Hey folks! Some proof - http://twitter.com/#!/fwong/status/203612072834113536

I am Freddie Wong, a creator of weekly YouTube videos and self-described C-list internet celebrity. Together with my friend Brandon Laatsch, we run the 5th most subscribed YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/freddiew, and our videos average approximately 5,000,000 views each.

We just put out two episodes of a feature-length webseries we've been working on entitled Video Game High School. You can watch the first episode here:


The 2nd episode is already up on our new site http://rocketjump.com

Ask me anything!

And on a personal note, I hate AMAs where the guy comes in and answers like 15 questions and peaces out. I will personally answer EVERY question I get, and if I DON'T, then there's probably a very good reason why I'm not answering that question publicly. In the interest of time, if I see your question has already been answered, I'll skip it - take a look before you ask!

Fire away! Also if you see something from BrandonJLA, he's Brandon Laatsch, the co-creator of the YouTube channel.

(looking now "Every question I get" was pretty ambitious. Still cranking away though!)

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AndyRooney787 karma

Are you so wong you're right?

/ you can use that.

freddiew1660 karma

I have a brother. Two wongs don't make a right.

contrabandwith638 karma

If you could change one thing about YouTube what would it be?

freddiew1533 karma

Threaded comments.

Datdus162 karma

They are threaded now right?

freddiew729 karma


chis631 karma

Do you ever just wake up and think how great it is you woke up without an alarm, and that now you're heading to the fridge for some food, and then maybe you'll check your mail, and then later in the morning you'll shoot a video, and then at night you'll check some more mail, look over some editing footage, and goto bed.

While you're doing that I'm working an 8 hour job where I'm trapped, clock watching until I can leave, only to be woken abruptly by an alarm that I want to destroy to drag myself through to a shower that will feebly wake me up only to cycle to a job I dislike to earn money I can spend on things I don't need.

Going off a bit there. You're awesome, keep up the good work.

Did I mention the sun is never out in Scotland, fuck you L.A :[

freddiew652 karma

Believe me, yes. I used to work those 8 hour gigs. I would take many tea breaks. And I biked to work for one of them!

leslij55593 karma

Are you still awesome at Guitar Hero?

freddiew1025 karma

Yes. Dirty secret - I never practiced.

beepsack582 karma

Stress level?

freddiew1008 karma

Brandon: "Absolute zero."

mubashir1337537 karma

Hi Freddie! How much does it cost on average to make the videos?

freddiew795 karma

Assuming you don't count what we would pay ourselves if we weren't doing those jobs ourselves, or factoring cost of equipment/electricity/etc. (i.e. raw production costs) anywhere from $0 (shot on our alley) to $1000 or so (Medal of Honor cat - cat trainer was expensive). This is our typical weekly YouTube video costs.

ssgtsnake393 karma

Not to get personal or anything but how much does Youtube actually pay you?

freddiew871 karma

Can't answer that - NDA'd by the Google

taytortot390 karma

I don't have question... I just want to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to young, independent film makers such as myself. Thank you so very very much, Freddie. :)

freddiew678 karma

You're welcome! Pay me back by working on what you love

GhostSixx374 karma

Call of Duty or Battlefield?

freddiew1172 karma

Battlefield. I played BF2 forever and the first Modern Warfare is the only one I liked multiplayer-wise. All the newer ones turned into camp-fests that actively discouraged movement.

minyadan345 karma

How did you decide, who was going to be the "main character" of the channel? in other words: why did you name the channel "freddiew" and not "brandonL"?

byteomg455 karma

Actually, I remember them explaining that once. If I remember right they said it was because they thought to get started, they really needed ONE face for the channel so people would have an easy time remembering it etc. And since Freddie enjoyed being on camera more than Brandon (who more prefers shooting and what not) they just named it after him. But I don't think it really had to do with it being his idea. They are pretty equal partners.

freddiew490 karma


AVTRuniltiranyu324 karma

The 'Over 9000' Video

What do you think of it now?

freddiew596 karma

I still love it. FUNimation saw it and invited us to the US premiere of the Full Metal Alchemist movie. And despite the massive dislikes on it, it is one of the MOST favorited videos we've ever made. The people who like it... LOVE it.

DancingQueen5961161 karma

We saw you there, in the back in the VIP Section, I was back there too but didn't want to go fangirl over you. Are you a big anime fan? What are your favorite series?

freddiew341 karma

Also Ghibli stuff of course

freddiew221 karma

I'm an atypical anime fan, I think. Not into most of it, but really enjoyed Kino's Journey.

avijeets314 karma

What did you want to do before you decided "film was the way to go"?

freddiew583 karma

I was on track to do computer science. I was a programming nerd in high school, total tech geek. Making movies was just more fun in the end.

