I am Colin, Canadian Icon and supporter of lesser improvisers.Proof: I tweeted about this yesterday @colinmochrie. Check out Brad and I at colinandbradshow.com

Just to let you guys know I'm good for another 1/2 hour then I have to go work and entertain 10's of people. So 4:00 EST

Thanks everyone for the questions. It was fun. Please watch everything I am involved with or just send money. Thanks again

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INtheBUTT921794 karma

Can you just acknowledge my existence real quick, thanks.

IAmColinMochrie2135 karma

You exist

Cammadore641135 karma

Did Wayne Brady really come up with the lyrics for those songs off the top of his head? You were my favorite on the show by the way.

IAmColinMochrie1659 karma

Yes. Wayne , Chip,Brad and Jeff are amazing at it. They never get enough credit because people think they've cheated somehow. But they are simply the best

not_vichyssoise337 karma

I read somewhere on the internets that the category of the song would be predetermined (gospel, swing, etc.), with the random part being the guests/song titles you had to come up with. Is there any truth to that part?

IAmColinMochrie833 karma

Laura and whoever was singing that show would go throught10-12 styles so that the singers had a feel of the structure. Everything else was made up.

Louche985 karma

Funniest off-camera/censored moment on Who's Line?

IAmColinMochrie1601 karma

200 lb snatch

rabbichase952 karma

What is your favorite improv moment that you had throughout your career?

IAmColinMochrie1838 karma

Arctic Tern

Annihilationzh922 karma

1) How do you keep your cool when even the other comedians are virtually dying of laughter?

2) What are your thoughts on US vs Canadian vs British audiences?

3) Have you kissed Ryan lately?

IAmColinMochrie1820 karma

I) I don't find the others funny. 2) They are pretty similar. The only difference is the suggestions. North America tends to be more pop culture oriented. 3)No, would you?

m0xy769 karma

Just here to say I love you and thank you for shaping my sense of humor as I grew up!

IAmColinMochrie1416 karma

Thanks, you are most intelligent.

FreeLoch755 karma

What is your opinion regarding piracy?

IAmColinMochrie2135 karma

Too many eye-patches

f0rged741 karma

First off: Thank you for being you. You are my favorite comedian (and favorite Canadian.)

I want to know what motivated and inspired you to pursue comedy and improv?

IAmColinMochrie1161 karma

When I got my first laugh in a school play, it really did become like a drug. I craved laughs. I lucked out.

chukc740 karma

What is/was your friendship like with Ryan Stiles?

IAmColinMochrie1561 karma

We have a great friendship in that we never keep in contact but when we see each other it's like we saw each other yesterday.

mrbananagrabber1685 karma

Did Wayne Brady ever have to choke any bitches behind the scenes?

IAmColinMochrie1548 karma

Three but don't tell anyone

ElyHenry681 karma

Hey Colin, I only have one question...Do you remember what was happening here? Because I have no idea.

IAmColinMochrie1486 karma


Whale_Sexer640 karma

How did you and Ryan meet?

IAmColinMochrie1064 karma

Through a mutual friend. I was doing improv and Ryan was doing stand-up, wanting to do improv. We hit it off right away.

oldzealand587 karma

What was your most memorable moment from Whose Line?

I'll take any answer except Ryan breaking the neon light and scenes with Richard Simmons.

IAmColinMochrie1003 karma

Breaking up any of the guys was fun because they are pretty jaded and have seen it all so it was a special moment when i could do it.

datrothbart577 karma

I am a HUGE fan. I don't necessarily have a question; I just wanted to put it out there. I miss "Whose Line." Maybe you and the others can get together and do one last episode? For old time's sake?

IAmColinMochrie1077 karma

Talk to ABC

upvotes_cited_source469 karma

Is "Whose Line" as fun to film as it is to watch?

How long does it take to film an episode?

Is improv your favorite form of work? How do you like scripted TV/film?

IAmColinMochrie964 karma

It was the best thing ever. It took 4 hours to film which would turn into 3-4 episodes. I love improv because we are the masters of our fate

technoleak448 karma

I host an improv club at thornhill secondary school in Vaughan Ontario, what would you say is the most overlooked mistake newbie's make? Also, what is your favourite improv game? PS what is a dinguisher?

