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I have a brother. Two wongs don't make a right.

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Threaded comments.

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Battlefield. I played BF2 forever and the first Modern Warfare is the only one I liked multiplayer-wise. All the newer ones turned into camp-fests that actively discouraged movement.

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Yes. Dirty secret - I never practiced.

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Brandon: "Absolute zero."

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Can't answer that - NDA'd by the Google

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Assuming you don't count what we would pay ourselves if we weren't doing those jobs ourselves, or factoring cost of equipment/electricity/etc. (i.e. raw production costs) anywhere from $0 (shot on our alley) to $1000 or so (Medal of Honor cat - cat trainer was expensive). This is our typical weekly YouTube video costs.

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The joke is that it's Mexico vs. Canada the two most unlikely nations to ever get into a war with each other.

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You're welcome! Pay me back by working on what you love