SGSII276 karma

Why did you almost never talk in your videos when you first started making them? Also, what is your favorite song right now?

freddiew601 karma

  1. Language - more international viewers if I keep my mouth shut. Also I'm not a good actor.

  2. Favorite song is hard. Been listening to a lot of Wilco's new album recently.

NDRedemption243 karma

For someone looking to get into the same field as you (I want to be an editor and do alot of VFX) what tips, wisdom and guidance do you have to make that a reality?

freddiew552 karma

You have no excuse now - cameras are ridiculously cheap, all the equipment and software is attainable. Take whatever ideas you have and practice practice practice and do what it takes to find like-minded people to work with.

Warmain242 karma

Why are there Canadian flags on some of the camo in Video Game High School?

Side-note: If you come to Toronto I have access to enough airsoft guns and camo to make a kickass video :D

freddiew772 karma

The joke is that it's Mexico vs. Canada the two most unlikely nations to ever get into a war with each other.

360walkaway190 karma

No question, just want to say that your "Aimbot" video was what turned me onto your videos. Probably watched it at least 10 times before I stopped laughing at the jumping guy.

freddiew253 karma

That was me and that was straight from my CS days

thejoltjoker189 karma

Which are your favorite youtube videos of all-time?

freddiew461 karma

Mentos the Freshmaker - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdnJxDmJNmA Genki Sudo - World Order - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGdyaDnnrLM Kitty Corliss Grinding the Crack - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Veg63B8ofnQ

Too many to list here!

RandomJPG6164 karma

What were your test scores/GPA/classes in high school, what schools did you apply to, and how did you get accepted to USC?

freddiew220 karma

SAT (this was pre essay) - 1580 GPA - 3.65 or so, which was REALLY GOOD for that school High School - I went to Lakeside School in Seattle. Bill Gates and Adam West's alma mater!

Schools - USC, NYU Tisch, FSU, CalArts, Chapman, Loyola Marymount. Got into all of them except CalArts. Not artsy enough apparently!

iiSynch154 karma

Hey Freddie. How much do all your guns cost total?

freddiew274 karma

Evike.com was kind enough to donate a BOATLOAD to VGHS, so the number is probably staggering - none of them work now though after being kicked around so much

BMWalla147 karma

Why didn't you ride Tatsu at roller coaster day?

freddiew239 karma

Tatsu makes me queasy :(

p44v9n143 karma

Can I have a hug?

freddiew479 karma


Blastercast138 karma


freddiew229 karma

The opportunity to do VGHS with almost full creative control, and we got to do the stuff with Jon Favreau and a host of other random celebs. Seriously the best thing a creative can have right now is a strong audience - it gives you unbelievable leverage to do what you want.

Seblip109 karma

What would you say is the best way of getting in to VFX? I don't exactly have thousands to invest in Adobe's entire creative suite.

freddiew251 karma

Trial versions, educational versions, "whatever it takes" to get your hands on it.

To start off though, do easier VFX - do stuff where you combine footage together to achieve an effect. The danger is just jumping into Video Copilot tutorials without developing the eye. If you have a good eye - if you can judge an image and see what's wrong and what needs to fix for it to read as "real" then you will be way ahead.

Nerdcubed100 karma

How fun was it working on the set of Chuck? I loved your cameo on there! :D

Oh and I just hit 25k subs. Can I get a high five? :D

freddiew113 karma

high five It was super fun and SUPER easy I had my own trailer and everything!

Darkbrother93 karma

I know you're busy with VGHS, but when will the podcasts start up again?

freddiew110 karma

We want to do them in a few weeks or so. Definitely high on the lists of things to get started again. For now, you can download old eps at rocketjump.com

Bobius82 karma

VGHS is looking pretty sweet so far, but the episodes are so short! Just as it gets going it's already over. If it succeeds will you be moving on to even longer/larger projects? I remember you were involved in some film about a bear - is a full length Freddiew film a legitimate possibility?

freddiew143 karma

We were talking about that 10 minute length and I think you're right - you get into it and then it's done! Later eps are 15-20 minutes long and we're curious if that will still be the case.

We are talking about feature length contiguous projects, but at the moment we have very little interest in putting those out in theaters. Internet is the way to go, man. We got some crazy ideas though.

dubuscus76 karma

What's your gamer juice (fuel)?

freddiew164 karma

Coca-Cola fiend, and also been doing a lot of the no-carb Monster.

[deleted]68 karma


freddiew98 karma

Originally, I was working on a script called "Hellstorm" with my friends Chris (making the Protomen documentary) and Will (one of the writers). They mentioned VGHS as a side idea during a break from one of our meetings, and Matt (showrunner, co-writer) and I just riffed on it and went. Originally it was much more about arcade cabinets vs. pinball, and had a Mr. Miyagi type of character in a janitor, etc. etc. Some of those elements may return in later seasons.

Mr_Weiss64 karma

Freddie - When you got to work with John Favreau on your cowboys video, how awesome did you feel inside?

Brandon - You are hilarious. That is all.

freddiew86 karma

Incredibly so. Even more so knowing that he had been watching our stuff with his kid for a year already.

echang8656 karma

Love your videos, and it shows that you truly love your craft. What kinda guns do you own (non replica/airsoft)? Do you shoot recreationally?

freddiew99 karma

Usually just rent at the range. Friends have Glocks, and I have always liked the Springfield XD and the Sig P226 with the E2 grips.