IAmColinMochrie1232 karma

Not listening and trying to push your idea is the most common mistake. Greatest hits is my fav. A dinguisher is what you say when some asshole gives you extinguisher to rhyme with.

tavir397 karma

Huge fan, love your work on both versions of Whose Line! Here are a few questions:

  1. Any really memorable moments during tapings that you all realized was never going to be able to make it to air (due to vulgarity, epic failure, or anything of the like)?

  2. Towards the end of the US run of Whose Line, the show started doing things like involving more special guests and getting audience members to do more things (like the Sound Effects game). Was it fun trying to work with this unexpected factor, or did you guys find it more of a hindrance?

  3. Do you ever perform any long-form improv? Any thoughts of it vs. the kind of things you did on Whose Line?

IAmColinMochrie616 karma

Everthing pretty much made it. We were never overly vulgar because we wanted to get stuff on air. Working with the guests were fun and kept us on our toes but I felt it took away from the other improvisers. I have done long form and enjoy it but the games are the audience favourites

hellokey388 karma

When is Trust Us With Your Life gonna air? Favourite TV shows lately?

IAmColinMochrie1143 karma

Don't know when the show will air, I'll keep you posted. Favourite shows: Modern Family, Louis, Breaking Bad, Mad Men

olhickorydick387 karma

Were there any "Whose Line" games that you really hated?

IAmColinMochrie978 karma


climbsurfski386 karma

How much of your live act gets edited out of the actual TV show?

Also, exactly how uncomfortable were you in the Richard Simmons episode?

IAmColinMochrie669 karma

Not much was edited out. We would do about 20 games during a taping and they would cut that into 4 shows. Unless the scene really sucked it was kept in. And not uncomfortable at all.

theclubfive377 karma

How did you land a spot on Whose Line? What was the audition process like (if there was one)?

Thank you so much for doing this. I grew up on WLIIA, and it's impacted my life in a huge way. Thank you.

IAmColinMochrie1269 karma

I auditioned when I was at Second City. Because our cast auditioned no one got it because we were all being supportive so no one stood out. My next audition (they were 3 hours long) I didn't know anyone so I thought...screw you. That's how you get ahead kids.

assblaster7377 karma

How often did the game "Helping Hands" need more than one take? Always my favorite bit on Who's Line.

IAmColinMochrie1530 karma

We never did retakes. Sometimes we did 2 or 3 hoedowns because the producer is a sick bastard.

BittyTang362 karma

Where do you buy your collared shirts?

IAmColinMochrie1299 karma

The collared shirt store

Mahler5302 karma

Where did Ryan get his blue shoes?

IAmColinMochrie1150 karma

The blue shoe fairy

smugshot331 karma

What are some of the lines you've come up with of which you are proudest? Any that still make you laugh to think of them?

IAmColinMochrie887 karma

The beauty and the curse of improv is that it goes away once you do it, so I can't think of a specific line. Sorry.(How Canadian of me)

mjmax329 karma

Would you choose to do another season of Whose Line if it was up to you?

Were you always so naturally talented at improv?

IAmColinMochrie596 karma

Absolutely. I guess so.

[deleted]305 karma

Thank You for being extraordinarily witty.

IAmColinMochrie627 karma

It's a gift.

RoboZelda302 karma

Just want you to know that WLiiA? got me through some ridiculously bad times in middle school and high school. I have seen all the UK, US, and All-Stars episodes. Saw You/Brad @ Foxwoods? and the All-Stars at Mohegan Sun. Saw Greg Proops in NYC. This show helped shape who I am today and I am a better person having watched and appreciated it. It made me more confident and not afraid to be different. Thank You. Thank you so much. (Feel free to visit Maine again too!)

What do you miss most about the UK WLiiA? What was the biggest difference/challenge between the UK/US versions of the show? Thank you!!!! :)

IAmColinMochrie561 karma

I miss the fun we had together. It was a no pressure fun experience. I love London where we filmed. The transition to the States was fairly painless. The censorship was hard because we never knew where the line was. They let some things pass, then censored quite mild stuff.

antaresiv294 karma

what's wrong with the hoe down?

