Ask me anything really. Doesn't have to be work related. Thanks for your time.

Edit: This is fun, i'm making sure to reply to everyone. I hope I'm answering your questions okay.

Edit2: It's 4am and I'm still having so much fun powering through these fun questions. Realized if I watched Scrubs before starting this, I would've understood a lot more jokes. Good morning Europeans!

Edit3: it's 7:30am and wow. Thanks everybody, this is so cool. Also, I'm so sorry for not posting this in r/casualiama, didn't know that existed. I will continue trying to answer ever single one of you. To the mods: I'm on my ipod touch, I'm unable to gather any proof or make an email at the moment, I'm so sorry. But i will soon, I promise.

Edit4: I passed out at around 2pm. It's 4 now, and I'm pushing through as many questions as I can. Thank you to everybody who's taken a look in here, it really does mean a lot.

Edit5: It looks like this has died down, I'm just answering the last few late questions. Thanks to everybody who showed interest, this was so much fun. Also, I go back to work on Monday, so I'll have pics of proof up on Monday night, for anybody who is interested. Thanks everybody, you guys are great.


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Shining_Magikarp849 karma

No question, thanks for doing a massively underappreciated job!

Kind_compliments499 karma

Thanks friend.

The_Janitors_Mop513 karma

Boy do we have some stories to tell!

Kind_compliments510 karma

Oh gosh we sure do! Sorry for dropping you that one time :( I still feel bad about it.

JediMasterSam348 karma

How I imagine you

Kind_compliments357 karma

I'm honored.

shif109 karma

I'm shif

Kind_compliments153 karma

Hi shif.

[deleted]427 karma

Do you ever find an unsolved equation on a blackboard and solve it?

Kind_compliments511 karma

No, but i still need to watch that movie! the closest thing i've done, was go upstairs to the daycare thing at night, see a cool little drawing of a clown, and write on a piece of paper beside it, "Very nice! -staff"

mokthraka214 karma

awh :) that was nice.

Kind_compliments310 karma

I stared at my writing for a few seconds then laughed out loud and said "haha i'm retarded"

mokthraka134 karma

oh well, some little kid will probably be happy when they see your message.

Kind_compliments201 karma

This was about a week ago, i hope the little gaffer wasn't freaked out.

dancehall_queen158 karma

the little gaffer

You are just too cute!

Kind_compliments205 karma

No you!

markspyguy138 karma

Now kiss!

Kind_compliments92 karma


JacobDeZoet284 karma

Is there anything that a person could do to make your day?

Kind_compliments579 karma

Clean up after yourself, let us know of any messes you see (i love those people) and say something like "the place looks nice!" someone said that to me once, i smiled for a week.

awkwardninjapowers257 karma

I'll say that a lot to every janitor I make small talk with now. :)

Kind_compliments393 karma

I wish people small talked with me :(

awkwardninjapowers235 karma

:( This is from me.

Kind_compliments177 karma

Thanks man =) also, i like that show.

Brad_Wesley232 karma

Really? I have always afraid to tell janitor's when I see a mess for fear that they would take it as me acting as their boss and looking down at them as the help.

Kind_compliments251 karma

My building is so big, I can't be in two places at once. The toilet in the front could be overflowing and I wouldn't even know about it until I do my hourly sweep. People letting me know of a mess is like a "hey man there's a mess over there, get it before your boss sees it and you get in trouble"

ssublime2374 karma

I once drunkenly puked all over a stall at my college. I then spent 40 minutes drunkenly cleaning it all up. My roommate came in and saw me and asked what I was doing, I guess I said "The janitor is too nice, I can't do this to her!"

Kind_compliments62 karma

You're a drunken sweetheart.

Salzberger58 karma

I'd feel like it would be taken sarcastically if it said that, but i'll try it next time i see a janitor.

Kind_compliments79 karma

It's possible they could take it that way. If anything, a thank you and a smile would work.

skobes283 karma

Did you ever find out who stuck the penny in the door?

Kind_compliments202 karma

Unsure about this reference. But i find change on the ground all the time!

