Hi Reddit, this is Colin Mochrie, back for another AMA. Whose Line Is It Anyway returns tomorrow night on The CW. In the meantime, you can also read my book, Not QUITE the Classics, as an eBook: http://www.diversionbooks.com/ebooks/general (Available in hardcover this fall from Penguin). It's a collection of re-tellings of classic stories, based on the First Line, Last Line improv game. Proof can be found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/colinmochrie Hey Guys, got to go as I'm popular elsewhere. Thanks for the interest and watch Whose Line tomorrow, buy my book and live well. Cheers

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ihatedicks1820 karma

Along with Ryan almost injuring himself when his head hit the table and broke the light while pretending to be Carol Channing, what other moments did you find yourself laughing a lot or holding back from breaking character in performances?

IAmColinMochrie3334 karma

I don't find the others funny, so I have no problem.

TheKeibler1393 karma

Hi Colin, can you specifically remember one joke or funny moment in your whole career? If you could share that with us it would be an honor! Cya tomorrow night!

IAmColinMochrie2944 karma

The Richard Simmons encounter still sticks in my head no matter how much alcohol I consume

dantorinoDJ1273 karma

Hey Colin! You are honestly too funny!

Who do you get along with the best out of Drew, Wayne and Ryan?

IAmColinMochrie3134 karma

I grew up with Ryan, so Drew and Wayne.


Hi Colin thanks for doing this! The one question we all want to know: who do you fuck, marry and kill? Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Drew Carey

IAmColinMochrie2157 karma

I'd do a combination to all of them

Austin1161144 karma

First off, Just wanted to say how much I love you and all of the WLIIA guys. You were the comedy geniuses that helped me come out of my shell in my teenage years.

On to a question:

Do you feel right at home on the new Whose Line set? From the clips that have been released it looks like the magic is still there, but do you Wayne and Ryan FEEL it?

IAmColinMochrie1888 karma

It was our original studio so it was completely comfortable. We felt it.

GordShumway1006 karma

Hey Colin, fellow Canadian here. I saw a show about your success as a comedian and to paraphrase you attributed your success in part to never saying no to a project. Was there anything you did say no to that you now regret, or one you are glad you said no to?

IAmColinMochrie2524 karma

Shouldn't have said no to Breaking Bad.

KittyFooties973 karma


IAmColinMochrie2390 karma

My marriage and my son.

Nevlach921 karma

Most embarrassing moment on Whose Line? Saw a live taping this May btw... Laughed the whole time!

IAmColinMochrie1953 karma

Every moment is embarrassing.

helidead09916 karma

Hi Colin, love all the work you have done for the comedy community and just everything in general. Was just wondering, what are some of your other interests and hobbies outside of the limelight? What makes Colin Mochrie tick besides laughter?

IAmColinMochrie2403 karma

A clock I swallowed as a child.

fa53880 karma

Which part of your book was most difficult to write?

IAmColinMochrie2213 karma

All of it. Writing is work. I hate work.

spacecowboy007732 karma

Who is the funniest person in your family and how does your immediate family tolerate your sense of humor?

IAmColinMochrie1702 karma

My wife is the funniest, followed by my son, then the two dogs. As long as I buy them gifts they love me

Baxxie31720 karma

Happy that Whose Line is back, first of all, so excited!!! But do have to ask, if a second season were to come about, do you think Chip, Greg and Brad will be back for at least an ep each?

IAmColinMochrie1430 karma

I certainly hope so. I miss those guys. Call the CW and make them. Don't tell them I told you.

foo_fan663 karma

Colin, huge fan, love the show.

What's the most Canadian thing you've done recently?

IAmColinMochrie2150 karma

Put maple syrup on a beaver during a hockey game between Mounties.

davelad86635 karma

Colin, if you respond to this, I will be a hero in the eyes of my girlfriend. Which is your favourite, British or American version?

IAmColinMochrie1041 karma

The tapings were the same in both countries, the only difference was the censorship. But both casts were amazing and great friends.

davelad86524 karma

Wahey, was not expecting a reply, thankyou!

IAmColinMochrie1674 karma

Hope your girlfriend now finds you heroic.

3choplex629 karma

Please help me resolve a dispute with my 6 year old. Is poop always funny? He says no.

IAmColinMochrie1173 karma

If it's done satirically.

k_of_ni572 karma

Hello Colin, thanks a lot for doing AMA. Among approx. 100 questions I have, here's just one...

Did you ever read something off of a card in Whose Line is it Anyway and go "I can't do this" or "how will I ever do this?", even if only in your mind?

