EDIT Thanks to everyone for your questions! We all had a ton of fun answering them. Make sure you to check out the music video we all did together:

EDIT: Do you have any cool ideas that you think ISAtv should do next year or know anyone we should work with? Let us know at [email protected]! Would love to get you involved!

Hi We're Kina Grannis, Wong Fu Productions, and Ken Loi and we just finished a project with International Secret Agents (ISAtv) called THE MOBILE MIX sponsored by AT&T.

Kina and Ken remixed a song and Wong Fu created a music video for it! We have Kina, Wong Fu, and Ken to answer your questions about the making of the music video and song as well as to answer your other questions!


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jpfukumae26 karma

Hi Kina,

If you could date any of the Wong Fu guys, who would it be & why?

ISAtv21 karma


kieuthenerd26 karma

Hi Wong Fu! I am a huge fan of your work and all that you do for the Asian-American community. Thank you for bringing back WFWeekends; I always get a good laugh out of them :)

Here are my questions: When not on camera, who's the funniest person on the Wong Fu team?

Is there any hope for the return of the ISA concerts? I went to the one in Seattle years ago and it was one of the most memorable nights of my life.

You all are such an inspiration and keep up the awesome work!

WongFuPhil28 karma

We really hope to bring back ISA concerts, but we're currently focused on ISAtv. Funniest?? Dan Matthews (head of ISAtv, haha)

ISAtv5 karma

He is THE best.

in_my_happy_place14 karma

To Kina Grannis- a lot of artists change pronouns in the songs they cover. Why did you choose to keep the female pronouns of cover songs? I love your music btw :D

ISAtv7 karma

OOO. that IS a good question. Didn't realize that artists did that!

Rirah14 karma

Hi I've been a huge fan since Wong Fu started.

Based on all of the things you've seen this past year with Big Hero 6 and the new upcoming show Fresh Off of the Boat, what do you think of the future of Asians in the movie/TV industry? Particularly very mainstream shows?

Kina, how about the music industry, like pop radio?

ISAtv6 karma

The future of Asians/Asian Americans in the US entertainment industry is looking bright - the more and more we get people like Wong Fu, Kina, and Ken into positions of influence, it'll lead to more stories that represent us!

dottiefairy9 karma

Wong Fu - As an extremely young filmmaker, it's vital for me to get other people's opinions on any of my ideas. I know that I should reach outside my comfort bubble, but people have been telling me how..cliche or overdone my ideas are. I feel like cliche or "overdone" ideas could be the most successful if executed correctly. Is there any advice how to get people to agree to act/work with me?

I have a few ideas I'd be willing to share but I'm not sure if you'd be up to listen to them because this is such a huge community you're trying to talk to, which is perfectly fine! Advice is much more welcome. Thanks for inspiring and motivating me to stay intrigued in the film world! :)

Much love,


(also extremely jealous that Kihong got to sit on your lap, Phil..)

ISAtv4 karma

We're all jealous that Ki Hong got to sit on Phil's lap.... :(

helpakidgrow9 karma

Can we grab lunch one day when you guys are in NYC? Thanks!

ISAtv10 karma

Where would you take us to eat?! Hungry Emoji

annabananana73 karma

Hi Wong Fu! How often do you guys bring in new people for your sketches? I would love to participate!

ISAtv4 karma

Are you an actress or aspiring host? Message us at [email protected]! Would love to hear from ya!

Humananddroid2 karma

For all - favorite muppet?

ISAtv3 karma

Definitely Animal! Or an Animal / Beaker hybrid!

kuyaChristian1 karma

Hey, Wong Fu crew! I've been a huge fan of you guys for quite a long time. However I haven't watched any Wong Fu short/video in almost 4 years due to personal obligations. Kina's music video is the first video I've seen since and I'm super impressed! But I want to get back in the habit of watching them bit by bit. I hope you guys forgive me! T__T

That said, what short/video is something you guys are the most proud of and why?

Another question but a bit tangent, how are you guys able to have such good hairstyles?! Teach me your ways!!

Finally, thank you Wong Fu, Kina, and Ken for doing this AMA. It's a huge honor!

EDIT: a sentence

ISAtv2 karma

Which Wong Fu member do you think has the best hairstyle?!