Colin Mochrie

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famous for his appearances on the British and U.S. versions of television improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

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IAmColinMochrie3334 karma

I don't find the others funny, so I have no problem.

IAmColinMochrie3134 karma

I grew up with Ryan, so Drew and Wayne.

IAmColinMochrie2944 karma

The Richard Simmons encounter still sticks in my head no matter how much alcohol I consume

IAmColinMochrie2524 karma

Shouldn't have said no to Breaking Bad.

IAmColinMochrie2403 karma

A clock I swallowed as a child.

IAmColinMochrie2390 karma

My marriage and my son.

IAmColinMochrie2213 karma

All of it. Writing is work. I hate work.

IAmColinMochrie2157 karma

I'd do a combination to all of them

IAmColinMochrie2150 karma

Put maple syrup on a beaver during a hockey game between Mounties.

IAmColinMochrie2135 karma

You exist