IAmColinMochrie1238 karma

What's right with it?

[deleted]291 karma

Hi Colin! First off, I'd like to say that I'm a huge fan of yours, and I'm sure most people here are.

However, let me just skip right over to the questions that I have. I'm not sure if you're going to be able to answer them, I'm sure you'll be flooded with questions.

a) How did you first get into comedy/improv? I always like to imagine that it's some amazing feat that someone accomplished; they were "just the funniest kid around and rew attention from all the famous people". I have a feeling that's not the case, though.

b) Did you enjoy being on the cast of Whose Line? It seems like you always had a fun time.

c) Did you ever get tired of the bald jokes? Were there any bald jokes that "just went too far"?

d) Who was your favorite "guest" character to work with? You don't have to answer this one.

e) Did you always have nightmares when you kissed Drew? What was it like kissing him? I can only imagine it's amaz-...Terrible, terrible. I can only imagine how horrifying that must have been.

Last question, laaaast question!

In one of the episodes of Whose Line, you were doing "Songs of the motorcycle"...Actually, here's a clip of it.


f) My question is...What were you actually thinking when you said that you were watching animal porn?

IAmColinMochrie663 karma

I got into improv by seeing a demonstration and fell in love with it. Just kept doin it till it was a career. b) Loved Whose Line. Lots of laughs, no work c) the bald jokes were something for the less funny guys to hang on. So good for them d) All the guests were fun but Richard Simmons was really gung ho e) Drew has lovely soft lips f)Can't remember. I was heavily drugged

nonnonsequitur287 karma

I just wanted to say that when it's the middle of the night and I'm in that part of YouTube, I generally end up watching Whose Line clips for hours. It's like quicksand. If quicksand were lovely and made me laugh until I cried.

Speaking of, how do you feel about so many highlights from the show being online? Do you like that more people can see it and laugh or would you rather get residuals from reruns and DVDs?

IAmColinMochrie678 karma

We don't get residuals so it's nice that the show still lives on somewhere. We are this century's Gilligan's Island

raidraidraid286 karma

Whats your favourite pizza topping?

IAmColinMochrie796 karma


Teepz286 karma

I keep reading that you weren't a huge fan of "Hoedown". I didn't see you explain why anywhere? Care to elaborate?

IAmColinMochrie930 karma

First I'm not a singer. Secondly someone would always take my rhyme just before it got to me and thirdly I don't think it's even a song style.

Squalami272 karma

as a Canadian, what do you think of Canadian stereotypes?

side note, gotta say you have made me laugh more times than i can count, thank you!

IAmColinMochrie695 karma

Any stereotype is generally unfair. We are polite though.

MisterWonka257 karma

When you find yourself alone, in the dark...what do you fear?

IAmColinMochrie961 karma

cold door knobs

IndianaKid243 karma

Which cast member was the 2nd funniest?

IAmColinMochrie1107 karma

All of them

DiPlat238 karma

What genre of literature you prefer most? Any favorite authors?

IAmColinMochrie627 karma

Big Stephen King fan. Read a lot of biographies.

Canilearnbubblebeam235 karma

Thanks for the AMA sire. Why was the "Hoedown" such a regular number if basically none of you liked the game? Did the production had their way in it (forced you guys to keep doing it), was it a viewer-favourite? It was one of the few games that I didn't really find funny. And sorry for the double question, but how come you guys didn't do more "Sound Effects", especially with people from the audience, since everytime you did everyone burst in laughter?

IAmColinMochrie494 karma

Production forced us for their own perverted reasons. the last couple of years it was always audience members.

Abdabs_65235 karma

Colin Mochrie! I would just like to say that I love Who's Line and you are a major reason I love improv comedy. When you were a wee little Mochrie, (With a full head of hair) what was it that you wanted to do with your life?

IAmColinMochrie782 karma

Wanted to be a marine biologist. I think it worked out for everyone

MDCisgoodforme224 karma

Who do you think will win the Stanley cup this year?

