THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!! I will be answering here ALL DAY! I have to jump out for a bit, but I'll be answering on mobile! Hey Internet, My name is Harley Morenstein, I wanted to be involved in entertainment as an actor and I ended up running a business after my YouTube channel EpicMealTime took off.

I've been in business meetings that have had a gigantic bowl of cooked bacon on the table as an ice-breaker, I've had the misfortune of having to hire/fire friends, I've been given a handful of fingernails by a fan and I got to film with my childhood hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger (check out our video at ). I've been in many surreal scenarios.

I worked with Arnold to support After-School All Stars (you can support too at by buying yourself something and potentially cooking an EMT with us and Arnold)

I've quit my day job and I hired friends in the capacity that they could quit their day jobs too.

So, with this AMA you can ask me anything at all related to starting a business when you don't know business, cooking when you don't know how to cook, Directing Arnold Schwarzenegger when you were a high school teacher a couple years before and really anything. Ask me how much a YouTuber makes! Ask me how to pitch a TV show!

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GovSchwarzenegger686 karma

  1. Have you ever made schnitzel the centerpiece of an Epic Meal Time?
  2. Why not?

HarleyMore298 karma

  1. We have never made schnitzel the centerpiece of an EpicMeal.
  2. We saved that one for you and we're going to cook it with whoever wins by buying themselves something at

And now I'm kind of glad that we never made schnitzel yet!

GovSchwarzenegger442 karma

You better not let me down. What was your favorite part of our shoot?

I'll tell you mine - your outrageous sense of humor. It's hard to make me laugh, but you improvise well and come up with absolutely insane lines. When you asked me to kick your ass I almost lost it. I always tell my team "Improvisation is the art of fieldwork" so you and the whole Epic Meal Time gang were great to film with.

HarleyMore257 karma

That means a lot to me. It is a huge milestone of my life. Thank you for commending my improv skills. I should thank Riverdale High School for providing me with an after school improv group. My favorite parts of all EMT shoots are the little subtle ones. For example, when you raise the bun and say 'Go on! Take it!' and when you say with a mouthful of protein 'get me a coffee and then I'll beat your ass'. We replayed this video 1000 times before we uploaded it!

choo_choo_mommy111 karma

holy schnit i hope i get it

GovSchwarzenegger255 karma

This comment made me laugh.

HarleyMore199 karma

Because you laughed I made myself laugh because if you're doing it then it's the right thing to do.

monkfishbandana63 karma

Mr Schwarzenegger, you are my bodybuilding idol and my friends and I have seen pretty much every one of your films...

...but I cannot express how disappointed I am that both you and Epic Meal Time chose to make a sandwich and not call it "The Arnie Sarnie".

HarleyMore89 karma

We still have another vid to I thought the Steak N Egger was pretty clever.

Katie_Pornhub275 karma

Who would you most like to eat bacon off of?

HarleyMore241 karma

Hi Katie! Thanks for coming! I'd say Betty White. Slowly eat bacon off of her at first....but then harder and faster all night long.

HarleyMore243 karma

Well here's a first maybe? It's my AMA and I have a question for /u/GovSchwarzenegger What do you want to eat on the next EMT we film together, sir?

GovSchwarzenegger347 karma

Easy. Kaiserschmarrn.

HarleyMore237 karma

Just googled it. Sounds like it was made to be paired with Candy Bacon!

Sanctora107 karma

After making that video with Arnold, have you started lifting more?

HarleyMore218 karma

No...but I flex my bicep and look down at it while frowning a lot more.

Velorium_Camper65 karma

That just a typical week for me.

HarleyMore182 karma

That's just a typical weak.

allranger98 karma

Whats the reason you had to fire your friends? And how did you go about doing that? D:

HarleyMore261 karma

I've been in the horribly awkward scenario of presenting my friend's employee contracts. I've given my lazy friends performance reports. I've given my friends an offer that they haven't deemed adequate and have left and been bitter about it. I always go about it wearing my work hat, which is hard if they have their friend hat on still. At the same time though, I've taught a number of friends how to film, edit and produce content. It's cool to pass along skills and encourage. It's also a bummer when the 'real world' aspect of life kicks in. It's best when people I work with realize that this isn't all fun. It's a business and we can have fun in that business. But if we want to have fun, we have to run a business.

Fillard_Millmore95 karma

If you could get anyone to guest star on EMT who would you have?

HarleyMore201 karma

The President of The United States of America and his family.

tubadeedoo89 karma

Hey Harley, how can I convince my parents that cooking bacon in the microwave is inferior?

