Hey Reddit, I'm here to answer any questions you've got about anything. :)

Edit: A lot of people believe that I'm the voice actor. I'm the live action one.

Proof: http://www.facebook.com/#!/yaseminarslan.official/posts/450021021707749

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Lord_Vectron633 karma

She isn't the god damn voice actor. God damn.

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Are you enjoying the creepy PMs that I'm sure you are getting by now?

vera-chimera991 karma

It's been incredibly arousing.....

smoothmann408 karma

From everyone at /r/Borderlands, thank you for doing this AMA!

  1. You're magnificent as Lilith (not a question)
  2. How does it feel to be such an iconic game character with so many fans?
  3. Have you gotten any other work because of BL2?

vera-chimera542 karma

  1. Thanks heaps . :)
  2. It's wonderful!!
  3. Not as of yet. Open to anything except prostitution.

ImDotTK442 karma

I thought you said nothing but prostitution ಠ_ಠ

Had to re-read.

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imMadasaHatter361 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized skag or 100 skag sized diamond ponies?

vera-chimera429 karma

I'd rather fight a horse sized skag, diamonds are tough as shit. No thanks.

UpvotesFerDayz331 karma

How does it feel to be one of the hottest characters in a video game ever.

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iHazFail99289 karma

What is your opinion on the game Borderlands, and BL2? Do you play them often? If you do, do you play with yourself?

vera-chimera563 karma

I loved Borderlands 1 but the sequel really takes it to another level.

My partner and his friend built me a beast of a computer so I've really had the chance to experience it properly.

I used to play with myself but they don't allow it this time.

Errod88233 karma

What was like working with gearbox on Borderlands 2 cheers.

vera-chimera393 karma

Two words. Fucking awesome.

DarkLiberator226 karma

How did you become involved with Borderlands?

vera-chimera412 karma

A friend overseas sent a link my way about the online casting call for Lilith. I had serious doubts but I decided to send in my portfolio. Within a couple of days I got a Skype call from Randy Pitchford and his wife Kristy. A week later I was shipped over and the rest is history :)

Ph3noM205 karma

What's it like knowing that you are now part of a great game? I've always wanted to know how it feels to be starring in a major game like this!

vera-chimera253 karma

It's quite overwhelming but I'm really enjoying the moment.

DovakiinBF3FTW179 karma

What is your preferred class in BL1 and BL2?

vera-chimera342 karma

Siren in Borderlands 1 and Assassin in Borderlands 2. They're quite similar in a way.

Mole_Man92144 karma

How do you have the energy to do an AMA now after 2 days at the Expo?! I'm absolutely wrecked from working there 2 days straight.

vera-chimera181 karma

I'm struggling at the moment, about to crash. LOL :)

ChuckHasLuck118 karma

You met my friend today. You asked to do a photoshoot with her.

Just though id say, nice work, and what do you think of people doing cosplay to that level

vera-chimera162 karma

I really like cosplayers to push themselves, it's great to see some good quality work out there.

assblo0d112 karma

Are you Turkish?

vera-chimera160 karma

Half caste.

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[deleted]108 karma

Are you the same voice actress from the first Borderlands?

Who is cooler, Lilith or the new siren, Maya?

vera-chimera380 karma

I'm just the face :)

Definitely Lilith because the bitch can teleport cities.

graybush33395 karma

How much input did you provide for the game? As in, did you do any motion capture, or just provide the basis for Lilith? Also, did the guys at Gearbox and 2K use any of your idea and change Lilith around from their original design?

vera-chimera185 karma

I provided my face :)

Gearbox does have a motion capture room on site but I couldn't join in the fun. They changed Lilith's hair a little bit to suit mine slightly. But aside from that there wasn't much changed.

Brand_New_Cyde81 karma

Tell me honestly that you were satisfied with the last line of Borderlands 2.

vera-chimera189 karma

The last boss is kicking my ass so I actually haven't had the chance to see the ending as of yet.


unsweatened81 karma

What's your favourite game?

How was it to work with such awesome developers?

Cheers from a fellow Sydneyer!

vera-chimera211 karma

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee started it all but my current favourite game is Deus EX: HR.

Working with Gearbox was like a dream come true.

DungeonHunter80 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA, big fan! What is the whole face-capture process like? As in, how does it work your end?

vera-chimera234 karma

Pretty much just standing in front of a camera and looking angry

Rasputin_PoleSmiter69 karma

How'd you feel about Lilith's whole relationship with Roland in Borderlands 2? There are a couple of ECHO recordings in game where she acts super awkward around him, which seemed a little weird considering how confidently badass she was during the first game. Aside from that, Anthony Burch did an amazing job writing Borderlands 2 and it's a hugely fun game overall. Congratulations on your role and stuff.

vera-chimera161 karma

Everyone has their soft side. Even a stubborn bitch like Lilith can have a soft gooey inside.

Chefzor35 karma

Did you catch the facebook-esque computer screen in the room where you find lillith? It's hillarious, I didn't see it until PT2 EDIT: Here's a picture of it.

vera-chimera10 karma

Yeah, saw that a while ago. It was only then when I realised that I had dated Roland.... Crrrreeeeeppppyyyyy.

glcclc263 karma

Are there plans for a Borderlands 3 yet?

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themidlandmaster53 karma

Have you posted on reddit before in a non famous capacity? I've seen Adam Savage, Brent Spiner and others all be ignored because posters didn't know who they are.

vera-chimera78 karma

This is my first time.

KingWiltyMan52 karma

Would you like to do further work in video games?

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and1li51 karma

Are you single?

vera-chimera199 karma

As in single player?