IAmColinMochrie573 karma

Boston could repeat, but NY and Vancouver have strong chances.

GalaxyGlider223 karma

Do you ever watch yourself on TV?

IAmColinMochrie460 karma

Try not to.

southpaw_sam223 karma

Have you ever seen the YouTube clip "the French erotic film"?

IAmColinMochrie611 karma

Yes. I'm very good in it.

CatoAsAPun215 karma

What is, hands down, your favorite moment in your whole career?

What kind of music are you into?

I once saw a video of your wife showing off your home, and whenever you tried to speak she interrupted. That was a joke right? (I know stupid question XD)

IAmColinMochrie595 karma

The whole Whose Line experience was a joy. The people the laughs the craft table. I'm into the Rat Pack. My wife is a lovely woman who does let me talk on occasion.

BettyFuckinCrocker194 karma

1.What is the one thing that never fails to crack you up? 2. What is your "Porn Star Name" (first pet name+ street you grew up on)

IAmColinMochrie528 karma

1) Someone hurting themselves. 2)Joey St. George

tombleyboo188 karma

Did you find the general sense of humour different in the US versus Uk versions? I thought Brad did quite physical humour, the uk show had a lot of quite dry jokes and word play.

Another question: what do you think of Drew's "where everything's made up and the points don't matter" line? one thing I missed from the uk show was that clive never felt he had to explain that joke. Drew kind of killed it for me.

IAmColinMochrie598 karma

The British were incredibly verbal whereas the Americans would get more physical and silly. The points don't matter thing came up because you wouldn't believe how many people asked how the system worked and why no one won a fridge.

rm524185 karma

Are you involved in any TV shows? I really miss seeing your face on television <3

IAmColinMochrie395 karma

We shot 8 shows in London for ABC (Trust us with Your Life) so hopefully...

[deleted]180 karma

HUGE fan Colin! Please forgive the multiple questions:

What were your favorite and least favorite games to play on Whose Line? (Besides the Howdown and Irish Drinking Song)

Were there any times where a suggestion was given to you that you just could not do because of physical limitations or something that beyond your talents?

What are some of your favorite bald jokes? You seemed to take them in good stride.

No offense to Ryan, because his Sound Effects were really good, but were there ever any attempts to get Michael Winslow on the show to do a game of Sound Effects?

How much stuff was shot with Robin Williams that didn't make it on air because of one reason or another?

And not a question, but I do want to say "Give me liberty, or a bran muffin!" is still to this day one of the funniest things I've ever heard. My girlfriend and I at random times just say that to each other whenever there's a lull in our conversation and every time we just crack up.

IAmColinMochrie433 karma

Except for Hoedown I enjoyed all the games. Greatest hits was always fun cause Ryan and I got to riff then watch the guys do amazing songs. Don't remember any of the bald jokes. No I don't think we left a lot out. He actually had to leave early because he was shooting a movie at the time.

1_point_21_gigawatts80 karma

Interesting, because it was always alluded that Ryan was the one who hated Hoedown. Did everyone hate Hoedown?

IAmColinMochrie301 karma

No one loved it.

FeliciaHardy178 karma

Which host did you enjoy working with more: Clive Anderson or Drew Carey?

IAmColinMochrie508 karma

They were both great. Drew is incredibly generous, which is great in millionaires, and it was because of him alone that we got to air in the US. Clive is incredibly bright, sarcastic and a treasure to be with.

[deleted]168 karma

  1. If you had to pick one, what would be your favorite moment on Whose Line?

  2. Have you ever seen your image used in this weird video for a Japanese song called "Yatta"?

IAmColinMochrie372 karma

The Richard Simmons stays with me for obvious reason. I translate well for the Japanese

XavierWoodshed160 karma

Do you feel that Drew Carey's weight loss was in part due to constant teasing on Whose Line?

