My name is Steven. I am the balloon twister that made the Cthulhu the other day. Check me out at Go ahead, AMA. But I'm new to Reddit, so don't be too hard on me! And feel free to post any ideas for what you'd like to see made out of balloons. At the end of the day, I will take the 5 best suggestions and post pictures. UPDATE: Here's my new photo. I think you all saw this one coming: UPDATE: By popular demand, here's the Reddit Alien. Unfortunately, white balloons don't seem very photogenic. Hopefully you still get the idea: UPDATE: I have but one question for you. Why not Zoidberg? UPDATE: Apocalystix requested a pink sheep. I chose to use some more conventional colors, but I hope you like it!

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Mathema-Chemist1976 karma

Although it may not be the most creative... The Balrog of Morgoth from fellowship of the ring in balloon for would be awesome

stevensballoons1260 karma

You know, I'm actually pretty surprised that no one has asked for that before.

statuek1694 karma

Your website seems a little bit...lacking. Mind if I build my portfolio with a free redesign? I'm not amazing, but I'll get the job done. PM me. (upvote so he sees?)

stevensballoons1064 karma

What is PM? (Sorry, i'm new to reddit!)

stevensballoons42 karma

you know what, just inbox me on my steven's balloons facebook.

digifuzz1071 karma

stevensballoons859 karma

What is this zoidberg you speak of?

sidvicioushart1010 karma

Has anyone asked for Yoda yet?

stevensballoons567 karma

Not before you

TheWorldIsEnding991 karma

Can you make a Wall-E?

stevensballoons427 karma

That's a cool idea

Usted11951 karma

The Flying Spaghetti Monster would be really cool in balloon form.

stevensballoons705 karma

This is going to sound crazy, but until this morning I had no idea what FSM was. People kept saying "dude you have to make FSM!" but I just didn't know what that was. I think making FSM would actually be a process quite similar to making a Cthulhu. I'm excited to try later today.

A-punk846 karma

Have you ever made a balloon Pinocchio, only for it to come to life and love you like a father?

stevensballoons414 karma

hahaha. I just might have to try that.

StelagMonk844 karma

Honestly, in terms of what would look awesome in balloon form, Nyan Cat is fairly high on my list.

stevensballoons356 karma

Post a pic, please

AngryCyc833 karma

What's your favorite kind of salad dressing?

stevensballoons1325 karma

I'm a huge fan of thousand island, but only when the salad is iceberg or romaine lettuce-based. If the main ingredient is spinach or arugala, I like a nice lime vinaigrette.

bunchoftrees688 karma

Can you make the Iron Man Mach 7 suit from balloons? A wearable one?

EDIT: *Mark

Sorry for the typo

stevensballoons481 karma

That. Is. Awesome.

adam_demamp577 karma

ok so from the sounds of it you are a teenage balloon guy whos still in highschool who hasnt seen Jurassic Park, Wedding Crashers, Futurama, the nyan cat, or read/watched game of thrones. youre making me feel very old and very nerdy and i dont like it.

on a side note i would like a gorilla dclad in a full suit of armor on his trusty mount, a giant boar, preparing to joust. i'll let you choose his opponent as im not very picky person

stevensballoons454 karma

That's a very cool idea. And I'm sorry for not being up-to-date on my movies and TV shows. I'll work on that.

ridik_ulass560 karma

ok, lets see what skills you got kid

make me aku from samurai jack

I expect to be amazed, don't let me down.

stevensballoons438 karma

I would never let you down

Poetlaurehate515 karma

Tesseract, please.

stevensballoons251 karma

That's an interesting one

glycosylated400 karma

Can you make the reddit alien out of balloons and post a pic? Perhaps riding a dragon?

jtwizzle57222 karma

Fighting Michael Jordan riding a possessed Teddy Bear? Thanks Steven.

stevensballoons221 karma

As a Chicagoan, I love that idea. Though I must say I'm not sure how the teddy bear fits in...

antipopular336 karma

Can you make a self-portrait with balloons?

stevensballoons250 karma

Interesting idea. I'll consider it.

