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She isn't the god damn voice actor. God damn.

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omg the voice actor for lillith replied to me!!!

(Kidding. :P)

I like your face.

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I'm smooth as a..

A really smooth thing.

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People that adopt a kid and then realize they can't handle it, either because the kid is troubled and causes too much heart-ache. (It's important that you acknowledge there are cases where the adopted kid will rape or murder their foster parents, it's not all "swearing a little too much but really just needing a hug", so don't be too quick to judge.) or because they have no foresight and underestimated how much of a responsibility + time/money drainer bringing a kid up is.

I have no idea on the process but I assume it's so long (in most states/countries) to minimize this happening and letting the parent/kid bond.

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