HarleyMore277 karma

Blind taste test. 2-for-1 special. Subdue your father. Blindfold him and conduct the taste test. Now you've demonstrated your point and also let him know that you are the Alpha of the family now.

StipoBlogs81 karma

What happened to Muscles Glasses?

Did you guys get used to all that Fat and Alcohol?

How long are the hangovers after filming and Episode?

HarleyMore143 karma

  1. MusclesGlasses quit to do something that involves infinitely less bacon.
  2. We got fatter and we like all of our drinks straight now. Does that answer the question?
  3. We film during the day, so the hangover is just a pre-sleep headache.

p1um5mu991er75 karma

are the videos bleeped to be more mainstream or because you think it's funnier?

HarleyMore141 karma

The bleep was to be mainstream, then we found it funny. Now it's tradition.

Fillard_Millmore70 karma

Have any PETA-like organizations tried to shut you down? If so, how did it go?

HarleyMore182 karma

No. They know not to fuck around.

firstbowtie69 karma

Hi Harley, You used to work at my summer camp when I was young. You brought pizza to my cabin and I just wanted to thank you :)

HarleyMore73 karma

Cool! Which camp? Why did I do that?

RazgrizSeed53 karma

How much bacon do you eat every day when you aren't filming for EMT?
Also, how did you meet the artist we all know and love as Deadmau5?

HarleyMore92 karma

I eat bacon for breakfast almost everyday. I eat bacon for lunch about 30% of the time. Bacon rarely appears at my dinners but when he's a big deal. Like a slab of uncured bacon on a bun....delicious.

HahamemeOKwegetit50 karma

If we met. Could we rub beards?

HarleyMore102 karma

Yes. But too sudden of a move and we end up fighting.

PenysEnvi46 karma

What is your favorite Schwarzenegger film?

HarleyMore94 karma

My favorite Arnold movie is Terminator 2. My favorite Arnold comedy is Kindergarten Cop. My favorite Arnold movie for laughing is Commando (even though it's not comedy) My most watched Arnold movie is Pumping Iron (I watch it Once a Month) My favorite holiday movie from Arnold is Conan The Barbarian (I know it's not a holiday movie, but I always watch it on the holidays).

NotCloseToFour41 karma

Is your doctor a fan of EMT?

HarleyMore86 karma

I don't even see him. We don't want to look at each other.

crochunter10040 karma

If you could have any professional wrestler from the past or present on your show right now who would you want and why? And how was it driving in a tank with THE Arnold Schwarzenegger?

HarleyMore136 karma

It was surreal because here I am in this tank and Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving and I couldn't help but notice how my hair is so long it's in a ponytail for the first time in my life...which doesn't sound like a big deal but to me it was weird because in my head I'm thinking "I'm in a tank that Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving...and my hair is in a ponytail....who am I?"

HarleyMore70 karma

Oh...also Goldust.

Stenbeezy39 karma

So what is your all time favorite flavor/brand of bacon?

HarleyMore92 karma

Hormel Black Label Bacon. Their Jalapeno Bacon is actually spicy and tasty. Their Cherrywood Bacon is probably the best bacon you can get at your local supermarket. Their thick cut is ridiculously prime. Their ready made bacon is awesome and you can eat it right out of the package. I think my favorite part of Black Label Bacon is they don't look at bacon as a gimmick that is bacon mouthwash or toothpaste. Bacon is meat. The best meat.

jesperbj37 karma

Why did you grow a beard the size of the rest of your body? It's sweet as fuck, but I wonder why.

HarleyMore66 karma

It was initially the physical manifestation of my laziness and coincidentally enough I found myself at the forefront of this Beard Movement. I never though much of it. I just did it because I though it was badass yo! Now I have a responsibility. I just wanted to grow a beard and now I'm part of this culture and the weight of duty hangs from my face like a constant reminder.

chupa7234 karma

Ok, how much does a "Youtuber" make?

HarleyMore85 karma

1 million dollars.

mathiasjk27 karma

What's that in Youtube money?

HarleyMore102 karma

a dozen bitcoins or so

isacool1433 karma

Best tasting thing you've ever made on EMT?

HarleyMore59 karma

We made our own McRib...It wasn't an Epic was a Handle-It (where we show people how to make realistic meals) and we taught how to make a mcrib and it was incredible!!!

EskimoRoyalty32 karma

I just wanted to stop by and say the last two episodes were a-ma-zing.

I love that you did an episode with the Trailer Park Boys, have you ever considered collaborating with Deaner and Terry from Fubar? That would be my drunk Canadian trifecta.

