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It totally doesn't ruin the moment! My lovers love it when i ask for a hug or a kiss, it gives them an opportunity to say yes or no depending on how they feel. "I'd love a hug if you feel like it works great!" Or, "may i kiss you?"

you got this! (:

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How do I get the best price for a 24 hour rental on a v8 mustang or camaro or challenger aka the bad ass car in the lot? Also, what exactly is the best price?

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I have a white male friend who is really into asian women. I'm hesitant to introduce him to any of my friends because of the cringe factor. He's kind, smart, and attractive though. I read through your blog post on racial preference and I didn't really find "the answer" so to speak that I could just send him that link.

Is unpacking that strong racial preference a service you offer?

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What exactly will the $24k in kickstarter money be used for? I didn't see a cost breakdown...

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Would a person using a bag valve mask do the job of a ventilator?