Biggle211 karma

The reference is scrubs. First episode in fact. Making small talk, J.D noticed the janitor was having trouble with a sliding door and said maybe theres a penny stuck. Thus beginning the 8 year torture on J.D.

Kind_compliments175 karma

Ohhh okay. I knew a scrubs reference would show up eventually. Thanks for the giggle.

Jets_Reborn228 karma

Grossest thing you had to clean up?

Kind_compliments496 karma

We had a hockey tournament (i work at a community centre) for the people who lived in the north end of the city (ghetto). After a game of 15-17 year old kids, the loosing team decided they would trash their dressing room. Garbage everywhere, spit loogies all over the floor, piss everwhere, toilet clogged up with shit up to the rim, puke all over the top of the brown mountain, and one kid decided to shit in the shower, on top of the drain. It was a bad day.

T3mporaryGold640 karma

I didn't know people could shit and throw up out of anger.

Kind_compliments446 karma

Your guess is as good as mine man.

Buttmunch420114 karma

Did you have a sweet revenge?

Kind_compliments323 karma

Nope, they were hoodrats from a bad neighborhood. I'd bet those kids would've stabbed me multiple times if i said anything.

Buttmunch420172 karma

should have gone in during their practice, and shit in their hockey bags

Kind_compliments195 karma

I would've loved to. But Each dressing room has a key for them to lock up so their stuff isn't stolen. But i guess i do have master keys...welp maybe next tournament! it's in February.

Buttmunch42083 karma

To late, best to leave it a week or so after it happens, that way its not to obvious it was you and the revenge is still sweet.

Kind_compliments123 karma

I like that idea, a lot.

Pedromac89 karma

Go shit in their bags this febuary.

Kind_compliments219 karma

Honestly, i will try my best.

fapsters_anonymous78 karma

We had a hockey tournament (i work at a community centre) for the people who lived in the north end of the city (ghetto).

Shit, do you live in winnipeg?

Kind_compliments109 karma


kyky05181 karma

How often do people take a duke in the urinal?

Kind_compliments246 karma

Maybe once ever 2-3 months. Depends how mad/drunk the individual is.

kyky05200 karma

I have to say I've never been so mad to where I would decide to pinch a loaf in a urinal.

Kind_compliments172 karma

The drunk adults playing beer league hockey will do some weird stuff if the ref makes a shitty call and what not. Canada for you.

kyky0581 karma


Kind_compliments149 karma

I've never understood their logic in that. "FUCK i'm so mad at the refs and the other team! i'm gonna trash this place and take it out of the guys who cleaned this room for us and flooded our ice before our game!"

kyky0584 karma

I believe it's because they are ignorant and don't realize that someone has to clean it up.

Kind_compliments109 karma

Sounds about right. There some serious douche "bros" that play hockey here that don't realize that.

Laowai-Mang36 karma

How does one go about cleaning that up?

Kind_compliments81 karma

We have those plastic things in the urinals, so when it does happen, we put gloves on and pick up the plastic thing, with the turd siting on it. Then we dump the shit into the toilet and get a new urinal net. So I don't actually touch the shit.

Cnife180 karma

Awesome AMA. You comment and talk with everyone! How do you get skid marks off floors?

Kind_compliments157 karma

I'm trying my best, it's fun to talk to people. Baking soda + water into a mop bucket. Dip your mop into the mixture, scrub skid with mop.

samefourletters127 karma

Misread as "scrub kid with the mop".

Kind_compliments192 karma

I can't take the word "scrub" seriously anymore. It just reminds me of the 13 year old kids on halo3 acting MLG pro. "I'LL NO SCOPE YOU NOOB, FRICKEN SCRUB NOOB"

Cnife49 karma

Thanks! Enjoy your night.

Kind_compliments74 karma

Thanks buddy, you too.

Theshli138 karma

My grandpa was a janitor for a long time, so I figured I'd say hello and thank you for doing what you do.

If you could change anything about your life right now, what would you change?

Kind_compliments209 karma

Hello! and thanks buddy, that means a lot.

