 karma

its from this movie called freddy got fingered where a cartoonist tries to get a job than moves back in with his parents, worked in a cheese sandwich factory. I strongly recommend the movie one of the funniest movies i have ever seen.

JosephGiardina1 karma

i will watch, thank you