Ryan M. North

creator and author of Dinosaur Comics, and co-creator of Whispered Apologies and Happy Dog the Happy Dog.

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qwantz1498 karma

Ryan are you super handsome or just regular handsome?

qwantz1301 karma

Oh shucks, just regular I'm pretty sure

qwantz1204 karma

Like, the average amount

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qwantz577 karma

THIS is a good question!

  • Joey Comeau because pals
  • My wife Jenn because loooooove
  • My dog Chompsky because of increased nose powers
  • Patrick Stewart because I want his voice

Together we would be an unstoppable, hairy, stentorian machine of fun times.

qwantz449 karma

I sure hope so!

qwantz408 karma

If I said I had a bumper sticker that read "I RESPECT THE IRISH" would that help, or would that seem like an oddly specific preemptive denial?

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qwantz363 karma

I am a big enough fan of Batman that I can recognize that I am not Batman

qwantz358 karma

Yesterday he tried to steal a sausage off the table and I pulled it out of his throat, so he's not ALWAYS the raddest: sometimes he is a stinker.

Buuuut we're teaching him "Go see Ryan!" and "Go see Jenn!" which is like "come", but in reverse. The nice thing about this trick is the other person has to reward him. Combine this with "pick it up" and "drop it" and a piece of paper, and you have an in-house dog message delivery system. I THINK THAT WILL BE REALLY NEAT