IAmColinMochrie1413 karma

No, the beauty of improv is that you just commit and fool the audience into thinking you know what you are doing.

aceofshades541 karma

Hi Colin! Thanks for doing another AMA. Do you have any advice for someone who's trying to start his own improv club at a college?

IAmColinMochrie1095 karma

Surround yourself with people you trust and have fun with and hope for the best.

mscandle514 karma

Colin, I am a huge fan! Thanks for doing this. Proud you are from my homeland....What is your favourite part about being Canadian?

IAmColinMochrie1796 karma

Being on the 5 dollar bill.

_IR_Relevant469 karma

Hi Colin! Thanks for doing this AMA! I have a ton of questions but mainly these six:

  1. Some of the funniest things that I have seen from the old show were the bloopers that were censored on ABC Family (Cosby and Hitler and whenever Ryan got stuck on a hoedown). I heard you say that the CW is letting you guys get away with more, how much more are we talking here?
  2. What’s different about having Aisha Tyler on the show instead of Drew Carey? Whose idea was it to ask Aisha and why?
  3. How did you guys (you, Ryan, and Wayne) get your start in Whose Line? I remember seeing you in the UK version but how did that start? You and Ryan look like a great team, did you guys meet through the show or did you know each other beforehand? Also why did Whose Line stop the last time? What brought it back?
  4. Are there rules that you guys follow during your improv?
  5. Have you given Wayne grief for his baldness yet?
  6. Do they still make you the girl in a lot of the scenes again? Why did that always happen?

Thanks again for the AMA, and thanks for bringing this show back, it’s been my favorite since I was 10.

P.S. Please tell me there is a MEOW in the next season.

Edit: Got my Taylors/Tylers mixed up

IAmColinMochrie868 karma

We just let the censors and producers worry about it and did our business. Still can't swear. Aisha was great. Gave as good as she got. No weight jokes. Ryan and I grew up together. we all auditioned for the show and got it. Simple. No one knows why it stopped but was brought back by the comedy gods at the CW Listen and accept. No. He's my brother Wayne was the girl this go round. they always give it to the newest bald guy.

zackira464 karma

Dear Colin. What are your plans for the future, and also, any thoughts on the meaning of life?

IAmColinMochrie1620 karma

No plans. The meaning of life is: the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally

Uluvmylean442 karma

Did you like working with Aisha Tyler and exactly how awesome is she?

IAmColinMochrie1066 karma

She's pretty awesome and was great to work with. She now owes me 100 bucks.

diannakitty08367 karma

Colin! What do you eat for breakfast?

IAmColinMochrie1474 karma

My breakfast.

n0t_5hure344 karma

are you mobbed by who's line groupies everywhere you go?

IAmColinMochrie1432 karma

Yes but never women,

imapoubelle342 karma

What was your reaction when you were asked to do the show again?

IAmColinMochrie773 karma

Was very happy. Hopefully people will watch.

thr33beggars315 karma

Hey Colin! Did you know that the official sport of the state of Maryland is jousting?

IAmColinMochrie702 karma


lubokanata272 karma

Hey Collin! Thanks for doing this for your fans!! After sitting through like a 12 hour marathon of watching Who's Line with my friends, we noticed even with your great freedom, a few times that the producer or someone would wave-off or change a topic that was probably deemed to be "too edgy". I'm sure some of these moments weren't included in the shows so my question is, what moments where you and the crew had to rephrase/not do, stand out to you in your career?

IAmColinMochrie527 karma

The beauty of those moments is that they ended up on television anyway, probably getting bigger laughs than if we did the scene.

allylovesparker260 karma

Colin!!! My friend Courtney and I are in love with you. Anyway, what does it mean to "fluff one's Garfield," precisely?

IAmColinMochrie772 karma

I am prohibited by law from telling you.

thesouthside259 karma

How would onstage Colin describe offstage Colin? How would offstage Colin describe onstage Colin?

IAmColinMochrie1227 karma

I call the onstage Colin "The Other". Off-stage Colin is every woman's desire.

stanker4257 karma

What is your favorite aspect of the new Whose Line?

IAmColinMochrie1446 karma

Getting to work with my friends again. And Ryan and Wayne.

alwaysquinning244 karma

You've always been my favorite panelist on Whose Line, so thanks for all the laughs!

My question, will there be more episodes of Whose Lines' revival after the initial 10?

IAmColinMochrie644 karma

It's up to the audience. Time to put your eyeballs where your tv is.

coolbreess239 karma

Hey Colin! The new book looks awesome. Can we get a sample?

toiletting235 karma

What beverage should I drink while watching Whose Line Is It Anyway tomorrow?