Possible change: quit smoking.

Impossible change: no crohn's disease.

tacos388115 karma

I also have Crohn's! If you look on the bright side, at least you know you'll always have a nice, clean bathroom at work if you need it :)

Kind_compliments155 karma

5 times a shift homie!

Confections61 karma

Crohn's is such a bummer! How long have you had it for?

Kind_compliments107 karma

Since I was 7. I'm 19 now.

kazach85 karma

21 year old janitor with Crohn's disease here. Sure does suck sometimes, but look on the bright side, when we're having a particularly bad day we can make decent money poopin'!

Kind_compliments69 karma

Very true! Thanks for visiting. Have a good one.

ionblue46 karma

I have Crohn's too and I don't know your situation but one thing that has helped me tremendously is cannabis. It stops my flare ups almost instantly plus there's research that shows it may help prevent surgery in the future. Its best if you eat it so the cannabinoids absorb in your gut. Best of luck to you, janitors are really under appreciated in our society but thank you for all you do, even if some people can be dicks with how messy they are.

Kind_compliments50 karma

I'll look into this! Thank you sir.

XxWUZZLESxX112 karma

What toilet is worse male or female

Kind_compliments335 karma

Female by far. Tampons. Tampons everywhere.

todwellondreams107 karma

Some girls can be real bitches with that shit. My highschool admin once threatened to close ALL THE GIRLS' WASHROOMS because people were sticking their pads to toilet seats, hanging used tampons from the doors, and trying to flush pads down the toilets. We also had this psychopath (presumably, it was her hanging her tampons) who would 'paint' the stalls red...... I'll just let that sink in...

Kind_compliments145 karma

What that hell man. That ain't right.

nerdinslutsclothing107 karma

When my parents first immigrated to Canada back in the 80s, they worked late into the nights as janitors in a large office building for the first several years. Sometimes they took me along (they could not afford a babysitter) to help them empty desk trash bins. I didn't know any better that kids aren't supposed to work as I was only 4, but I didn't care since I had access to all the sugar cubes i could get my hands on. my parents would sneak me in as soon as the office was empty to avoid being caught by the manager. Work was never anything more than emptying trash bins for an hour, but i would spend the next few hours watching mom and dad clean EVERYTHING. I think too many people treat janitors as lesser human beings, please don't ever let people make you feel down because of your job title and duties. seeing how hard my parents worked and how far they've come, I always take the time to smile, talk to, or thank janitors. I know that some of us have to start somewhere and it is an honest job and honest wage. Thank you for all your great work. I know it ain't easy.

Kind_compliments85 karma

Awe man that was great to read, thank you so much for the comment. Working in a big office building would be 10 times harder than my job, so kudos to your parents for getting through it. I actually enjoy my job. I'm only 19, so it was either this, or flipping burgers. I made the right choice.

ichigo286298 karma

Hey buddy, the place looks nice :D

Kind_compliments88 karma

AWEE thanks friend. Have a good one.

DeeJayLiz87 karma

Where do you work? Hospital? School? Office?

Kind_compliments131 karma

I work at a community centre. We have 2 indoor hockey rinks, 3 outdoor ones, a gymnasium, a "great hall" and a weight room. Big place.

DeeJayLiz48 karma

Interesting... How much of the area are you responsible for?

Kind_compliments107 karma

The whole building. i help the zambone with floods, clean the dressing rooms, clean the gym after a rental, set up tables and chairs if there's a social that night (same goes for the hall), wipe down the weights at night, and this winter i'll be flooding the outdoor ice too.

icedmancumeth24 karma

'Social' ..... I knew it!

Cheers fellow Winnipegger!

Kind_compliments24 karma

Shit, you caught me! Haha

Chucha12373 karma

How long have you been doing this? Why?

Kind_compliments156 karma

About 10 months now. Not that long. It's an easy going job, with some physical work. Close to home, no dress code, i like hockey. I just got my GED (i'm only 19). I need to save up cash for school. I enjoy my job.

