Hi! I'm Skrintch. My name is Valerii. I'm Ukrаinian аrtist who pаint colоurful pеt pоrtraits. Me and my 2y.o. daughter lоst our home near Kyіv when the wаr was started. We tried walked from Bucha through the Zhytomyr highway. We didn't have a cаr and were forcеd to walk. Three weeks we hid in the basements of random houses because the Russіan trоops were advinсing. They shot civilians right on the streets and in cars. I told about us in the Internet and caring people helped us find a person who will take us out by his car. Entry from other regions was closed, it was only possible to leave. It was very dangerous because the car could be shot. Military equipment and soldiers rode everywhere. Thank God and caring people they found a person who was ready to sacrifice himself to save us. People collected some donations for us and we were able to pay for temporary housing in another town. Finally we were able to wash, eat and sleep. There is no work here, but I try to earn some money for food. I'm also very grateful to everyone who helped save our lives and other Ukrainians in these difficult times. To thank I pаint and send colоurful pet pоrtraits from photos to people from around the world! I'm sure in a few years these paintings will have a very great historical value. It will be something as artifacts from WWII for now, because it's not just art. It's wartime art. Each owner of the portrait will remember that he helped save a life and will know exactly who! A portrait will not only please the eye, but will always remind for a wonderful deed! I add some Ukrainian symbols to each portrait like post stamp marks with warship, stickers and small Ukrainian flags signed by me. So, if someone want to get a portrait you are welcome! You can ask and I'll paint & send a portraits to you or to your friends! Portraits which on this photo have already finished and sent! Usually I paint animals but I can pаint people too. Аrt makes my daughter happy and distracts from the constant howl of an аir аlarm sirеn when misilеs and kаmikaze drоnes fly over us. She thinks we are just walking for a long time and keeps asking when we will be back home because she doesn't understand that we have nowherе else to rеturn... I hope one day we will have housing again because I really want a happy future for her. Just a father who tries to save his little daughter so that the fire in her eyes doesn't go out. ASK OR TELL ME ANYTHING

Here is my instagram (It seems a link opens only via instagram app and show error via browser. You can use app to see it or use search “skrintch_artist”)

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echoesreach102 karma

I love the portraits, did you always focus on animals or have you done other portraits as well?

Also the link to your instagram is incorrect in your post. This is the corrected link

SkrinT450 karma

I paint from any photos. I can paint people or stuff too. People ask me to paint from their photos via chat here or via insta. They send me a photo and I’ll paint for them

h4x_x_x0r33 karma

Can I just dm you on insta in regards to commissions and pricing?

I freaking love your style and wanted a gift for my SO and a picture of her dog would be perfect for our new place!

Your story sounds truly horrifying, I can't imagine all the suffering that you and everyone in your country had and has to endure. I'm glad to see a story like this, especially with the beauty you create! All the best on your path, stay safe and keep your loved ones save and keep creating, hopefully Ukraine can win this war quickly! 🇺🇦♥️

SkrinT421 karma

Thank you! You can contact me via insta or via chat here

Lordthom76 karma

I was in ukraine the summer before the war with friends roadtripping. We got scammed for an airbnb so had no place to stay. A bar owner in Odessa let us sleep at his families place and they were so sweet. The hospitality was very special.

If there is one good thing about the war it is that you showed the world who you are!

We have a black and white cat. Would that work for a colorful portrait? :)

SkrinT417 karma

Sure it works! I can paint from any photo for people who want

Huckorris55 karma

Before Feb 2022 and after, how do you feel about President Zelensky?

SkrinT4115 karma

He was good, but showed that he is even better

StevenMarvelous42 karma

Does it feel like your country is gaining momentum to be free? It's incredible to sit in my house and read what you must do to get by. Best of luck to yourself and your daughter. I would love to have a portrait of my dog, he passed away recently at 15 years old, and haven't been able to look at pictures of him so far

SkrinT431 karma

I can draw if you like. Ukrainians have become very united

neondeath41125 karma

Are you going to return home after the war? Or start fresh somewhere else?

SkrinT450 karma

We have nowhere to go back because it’s destroyed

risingsealevels24 karma

How did you get into painting portraits?

SkrinT446 karma

My daughter likes it very much. She is my biggest fan! I posted photos of my pet portraits and people started asking if I could paint their pets too. I'm glad that people like it and I never refuse to paint for someone if someone ask

Ravioverlord11 karma

This is so cool! Are you currently taking commissions? I was looking for a bday gift for a family member and love supporting other artists/have been buying a lot of my gifts from Ukrainian artists on Etsy and the like. Would love to support you and your kid :)

SkrinT48 karma

I can paint if you like

Piggywonkle8 karma

Every time I look at your portraits as a group, I see birds. I think you have a style that would suit them really nicely, not to take away from your usual work though. How did you develop your current art style?

Hope things will be looking brighter for you and your daughter very soon!

SkrinT45 karma

I paint birds too. Not often, but sometimes I paint them too. I just show people on portraits how I see their pets in my mind

_Occams-Chainsaw_7 karma

Not much to ask or tell, just sending love and a big old Slava Ukraini from the UK.

