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C9 Hai and Wong Fu?? This needs to happen.

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Hi I've been a huge fan since Wong Fu started.

Based on all of the things you've seen this past year with Big Hero 6 and the new upcoming show Fresh Off of the Boat, what do you think of the future of Asians in the movie/TV industry? Particularly very mainstream shows?

Kina, how about the music industry, like pop radio?

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Hi Aziz!

I am the Advocacy Chair for the Asian American Association at my university. Recently, I hosted a general body meeting discussing the importance of Asian/Asian American presence in the media. How do feel about the change in the level of Asians in the media over the past few years and what would you like to see be done in the upcoming years?

Also just a random note, I watched Masters of None yesterday and I was blown away about how great it was. Relatable, funny, and making a statement on such a widely accessible platform. I wanted to say thank you so much for speaking out about Asian American representation. AlsoIloveyou