PeanutHamster331 karma

I don't know why, but when I read your AMA intro, I instantly assumed you were a 40+ family guy with greying/white hair, a nice moustache and wearing blue overalls or something :)

Kind_compliments163 karma

Haha i laughed a fair bit just now. Most of the old guys i work with fit that description, minus the overalls. I just like being friendly and polite.

RileyFX54 karma

I noticed you have had a Reddit account for about 10 months too. Is there any correlation between the two?

Kind_compliments77 karma

Just coincidence haha

mokthraka28 karma

any idea what you are going to school for?

in the same boat sorta, GED and 19, going to school (it will only cost me a low $250,000 total!) and working

Kind_compliments75 karma

Funeral Directing, i want to be a mortician.

mokthraka36 karma

well, your future job is related to mine sort of in a bad way O_o

Kind_compliments45 karma

Haha, how so? what will you be doing?

mokthraka36 karma

right now I am a patient transport at a hospital

future, I will be a doctor if all goes to plan

Kind_compliments104 karma

Planning to steal my business I see. Haha kidding, but good luck buddy :)

mokthraka25 karma

well, probably not your business.

I want to pediatrics, possibly neonatolgoy. any reason you want to be a mortician?

Kind_compliments94 karma

Dead bodies don't scare me. I like gore movies. I frequent the "bad" subreddits often because I think it's interesting to see what happens to the human body. The pay is also nice.

Just realized how creepy that sounded. Whoops.

BandBoots23 karma

I like that you have a sense of humor about your future career. There's a house in my neighborhood that has a hearse parked in the driveway, and the licence plate reads, "VAKANCY".

Kind_compliments29 karma

That's awesome! Any chance you could get a pic?

slaterhome71 karma

Thanks for doing your job! I, for one, value places that are well kept.

Kind_compliments71 karma

Thanks buddy, i appreciate it.

Vaiels64 karma

do you ever see people just litter in front of you? if so how do you deal with them

Kind_compliments148 karma

Yes, it honestly doesn't bother me that much. It's my job to deal with things like that. It isn't that hard to sweep it.

macness23472 karma

That's a sincerely good attitude to have. The way I approach work (IT) if people didn't "break" their computers, I wouldn't have a job. Plus I know that people don't usually break them intentionally.

Kind_compliments66 karma

Good attitudes, away!

gooie41 karma

I can't believe how Zen you are

Kind_compliments9 karma

:) I try. Thanks for visiting.

flatsperm51 karma

Are you considering increasing funds to the space program?

Edit: grammar

Kind_compliments96 karma

My biggest concern right now is If there will be an NHL season this year.

weded42 karma

Do you find that kids tend to disrespect you a lot? If so do you have a story about something related to that?

Kind_compliments136 karma

I fucking hate kids. Which is unfair since i'm only 19 myself. We have outdoor rinks, so kids show up, skate and fuck around, come inside when their cold, buy stuff from the canteen/vending machine, leave their trash on the tables and floor, then go back to skating. Rinse and repeat from 10am-10pm. Most of them don't give me personally that much trouble, since i know many from the highschool. Many of them drink too, which i don't care about, as long as they don't puke everywhere.

But whenever some kid gives me trouble, which is always started by them, i ask them what they want, i work here, i'm here to clean, let me do my job etc. But if the really get annoying i tell them they're on camera and to fuck off.

theislandking42 karma

Have you ever walked in on someone doing something incredibly disgusting? Are you allowed to call them on it?

Kind_compliments94 karma

Nobodies been dumb enough to do something like that mid day. Of course when i go clean the bathrooms there's usually a dude having an explosive shit. I give him privacy. But if somebody did do something crazy un natural gross, i could say "the fuck you doing!?" and tell them to get out.

Biggle42 karma

Do you clean bathrooms? If so when do you clean the opposite sex's bathrooms? Are you aloud in there for cleaning purposes? I've always wondered this.

