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I've seen several different movies that are basically: Nerdy kid rushes frat but the hazing rituals are too intense and all of the pledges go insane.

That's a whole genre now? What's the best one?

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  • Is this the kind of thing you eventually feel compelled to talk about eventually with everyone you meet? How does that conversation usually go.
  • Are there scenes in movies you can't stand to watch anymore?
  • Did you ever lose hope? Did you regain it? If yes to either, what made you lose it? What made you regain it?

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What easter eggs did you put into the movie that (most) people haven't found yet?

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I was with you for the criticism because I agree with you about the premise being silly/nonsensical but I didn't feel like being mean.

That said, I think you got a little too mean with this one line:

why haven't you recognized that maybe you aren't supposed to be a writer?

Fuck that attitude, dude. All that determination is what makes someone "supposed to be a writer." It takes a lot of criticism and dedication to shape that enthusiasm into something really good but that enthusiasm and dedication deserves praise because it is very difficult to cultivate and fuck anybody who wants to take it away from anybody.

I'm very glad that you critiqued OP's work because it needed and deserved the critique but keep the life advice separate. It'll make your words have more weight if you come from a place of encouragement.

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What if you put a bunch of them in a box together and could mix among them?