HarleyMore61 karma

That would be hilarious!! Canada is hilarious. I would love Rob Ford on an episode.

Light_Ater32 karma

Hey Harley, big fan. I've been following y'all since Tequilla Taco Night and I must say I'm really impressed with how much EMT grew over the years. Great job!

Question 1: What's your favorite luxury you've been able to indulge in since making it big on YouTube?

Question 2: Your one liners always crack me up in episodes, are they most often improvised or written in advance? If written, how does that process work? Is it just you at a computer, or is the whole team involved?

Thanks, keep up the good work!

HarleyMore42 karma

Question 1: I can finally afford a gaming PC Question 2: My one liners used to be written by me entirely. There was a short stint where Tyler would write the overall theme of the episode but even then he didn't write my dialogue or VOs. Now with all the other projects, I need support. I collaborate on the writing with @RobFee on Twiiter or @Hadzilla on Twitter. My buddy @Marlowned wrote a bunch for the latest Arnold video.

bbqbullcity31 karma

What happened to GabeN's AMA? Also, nice beard!

HarleyMore76 karma

Gaben? He's here on Reddit today?!! I'm fucking excited for that AMA!!!! I want him on EpicMealTime so bad.

rokane2129 karma

A long time ago, I heard that you guys finished all your meals. Do you still manage to eat all of it?

HarleyMore81 karma

No. Our meals are way too large now. We have given leftovers to soup kitchens many times. We also will slice up the not contaminated parts and refrigerate them for future consumption. Sometimes we find ourselves sharing a house for a while and it's not uncommon to have meat and whatnot leftover from previous Epic Meals. Sometimes the meal is just not salvageable.

SnippDK24 karma

How was it being on the show with snoop dogg? And are you going to bring him in?

Do you smoke?

And finally. If you could pick any place in the world, where would you make the epic meal time show?

HarleyMore46 karma

Snoop is awesome! I would love to. ... We want to go to Africa and feed a village but that's a pipedream. There's so many things that could be taken as politically incorrect or offensive when all we want to do is go down and make something special. We don't even have to film it. We are involved in charities but to go there in person would be hopefully inspiring to our fanbase and maybe mobilize people. But we don't always make the best spokespersons and there's so much room for misinterpretations.

Nintentohtori23 karma

What's up Harley?

HarleyMore29 karma

not much. How about you?

moistzombie22 karma

When are we going to hang out and play video games?

HarleyMore29 karma

Halo or Battlefield?

tedsalad4721 karma

Do people often point out to you that the content/funniness of EMT has dropped off in the past year? How do you respond to the haters? When y'all cook with celebrities, do they reach out to you, or is it the other way around? I really enjoy your channel!

HarleyMore46 karma

People always point that out. They've actually been doing it since episode 3. It must have been not even our tenth episode (we're on 250 now) that people claimed we jumped the shark and we're done now. I decided long ago that we make the show with what we find funny and we still find it funny. That being said....when it's a bad episode, we know it. We still upload it though because we have a commitment and those things could push us harder. We've had celebrities like Deadmau5 and Simon Cowell reach out to us. But then it's me reaching out to Rob Van Damme.

YouPornJude18 karma

How often do people ask to touch your beard, and how often do you use it to pick-up women?

HarleyMore55 karma

It's usually a younger boy or girl that is bold enough to ask to touch the beard which is strange. I don't want to tell the kid no, but I also don't want a kid touching me. I don't use the beard to pick-up women. It does it itself... let me explain: If you normally attract a certain type of girl, when you grow a large beard...a whole new type comes out of the woodwork and starts being interested. I assume this could be the same with tattoos and piercings.

ashishvp16 karma

Are there any sneak peaks you can give us for VGHS season 3? :D

HarleyMore30 karma

Yes. I'm not in the 1st episode. I know this because I read that script and my name wasn't there. Also, there will be guns.

Tube8_Ava15 karma

pussy or bacon?

HarleyMore77 karma

A pig's pussy.

tacof1avorkisses13 karma

A-WHATUP HARLEY! I love you and your beard! Seriously though, what was your favorite epic meal.. to eat or make? And also, I got a &baconstrip shirt so that I could give you some YOUTUBE MONEY!

HarleyMore15 karma

I appreciate the support. 84 Egg Sandwich!!!

serenade49712 karma

What do you normally feel like after eating one of those epic meals?

HarleyMore33 karma

95% of the time I feel bad. I mean it's not so much the food itself but when we eat on camera there's a lot of pageantry when consuming. Before you know it you ate 3 burgers in 15 seconds.

jessemaner12 karma

What would you tell a new youtuber, to help them keep doing what they're doing and be better at it?