IAmColinMochrie999 karma

Nope, it was constant teasing from his heart.

herospy152 karma

Hi Colin!

a) First I just wanted to ask if you and Brad would consider taking your tour to Australia. I live in Melbourne and I know for a fact it would do very well here!

b) Also, are there any people you would like to work more with in the future, or other improvers (besides Brad) you'd like to tour with?

c) I heard you were writing a book, and I wondering how you are doing with that, and how you approach working with improv in a written format?

IAmColinMochrie283 karma

We are working on getting to Australia. Keep posted on our Facebook page and when we know we will certainly announce it. Any of the other guys are fun to tour with. Brad gives back rubs. The book is going well, considering I hate writing. It's like doing an improv scene with the bonus of going back and editing.

arbitraryletters146 karma

What was going through your mind during the episode of "Whose Line" where the audience suggestion of Cosby and Hitler was shot down by the executives?

IAmColinMochrie355 karma

I thought it showed a lack of trust in us that we wouldn't be offensive. Network executives...what can you do.

MontereyJack144132 karma

Hey Colin! Huge fan of your work since I was little...I used to hide under the couch and watch Whose Line when my parents did (they thought I was asleep). I guess my only question is if you keep in touch with anyone from Whose Line anymore, and in what capacity. Also, I've been to the Vancouver improv theatre where you use to perform (the name escapes me). Any chance you'll do anything in Washington D.C. soon? Thanks for the AMA!

IAmColinMochrie406 karma

I keep in touch with all the guys regularly through email, Twitter etc, except for Ryan who is apparently Amish. No screens for him. We hope to get to Washington soon.

supertom118 karma

Where did you learn to do your fantastic Velociraptor impression?

IAmColinMochrie241 karma

Old sci fi movies.

Immynimmy110 karma

To you, is improv something you're born with or something that a person must learn?

Also, thanks, I'm a huge fan. There really is no other show that can literally make me laugh out loud like WLIIA.

IAmColinMochrie337 karma

You have to learn the rules, but the humour I think you are born with. You can learn to be funnier, you can't learn to be funny.

elin05109 karma

I saw you and Brad perform at UC Davis a couple years ago. Were the mousetraps as painful as they seemed? Whose idea was that anyway?

IAmColinMochrie216 karma

Brad's and yes they hurt

AnIrrelevantElephant92 karma

I'm a huge fan of you and the other members, all of you are frankly just amazingly witty, my question is have you ever considered doing a TV show or a movie with Ryan Stiles? There has to plenty of people willing to give you the chance. Follow up- Are you currently working on any projects of your own?

IAmColinMochrie196 karma

No one has ever approached us to do a show together. I'd do it in a sec. I got stuff going on, nothing in pen.

MCSnell9276 karma

How often when you do improv do you completely lose focus of the skit and start to have absolutely no idea what you're doing? Or is staying focused something that improves as you gain experience?

IAmColinMochrie173 karma

You have to stay focused so that if things do stray, you could go back to something earlier in the scene that could bring it back.

MCSnell9295 karma

Also, any advice on becoming bald? My time is drawing near

IAmColinMochrie257 karma

It's really easy. Don't go for a toupee.

pbarmasher073 karma

No question, but I wanted to take this time to say pretty much what others have said: You are a great performer, and have brought so many smiles to my family and I. Thank you for doing what you do!

IAmColinMochrie225 karma

Thank you for giving me a career.

YellowRanger71 karma

How did you feel about having to mimic all of Wayne's crazy antics in action replays?

IAmColinMochrie177 karma

He loves to see me suffer

vexx61 karma

How do you like your steaks?

IAmColinMochrie148 karma


ModestlyMassive53 karma

I've loved every minute that I've ever seen of Whose Line?. That being said, I feel like an improv show like that must have some real duds that just cannot be saved. How much of the taping is edited out for the show?

IAmColinMochrie109 karma

Maybe one a taping, which is an amazing percentage. I may be lying.

wontonfooey45 karma

big fan just wanted to ask, which do you like better bacon or Canadian bacon?

IAmColinMochrie120 karma

Always Canadian

KoRnyWayz44 karma

Is it true that bald men are the best lovers?

IAmColinMochrie109 karma


TheClanMan36 karma

Any chance for a Whose Line reunion?

IAmColinMochrie93 karma

You never know