Kind_compliments76 karma

I clean bathrooms. It really depends how busy the place is. If it's busy, i have to stand infront of the door waiting for people to leave, asking "how many are left?" then run in and clean the big things as fast as i can, cause there's always the one idiot who goes "OMGZ why are you in here you pervert! i'm telling!" but if it's dead, i peek in to see if the lights are off (they're motion censored)

dancehall_queen74 karma

And then there is a whole team of seventeen years old girls standing there totally still and naked. Doh!

Kind_compliments177 karma

You say that like it's a bad thing!

merrysugarson72 karma

that sounded a bit creepy until i read you are actually 19

Kind_compliments76 karma

Time's running out though.

we_all_float36 karma

What's the worst day you ever had? Best day?

Do you like when people try start conversations with you while your working or do you prefer that they don't bother you?

Kind_compliments58 karma

Worst day i answered above, it was a reply to "Jets_Reborn". Best day was when i worked a night shift with my favorite zambone driver. he's only 20, so slightly older than me. It was a holiday, so there was barely anything going on. Only 2-3 games. The place was empty by 9pm, and we were suppost to be there till 2am. He went and got beer from his car, i took out my smokes, and we drank and smoked in the office till the end of our shift. Twas a good day.

Edit: whoops, forgot the second question. Nobody really talks to me at all. Only things like "hey man uhh..someone clogged the toilet...When i'm busy, or in a hurry, i wouldn't like it. But if i wasn't, it would be pretty nice to have a chat with somebody =)

laserdork45 karma

This sounded like it could be some sort of romantic comedy where you both fall in love but then one of you gets an amazing new job and your clashing lifestyles put your relationship in jeopardy.

Kind_compliments48 karma

I'd watch the hell out of that.

Laowai-Mang57 karma

And then they keep taking massive dumps so the toilet will always be clogged so they'll have an excuse to talk to you.

Kind_compliments71 karma

I can never win.

dancehall_queen22 karma

Protip! There is a link right under every comment that says "permalink". That is a link to that specific comment, and you can use that when referencing to other places in a thread.

Kind_compliments31 karma

Ohh whoops, okay thank you!

LonelyBrotha36 karma

Any women's bathrooms stories?

Kind_compliments80 karma

Blood all over toilet seats, tampons on the floor, in the toilet, in the sink, beside the sink. Nothing else really that disgusting, other than the normal stuff. Cleaning up the tampons is always quite the task. I wrap my hands in paper towel until my hands look like paper towel boxing gloves, then i press my hands together onto the blood bat and drop it into the garbage.

wentwhere88 karma

As a girl, I'm sorry that there are members of my gender who are this gross. This is not considered normal among us. There aren't enough thanks in the world for people like you.

Kind_compliments11 karma

Thanks! I'm glad you follow female protocol haha. Thanks for visiting!

Sktchy35 karma

I have been janitoring (It's a thing) since 6th grade. I'm currently 20 and am still doing it. I feel your pain and that weird sense of pride when your building is super clean and people notice. Keep up the good work, I'll see you at the annual convention, right?

Kind_compliments46 karma

There's a convention!? Shiiet, I'm out of the loop. But yes, when you finish your garbage run and mopping and sweeping, hhhghhhh, feels good man.

Sktchy22 karma

It's a real 'hush hush' deal. Do you guys have a KaiVac? It's been my best friend since we were introduced this summer. Cleaning bathrooms has never been so fun.

Kind_compliments30 karma

Nope, I'm old school with the mop and bucket.

Sktchy21 karma

Respect. I've been there. Mopping is probably the most satisfying job, especially if you get the technique down. It's an art form. Keep on keeping on my friend.

Kind_compliments41 karma

I throw down with that mop like a death metal guitarist. Not one missed spot. Love it.

irrelevant__question30 karma

what's your favorite color?

Kind_compliments62 karma


willdeb58 karma

I thought it would be brown. xD

Kind_compliments90 karma

Oh you.

irrelevant__question24 karma

me too!

Kind_compliments37 karma

Lets be friends

irrelevant__question29 karma


Kind_compliments42 karma

Not sure if yes, or no.

irrelevant__question29 karma

that was my sad attempt at a big hug. (yes.)