P.S. If I could ask one thing - would you please tell anyone who'll listen that we support you? The only 'gratitude' the people of the UK want to see is Ukraine, Donbas and Crimea reunited and freed from invaders. Our 'defence minister' can go fuck himself.

SkrinT44 karma


wardamnbolts7 karma

Which type of pet does your daughter like you to paint the most?

SkrinT46 karma

Cats and dogs

aranzeke7 karma

Hi Skrintch how are ya? Having a good day? Love your portraits, hopefully I can commission one of my dog for his next birthday

SkrinT47 karma

Thank you!

samwaytla6 karma

Why do you think Putin is doing what he's doing?

SkrinT417 karma

He wants to capture Ukraine in order to get a land corridor for his troops and attack Europe

Steve22f5 karma

Is there a way we can submit a photo of our pet for your to paint? Happy to donate for it!

SkrinT49 karma

You can send a photo via chat

lizardweenie4 karma

It seems like Ukraine is going through some very dramatic changes right now: from westernization, to de russification, to increased digitization, to more acceptance of LGBTQ people.

How do you feel about this? Are you hopeful for the future of Ukraine? Are you apprehensive? How do people you know feel about all this?

SkrinT49 karma

This has been happening since 2014 when the war started when they occupied Crimea and part of the Donbass. People have been through this for a long time

lizardweenie1 karma

I'm aware actually that this has been going on for a while.

I'm wondering though if you could answer my questions?

How do you feel about this? Are you hopeful for the future of Ukraine? Are you apprehensive? How do people you know feel about all this?

SkrinT46 karma

Everyone is sure that Ukraine will become much stronger than before. Most people very often travel to European countries and strive for such a life as in Europe

DanelleDee3 karma

I would love to order one but don't have instagram, do you have a webpage or something?

SkrinT43 karma

You can contact me via chat here

Bacon_Bitz2 karma

Did you learn to paint at school or at home?

Do you have parents still in Ukraine? 🌻🌻

SkrinT43 karma

Yes, my parents still in Ukraine. I went to art school but it was realistic art

ahkwa2 karma

I'm happy you and your daughter are safe. I couldn't begin to imagine what you had to endure. My question about your art would be, how long does it take you to paint a picture on average?

SkrinT42 karma

Depends on the size

WITPECA2 karma

Do you or your daughter need any medical help? I am a volunteer at Telehelp Ukraine. It is a Stanford University organization that tries to get physical and/or mental health treatment to people in your position. Please reach out, we are here for you.

SkrinT43 karma

Thank you! We have been in relatively safe territory for some time now and there is an opportunity to receive medical assistance if necessary

SesameStreetFighter2 karma

Well, hot damn! I was just thinking about your art this morning in the bleary time of trying to wake up. Thank you for making it easy to find you again for an art order.

Question time: What sort of art that isn't your normal style do you like to create? Alternately, what Ukranian music/bands/artists do you recommend?

SkrinT42 karma

I like abstract. You can search Скрябін, Океан Ельзи, Бумбокс, Скай, Друга Ріка, Без Обмежень, Тартак. Maybe you will like some of this. This is not pop

MurkyPerspective7671 karma

Was the city always pronounced "kEEv" or was it "KEE-yev" in Russian?

SkrinT41 karma

Kyiv - something like [ˈkiːɛf] (Київ)

Ukrainians communicate in Ukrainian. Not in Russian. They are two different languages with different words. Usually we all know at least 3-4 different languages

There are no such sounds in English like in Ukrainian, so it’s often very difficult for you to pronounce a such sounds in words

minitaba1 karma

What is your favorite video game?

SkrinT415 karma

I don't play video games now. I don’t have such an opportunity

BallForce1-3 karma

If you have played video games in the past, what was your favorite?

SkrinT42 karma

The Witcher, GOW, Horizon, etc etc.

SnowdriftK91 karma

A very dear friend of mine just had his dog of 10 years pass away, and he has been crushed by it. If I wanted to get a picture from you for him, what's the best way to reach you about it? I want to help you out and help him out if I can.

SkrinT41 karma

You can contact me here via chat, via insta or via email. My info in my profile

semiloaded-7 karma


SkrinT412 karma

Why did you decide that Ukraine is losing? The Ukrainian army is now much stronger than the Russian army. Ukraine has already recaptured a huge part of the territories that Russia seized at the beginning of the war and will soon return the rest that were captured in 2014

For_the_Gayness-36 karma

Why did the Ukrainan vote a comedian for a president?

SkrinT429 karma

Because he's not just a comedian. It seems you don't know his biography at all

For_the_Gayness-37 karma

Enlighten me please. He was a comedian quite recently so a drastic career change like that make me questions

SkrinT413 karma

This doesn’t mean that he was not doing anything else. You can read his biography online.

uselubewithcondoms-44 karma

Several of my friends heard that Russia was justifying its attacks by saying that there were Nazis is Ukraine. Is that true or was it just bullshit propaganda?

SkrinT422 karma

There never was and there are no Nаzis