HarleyMore23 karma

That's a case by case. Now I'm 28 years old, so I am not the demo of a lot of YouTubers out there. But put a link up and I'll give you straight forward criticism. But keep in mind I may not be your demo.

wow471411 karma

Who is one celebrity you would have a smoke session with? You are a stoner model man. You make the dankest munchies for a living. Much love for you man. Keep doing what you're doing. Also, /r/trees loves you.

HarleyMore32 karma

I love /r/trees... Bill Murray please.

DutchMafia9910 karma

There is a set of coordinates in your Twitter profile description for a location in Montreal, which I presume is Epic Meal Time HQ. What would happen if someone were to hypothetically show up unannounced at this location?

HarleyMore18 karma

It's a random place!! I don't know where the heck that is. It's close to my house but not that close. It's weird.

jbaron239 karma

Long time EMT fan! At what point did you guys realise you were "making it" and could quit your "normal" jobs and spend time having fun eating bacon?

HarleyMore19 karma

I quit before I 'made it'. But only last year was I able to hire my buddies and have them quit their jobs.

cthuludream8 karma

What do you do on days you aren't filming?

HarleyMore67 karma

play videogames and jerk off.

mixhail7 karma

So when are you going to film with The Lonely Island and Jenna Marbles and make a millionaires of YouTube themed episode?

I'm assuming you all live in LA now, so its gotta be plausible right?

HarleyMore20 karma

I'm not a millionaire. There's a huge difference between owning something and cash in your pocket. That being said...I'm ready whenever they call.

h3yf3ll46 karma

How come there are never any black people on EMT?

admiralsandy21 karma

Muscles Glasses on Halloween.

HarleyMore22 karma


SenshiSaiza5 karma

What WWE Legend would you like to have join you on Epic Meal Time?

HarleyMore12 karma


allranger5 karma

Whats your favorite kinda beer?

HarleyMore16 karma

I like Canadian Beers. But I'm in LA now so I get Bud Light Platinum. 6.1% Awhattup!!

Chrillee5 karma

Hello there great Sauce Boss! Have some questions for you:
1. Do you have a girlfriend?
2. Where do you like to dripp that sauce of yours after you are done stuffing the love taco with your sausage?
3. How much have you gained in weight since the start of EMT?
4. Are you thinking of starting to cut soon after this hell of a bulk you have accomplished?
5. just kidding, cutting is for pussies.
Have a good one, cheers!

HarleyMore5 karma

  1. Yes. She's hot. Go tweet her @TheKylaLeon
  2. My bellybutton
  3. I've gone up and down 20lbs
  4. I don't cut.
  5. HAHA!! THE HUMOR!!! I appreciate you brotha!

q00u5 karma

I loved your How To Shave Your Beard Like A Man vine.

  • How old were you when you grew your beard? / How long have you had your beard?
  • What prompted you to grow the beard?
  • Do you feel that people treat you differently because of your beard?

I'm genuinely curious. After a long life of being pristinely unbearded, I stopped shaving over a year ago. It feels to me as if people have treated me differently now that I am gloriously bearded.

HarleyMore14 karma

Not trying to say some goofy cliche thing here but no joke...a beard is respected.

BuddhistNothing4 karma

What is the next step for Epic Meal Time? I remember talks about you creating a TV show.

HarleyMore31 karma

We are making a TV show now for A&E!!!

Fillard_Millmore4 karma

What's your opinion on bacon?

HarleyMore13 karma

Not enough.

allranger4 karma

Yo Sauce Boss, Can I work for you? ;D

HarleyMore10 karma

What are your skills?

Pravus1174 karma

Do you prefer "doe", "tho", "though" or "dough"?

Should I draft Chris Davis, Ryan Braun or Adam Jones in the first round of my fantasy baseball draft this week?

How much do white girls like nutella?

BTW PKA 122 with Epic Meal Time last year was the GOAT.

HarleyMore5 karma

I prefer 'though' You're insane. You shouldn't pick any of those players. (Chris Davis though if you have no choice) They like nutella HELLA Thank you!!!

Indydegrees23 karma

Hey Harley, would you ever go back on Painkiller Already, you were awesome!

HarleyMore3 karma

Tell Woody to put me on!

alonaviv1 karma

From a fellow beard lover, how do you take care of yours?

HarleyMore3 karma

Touch it non-stop. I'm a pretty abusive beard owner. I constantly touch it and pull it and fuck it.