Kind_compliments39 karma

Oh whoops! ok right on. How's it going?

mokthraka20 karma

what about me D:

Kind_compliments32 karma


mtreef225 karma

How is is that you became a janitor? fall into it? did you apply?

Kind_compliments44 karma

My friend used to do what i do before he quit. His dad is a trainer at the gym in the basement. I was desperate for a job, his dad put a good word in for me. Got a call a few days later to show up tomorrow and help set up tables and chairs for a social. That's that!

iamtechi2725 karma

Ever have to clean cum off a wall?

Kind_compliments54 karma

No, thank god. But one of my co workers found 2 people naked, banging in the middle of the fresh ice at 1am when a social was going on. They must've been cold. This was before I started working there.

Awesome_Turtle22 karma

Do you like cats or dogs?

Kind_compliments69 karma

I fucking love cats. Especially my own.

Kind_compliments32 karma

I've posted pictures of my handsome man, check my first submission.

Sonowske10 karma

Do you wanna see my cat?!

Kind_compliments19 karma

Yes! Post pic.

Sonowske31 karma

Behold, my Sunkissed! <3

Kind_compliments30 karma


PeanutHamster21 karma

What tips/tricks/etc do you know now that you wish you knew when you started 10 months ago?

Kind_compliments91 karma

-When the main boss comes in to check on things/work out, walk around the building pretending you're doing something. I mean, once everything's clean and done, what am i suppost to do? Still bugs me.

-Every key/door is different. Some door locks are one way, others are mirrored, some doors lock easy, some you gotta bodycheck and wiggle. I couldn't tell you how many times i've failed to lock a door and make the walk of shame back to my boss and say "i....i can't lock it :("

-Freshly flooded ice is FUCKING SLIPPERY. Walk across it gingerly, don't even attempt to slide across it.

-Do things fast. Don't worry about being noisy. Just giv'r. That's why blue collar workers are always so noisy, they do things fast. You can't do physical work silent and quick. It's impossible.

-When you see kids being bad and messy, pick up your broom/mop etc, roll up your sleeves, and speed walk towards them with an angry face and clean something behind them "violently" they'll most likely be terrified and stop being a nuisence or they'll leave.

-Moping is easy once you get the hang of the motion of the ocean. It's like a ninja and his sword, You learn every inch of it, and know how to use it. I can now mop like a sailor.

Those are a few off the top of my head, i'll update if i can think of some others.

DrunkClownHurtMeOnce20 karma

Did you also know bin larden was hiding in Pakistan?

Kind_compliments61 karma

What is this I don't even know what

support_the_surreal17 karma

What's your favorite thing to clean? Is there a favorite? Also any favorite cleaners for their scent or actual usage?

Kind_compliments49 karma

Beer cans are easy to sweep up. Plus, with the adult beer leagues, there's +500 cans hanging around by the end of the night, Which I trade in to the liquor store for some cash.

For cleaning supplies, I use this "cherry almond" deodorizer, which smells fucking amazing, and works great too!

support_the_surreal15 karma

Has anyone ever complained about your ability to clean, outside of your boss? Either directly or indirectly?

Kind_compliments30 karma

Never. I'm a tad bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning at work. I do my best, and I guess people see that.

suomaf14 karma

How many keys do you hold on your person when you are doing your job?

Kind_compliments23 karma

How many keys do I hold at work? If I had to guess, I'd say 10-12.

Edit: but I usually only need to use 3 of them.

ref71614 karma

I was a janitor myself for 6 months so I can definitely relate to your stories. Good luck with school :)

Kind_compliments18 karma

Thank you!

darklink3714 karma

How do you feel about the portrayal of janitors in the media? (like the guy on scrubs)

Kind_compliments31 karma

I've never watched scrubs, but from what I hear, he's a grumpy asshole weirdo, which fits a few descriptions of some of the old guys I work with. Also, the media is more accurate than you think. I don't know why, but the guys I work with remind me of scruffy from futurama in different ways.

big-eye10113 karma

Do you torture people like the janitor in "scrubs" ? ;)

Kind_compliments29 karma

Not yet!