Also, you're awesome and hilarious.

IAmColinMochrie842 karma

Whatever flows through your nose the easiest.

Astrocricket229 karma

I have been laughing at you my whole life. I am constantly impressed by your comedic ability.

That said, what was a time when your best material just flopped?

IAmColinMochrie802 karma


flagpolefeces212 karma

i have no questions. i just want to thank you, for always making me laugh. so, thank you sir

IAmColinMochrie334 karma

You're welcome.

bigasstiger205 karma


IAmColinMochrie389 karma

Thanks for the kind words. We have so many people come up and tell us how the show got them through some bad times, which is lovely to hear. We tend to think of ourselves as paid goofs.

KittyFooties200 karma


IAmColinMochrie422 karma

There is a balance of old and new, which is great. A new game, sure to be a fan favourite is "Sideways Scene."

Phrench144 karma

Hi Colin!

I am currently taking improv classes at a theatre in Bellingham WA which Ryan started awhile ago. I really have two questions. The first is how did you get started in improv in the first place? The second is have you been to the Upfront Theatre in Bellingham? If so, do you have any plans to ever go up there for another show?

You have been a surprisingly huge part of my childhood. My family always got along when watching whose line and I thank you for making us laugh and forget about other things for awhile. Your great.

IAmColinMochrie272 karma

I love the Upfront! I have performed drunk there. I first got started when I saw an improv demonstration and was immediately hooked.

zanii140 karma

Hi there!

Who is the one person you would like to be in Whose line is it anyway? that hasn't been there (dead or alive). That's to say, whowould you like to do improve with?

Any specific part of the show (props, scenes from a hat etc.)?

IAmColinMochrie284 karma

I would have loved Jonathan Winters to have been on. Brilliant.

hovding128 karma

Hi Colin!

My improv teacher once said that people censor themselves in improv because they feel it's either unoriginal, a little psychotic or sexual.

Do you have any comments or insight in regards to my teachers statement?

IAmColinMochrie259 karma

The trick with improv is being relaxed enough that whatever comes to mind you just say. It's then up to you and your partners to make it original.

Uncannie123 karma

You are a man who is known to make others laugh.... what are some things that will ALWAYS make you laugh and if you have a bad day, what's your go-to for turning it around?

IAmColinMochrie398 karma

People hurting themselves always makes me laugh. Yes it's cruel, but so what.

DonthavsexinDelorean122 karma

If you could go back in time and deliver one sentence worth of advice to your younger 20 something year old self, what would you say?

IAmColinMochrie431 karma

Don't worry.

Skyeintherain116 karma

Hey Colin! My name's Wendy and I'm a HUGE HUGE fan. I'm the Vice President External on the Carleton Improv Association and in February my team and I got the honour of preforming in a show you hosted for Cracking up the Capital (Link: http://imgur.com/gallery/hotHI) And you were WICKED. We loved preforming on the same stage as you SO MUCH. You were awesome and we hope to see you again next year!

So this is my question: At my school, improv's not huge (we're not really a drama or fine arts school), do you have any suggestions on how our club could get more members? And do you have any suggestions on how we could get more people out to our shows? Thanks!

PS. The last photo in the link is actually when I asked you to a reaction to what you think of the internet. You were pretty spot on.

PPS. The president of my Improv Team wanted to ask this: "If you were forced, at gunpoint, to NOT choose between the Carleton and uOttawa Improv teams, what assumptions would you make about the gunman?"

IAmColinMochrie160 karma

Start workshops to get people out and make them fun so they come back and want to perform. You have to rely on word of mouth at first and talk it up where ever and when ever you can.

radiokungfu94 karma

Before I ask anything, I just want to say thank you so much for doing this AMA and I think I speak for everyone here when I say you really brightened up a lot of people's lives.

Anyways, here's my question: was there ever a particular joke(didn't have to involve you) that stands up in your mind as "too far"? I know you might not even answer this, but thanks again!

IAmColinMochrie175 karma

None pop to mind. I think that we are pretty good at getting close to "too far" without doing it.

tylertrenton3185 karma

Hi Colin! So Whose Line is on air again tomorrow and i'm wondering. How was it being with the guys again after years of waiting?