Gbcue55 karma

What else do you guys do in your spare time?

freddiew190 karma

I... hmm. Hmm.

JoeKazuma1154 karma

What type of shampoo and conditioner do you use for your silky smooth hair? haha

daveman77058 karma

He answered this in a BTS video once. I believe he said a generic cosco brand

freddiew210 karma

Costco baby

superquarky54 karma

Hey Freddie, would you ever want to be a guest at a nerdy convention like MAGFest? What would it take to see you at ANY convention...other than time of course?

freddiew89 karma

Hahaha time - I have literally never been to Comiccon despite it being so close. I'd love to though, assuming it's not always in the middle of some project.

vamplosion43 karma

What do you think of Youtubers like Ray William Johnson? You know...the ones people like to hate.

The sit down in front of the camera, quick cut, punners.

freddiew150 karma

I think they didn't get to where they are for no reason. Decry lack of talent or whatever all you want - the fact is they made something that appeals to a massive amount of people.

The greater philosophical discussion of truly populist media versus video as an artform always threw me off as just dudes caring too much about too much.

jz11343 karma

What is your favorite and least favorite video that you've made?

freddiew116 karma

Favorite - Probably Hypnotism with Kevin Pollack. That was two months of just the most fun times ever hypnotizing our friend to test the concept out. That and Chrono Trigger.

Least favorite - Hard to say. Some of the earlier stuff just seems so immature now haha.

EpicDash43 karma

Hey Freddie, big fan! Just a quick question. What would you say was the hardest/ most time-consuming video you've produced so far?

freddiew59 karma

Entirety of VGHS has been six months non-stop WHILE juggling the weekly videos (our rate of weekly has suffered a touch because of it). In terms of sheer time consumption, Light Warfare took the longest to shoot (two consecutive nights) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SWfPoITlP8

Dogz142 karma

Hey Freddie, You and the guys should do a Dark Souls inspired video, how many medieval style deaths can you guys perform in 1 minute?

freddiew85 karma

  1. Slowly.

BaconTrap41 karma

What is your favourite rollercoaster?

freddiew89 karma

Goliath at Magic Mountain. Still need to make it to Cedar Point though

Wutangmuda40 karma

You guys should do more American Ninja Challenge.

freddiew92 karma

Secret - they only film that 3 days a year.

TheTitaniumWarrior37 karma

do you have any other projects in mind after VGHS??

freddiew72 karma

Many - that's what's cool about the road we're on - we can do almost anything! Definitely a series more action heavy story-lite very soon...

FroznWasteland33 karma

I swear I've seen you on the t.v. show "Chuck" more than once, can you confirm this?

freddiew104 karma

Only once, in Chuck vs. The Hack-Off as the Hacker. Fun fact - they changed the character name to just be "Freddie" I wish I was just credited as "himself"

vamplosion30 karma

Man I love your videos and have a question - Would you feel it necessary for someone to have a background in video-making/directing to make the sorts of videos you do? Is a passion for doing it in your spare time enough or will you NEED that techincal know-how that comes from a degree or proffesion.

freddiew89 karma

It used to be that directors could just sit around and know ONLY directing. What I see is that EVERY department and every job needs to know more and more technical knowledge to function and get hired. DPs never used to care about anything beyond light and their film stock, and now they have to know about codecs and bitrates, etc. Concentrate on what you want to do, but learn about everything - it'll help you in the long run.

Also, anything in film can be learned by doing. A film degree is useless - it's only for the people you meet.

GattyChuckie25 karma

When are you going to release VGHS as a feature length film Freddie, love the videos and thanks for doing so many of those all nighters.

freddiew73 karma

After it all comes out - we're also working on doing a feature-length premiere at E3 this year, but shh still working the details out on that.

thetnetennba24 karma

How many Macs and PCs do you own in your office/apartment/the place where you produce videos

freddiew55 karma

Brandon and I each own an iMac and a Macbook. We both co-own the world's Beastliest PC together and we make VFX and play all kinds of video games on it!

kinkhead223 karma

Hey Freddie, where are your parents/ancestry from?

freddiew39 karma

Mom from N. China, pops from S. China.

daveman77022 karma

Are you coming to NYC anytime soon? Would love to meet you and possibly be in a video of some sort. P.S. I love the series so far.

freddiew37 karma

Probably not likely - but if you follow my Twitter I'll let you know!

jakeafee21 karma

If you could have anyone in history guest star in a video and I mean ANYONE who would it be?

freddiew54 karma

Freddie: Teddy Roosevelt. Brandon: Brett Farve. Seriously, Brandon?

intradox20 karma

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

freddiew145 karma

The egg. Dinosaurs were laying eggs long before chickens as a species arrived on earth.

maxzilla201720 karma


freddiew44 karma

Some ideas and plans after the full episodes all release, but yes.

jawapride14 karma

What do you want to see announced at E3 2012?

freddiew63 karma

Last Guardian and how about some new freaking consoles amirite