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vera-chimera97 karma

Yeeeaaahh. I like sweaty men.

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vera-chimera126 karma

I draw Adam Jensen naked, does that count?

Gironkey46 karma

On the title screen, Lilith has a very long neck, like a giraffe. Is this modeled from yours?

vera-chimera84 karma

Fortunately not. LOL

MyNameIsTroll39 karma

What is your favorite line from Lilith in borderlands 1 or 2

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CptGrizzly38 karma

Currently in the middle of a play through myself and I wonder:

Just what do you think of Lillith's part in the story and if you are satisfied with the way the character come out?

vera-chimera104 karma

Her balls have dropped. It's awesome :)

thehunter69936 karma

How often do you get recognised in public?/ Any funny stories of people recognising you?? Thanks!

vera-chimera79 karma

I've had a lot of attention lately. Largely positive.

A lot of people squint and ask "Is that really her?".. when they realise it's me they flip out :)

M3aucc36 karma

Is your hair naturally that straight? If not how do you style it?

vera-chimera75 karma

My hair is wavy as shit. I straighten it religiously.

GapingVagina39 karma

vera-chimera6 karma

Oh, I used a wave iron there! Normally it just looks like I got trampled by a horse lol

StrikerGuy735 karma

Were you offered the option of being Lilith's voice also?

Also, thank you for the AMA!

vera-chimera96 karma

With my bogan Australian accent, NOPE

DamageProcess32 karma

If you were given the option to cosplay anything other than a human, even something like a refrigerator, what would you choose? xD

Thanks for doing an AMA!

vera-chimera76 karma

Ice cream and tea.

bahamutisgod29 karma

Wow, hi! First let me say that my daughter's name is Lilith, which is basically the reason that I started playing BL at all. n_n

Okay, I saw your past that said you're playing but haven't finished yet, so which character are you using? And if you could have Lilith be a different class, which would you choose for her? I personally think a berserker Lilith would be officially badass!!!

Bonus question--what's your favorite gun type?

vera-chimera58 karma

I'm playing on Zer0 at the moment. I'd personally put her as an elemental sniper class since I love sniping.

My favourite gun type is obviously the sniper rifle but I also love dealing melee damage.

uniquinick3325629 karma

What's you favorite line from the game, that has either made you laugh out loud, or given you the chills because it was so badass?

*p.s. Huge fan!

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Maikos32 karma

I love that every time someone asks this your answer is different.

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SchneizelElBritannia28 karma

Did you play or know about Borderlands before you were approached with the job?

vera-chimera72 karma

I knew about Borderlands since all of my friends were playing it but I coincidentally started playing it days before the casting call.

Gtyson927 karma

What's your favorite game besides Borderlands of course

vera-chimera84 karma

Deus Ex, Gears of War, Halo, Tekken series, Mass Effect.. etc.

disseshowedo27 karma

Your name is turkish, so do you speak some turkish?

vera-chimera40 karma

None at all

X1BurningAces1X26 karma

I know that this is off topic from Borderlands but, how's it like in Austrilia? I also thank you for replying late to our questions.

vera-chimera67 karma

It's flat. It's boring mate.

moochmasta26 karma

Did you get to work with the other actors?

vera-chimera61 karma

I got to work with Brittani Johnson (The Guardian Angel) and we're pretty much bonafide BFFs now.

Also if you're not aware Randy Pitchford does the voice of Crazy Earl and lots of other Gearbox staff got involved with the voice acting.

NSF_Jakucha25 karma

How do you feel about the recent discussion on how women gamers are treated in the community?

vera-chimera93 karma

Lousy and medieval.

Dacvak25 karma

How have friends and family reacted when you show them your digital form?

vera-chimera54 karma

My family hasn't seen me in-game. But my friends think it's awesome!

Harreboi24 karma

What was your favourite part with working with Gearbox?

vera-chimera56 karma

Gearbox invited me into their family, that was my favourite part.

[deleted]24 karma

I just want to say I read your name as "Arse-lan" and laughed. I'm sorry.

vera-chimera30 karma

I make fun of myself. It's okay :)

Moncole21 karma

Do you only play as Lilith in Borderlands?

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labtec90119 karma

I don't have any questions, but I'd just like to say I love what you do!

vera-chimera33 karma

Why thank you good sir

kffgab17 karma

Were you as disappointed as I when there were no in-game scenes for Butt Stallion? :(

vera-chimera19 karma

I wanted to see the pony :(

[deleted]17 karma


vera-chimera23 karma

If you sift through my Facebook fanpage you'll find a video of me!

pipi5516 karma

Did they give you free copy of the game? :)

vera-chimera29 karma

Yes. (Thanks Kristy)

Zivzulander11 karma

I hear you like pugs, how would you rate Machete Eddie on a scale of 1-10!? http://imgur.com/a/V9Dio

vera-chimera13 karma


I want him. Now.

Obsolite_Processor11 karma

Can you tell us something about Lilith that never ended up being in the game? Lines or plot that was cut out, background, etc.

vera-chimera21 karma

All is pretty much revealed.

Darkaddion10 karma

What was the whole process like?

vera-chimera25 karma

In general it was all very rushed and overwhelming.

themidlandmaster9 karma

Any tip for Bathurst tomorrow?

vera-chimera22 karma

Don't crash.

sixish7 karma

How do you stay focused for long sessions in the studio?

vera-chimera28 karma

It was 2 hours. But tea and sugar helped.

Karakkan6 karma

Have you and the voice actor for Lilith ever met in person?

vera-chimera5 karma

Unfortunately not. I would love to meet her!