IAmColinMochrie275 karma

It was like slipping into a pair of comfortable, old,wrinkly shoes.

bwood201685 karma

Hey Colin! I don't know if you'll even read this, but I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan. I met you and Brad in Lancaster, PA. Don't know if you remember me (probably not, because I'm sure you meet a lot of people), but I was the guy with the long hippy hair who said I do my own improv. Haha. Anyway, here's my question:

What advice can you give to an amateur improviser? I love doing small improv shows as a hobby, so what advice can you give me when we're on stage performing? (or even practicing)

IAmColinMochrie171 karma

Do it as often as you can. You quickly find out your weaknesses and strengths.

Urie_nator68 karma

How much input did you and the other guys have towards the special guest? Was it all a group decision or were the producers just like, "Hey, Richard Simmons is gonna be on the show today?"

IAmColinMochrie177 karma

We had no input. Dan Patterson the producer is a control freak. Strange choice to do an improv show.

rwq198755 karma

Hello Colin, big fan from the U of K (Scotland actually), loved you since our version on C4 and I'm only 25 so I was a nipper. Any idea when the new show will reach our shores and what channel it will be on.

IAmColinMochrie99 karma

No idea as yet. Will keep you posted.

MTLSNowman53 karma

Salut Mr Mochrie from Quebec!

I have two questions one is related to the AMA Aisha Tyler did yesterday because I reddit needs confirmation from someone impartial: How big are Aisha Tyler's hands?

Second, is what I really need to know watching the classic Who's line, I noticed that Ryan especially but all the crew go all the way to make fun of your baldness. Every time you make this expression which is a mixture of 'God not again', 'Yes, I'm bald' with a pinch of sad clown. What do you do to get even with Ryan? Is there some epic prank war between the two of you that you can share stories about?

IAmColinMochrie172 karma

Once Ryan finds out Satan is bald, he will spent eternity regretting his actions. Aisha's hands are Tyler-sized.

Yossarion37 karma

Hello Colin, you were always my favorite and deep down I think you knew it.

I listen to Proops's podcast, and when telling stories that reference or include you he refers to you as "the older, bald fellow." Do you have a similar name for him?

IAmColinMochrie75 karma

The four-eyed addle-brained one.

HappyPollen24 karma

Hey Colin! Big fan like everyone else here. Just watched your two-man show on Netflix and loved it!

In regards to your book, did you find it difficult to transition from physical comedy to written comedy? Was the process still the same?

In regards to the rebirth of Whose Line, who was the best 4th chair/guest seat to work with this season?

IAmColinMochrie62 karma

Writing is work, so I hated it. Much rather do the physical. All the fourth chairs were great, so no favourites.

Boobehs11 karma

Hi Colin! Whats your favorite of all the Whose Line skits to perform?

IAmColinMochrie71 karma

Greatest Hits. I love sitting down.

kevin4peace10 karma

Where do you get all your funky shirts?

IAmColinMochrie42 karma

The Magnum PI fire sale.

DrStrangeloves9 karma

Hi Colin! Thanks so much for doing this AMA. I loved your appearances on The Drew Carey Show, Blackfly, The Red Green Show and others. Are there any shows you would like to guest star on in the future?

IAmColinMochrie37 karma

Game of Thrones and the 6 o'clock news.

BankaiPwn9 karma

Was there a different feeling between doing WLIIA the first time versus this time?

IAmColinMochrie33 karma

I move slower now.

Bam0501968 karma

Hey Colin, I just have one question I'd like to ask you. In the new Whose Line? will there be Hoedowns and Irish Drinking Songs?

IAmColinMochrie12 karma

We didn't do an Irish drinking song and thankfully there was only one Hoedown. That may change if we come back.

YUnoZOOM7 karma

As a fellow balding man, I would like to ask; how have you've dealt with your diminishing hairline in a world of celebrities with beautiful, full hair-do's?

IAmColinMochrie38 karma

The beautiful have no where to go but down. And they don't deal with it well.

rocksteady724 karma

Is there anything you won't retweet? The birthday re-tweets are kind of you to do but..

IAmColinMochrie12 karma

I retweet birthdays and good causes. And anything to do with me.

WNCat2 karma

I'll try and do this but it might come out all wrong...I'm just someone who is a fan of the style for as long as I can remember.I'm have excitement in me for the show tomorrow and I'm also in the middle of reading your book.These questions might be a bit odd but let's see... 1.Would you consider yourself to be a bibliophile? 2.Are you more of a cat or a dog person? 3.What do pirates do with teddy bears? 4.Have you encountered some of the...Odder things that fans have made involving you and other members of the show and the views you have on them? 5.Are any shows you like in the animated variety and what are they? (I apologize if any of these are too weird or personal...) (And for random facts today is Tapioca Pudding Day)

IAmColinMochrie5 karma

Yes,dog, impale on their hooks,no, Archer.