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Yeah, I have two vaginas.

"Where? I don't see".

There, diagonally.

"Pretty sneaky... Sis".

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How'd you feel about Lilith's whole relationship with Roland in Borderlands 2? There are a couple of ECHO recordings in game where she acts super awkward around him, which seemed a little weird considering how confidently badass she was during the first game. Aside from that, Anthony Burch did an amazing job writing Borderlands 2 and it's a hugely fun game overall. Congratulations on your role and stuff.

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CryEngine and Unreal have their own languages

Both use C++ now and it's awesome! Unreal script was kind of a mess in my opinion (though I didn't use it for very long). It's nice being able to jump into an engine without picking up a new language that you'll never use for anything else.

On the topic of engines, do you think there will ever be a serious push for 3D games in your preferred genre? Unity is making 3D game development incredibly accessible, and is generally fantastic to work in for smaller projects.