As0l285 karma

How long did it take you to come up with these pun(s)? Also how does one become a balloon guy?

stevensballoons486 karma

I had some help from friends. My friend Phil came up with the "I blew up overnight." He's great at puns. To answer your other question, I became a balloon guy after learning the basics on youtube. There's a guy named Michael Floyd who posted something like 70 how-to videos. I watched all of them, and would highly recommend them. Once you can do the simpler animals, you will be able to branch out into crazy stuff like Cthulhus.


What do you do besides being a balloon guy?

stevensballoons545 karma

I'm actually still in high school, so that's my only job right now. I really like to play baseball though!

save_the_empire254 karma

  • Do you make your living off of being a "balloon guy" or is it just a sort of side project/hobby/job?

  • Most frequently requested balloon animal?

  • Ever had a drunken parent ask you to make something perverted?

  • Weirdest balloon request or party story!

stevensballoons461 karma

  1. I'm a high school student, so I don't really have a full-time job or earn a living yet. Right now, though, my balloon business is my only source of employment
  2. The most popular animal is probably the classic dog, primarily because a lot of kids are too shy to ask for something crazy, and they know every balloonist can make a dog.
  3. I have not been asked for anything perverted, but one drunk baseball fan outside of Wrigley Field once asked me to make him a turban.
  4. Well, I guess I have to say the weirdest request I have had was a Cthulhu the other day. No surprise there.

gpm479227 karma


stevensballoons518 karma

I actually make a pretty cool snake with a coiled up tail

stevensballoons518 karma

I actually make a pretty cool snake with a coiled up tail

curiousthomas185 karma

Loved your work. You're awesome. Here's a bit of a tricky one...

Curiosity Rover





stevensballoons105 karma


sitting-duck159 karma

Make battletoads.


stevensballoons146 karma

What's a battletoad?

Patrowe149 karma


stevensballoons93 karma

I think I'll probably make something along those lines as one of my 5. Unless 5 other people come up with some insanely awesome idea for me.

noblee93100 karma

I just got the pun in your title... well played sir... well played.

stevensballoons112 karma

I actually didn't come up with that. The title was suggested by my friend Phil.

BobicusIX82 karma

  • What is the hardest balloon that you've made?
  • What is your favorite balloon to make?
  • How long did it take to make Cthulhu?
  • How long did it take to have that level of skill?
  • Any stories about crazy parents?

stevensballoons175 karma

  1. I once made the London Bridge out of balloons. It was around 3 feet tall and required something like 40 balloons. However, there are many balloon artists who make giant balloons (for decorative purposes rather than to give to a kid) that require hundreds or even thousands of balloons.
  2. I really like making people and faces, such as Mario or Romney
  3. It took me about half an hour to make the Cthulhu
  4. I have been twisting balloons for about four years, but only three years professionally
  5. Generally, the parents I work with are very nice. Once in a while there are some oddballs though. I once had a parent who yelled at me when I told her daughter that I didn't think it would be fair to the other children in line if I made her an extra balloon animal for her American Girl doll.

ecbremner82 karma

  1. What is the hardest thing to do when making a balloon creation?

  2. Is there anything thats impossible to make?

stevensballoons124 karma

  1. For me, the hardest thing is drawing faces on people. I actually prefer the way my people look with no face because I find it very challenging to make lifelike facial features.
  2. As far as I know, anything can be made out of balloons. I have seen some incredible balloon sculptures over the years, some requiring literally thousands of balloons.

ringforrohan82 karma

What is the material that the balloons are made out of that makes them stay in a certain shape?

stevensballoons283 karma

They are made of latex. I actually visited the Qualatex balloon factory in Dallas at last year's World Balloon Convention, where I was able to see the whole process of balloons being fabricated. If you're ever near Dallas, I'd highly recommend stopping by.

BluBomber8870 karma

How does it is feel being an overnight internet celebrity. Any huge offers from random people for your talents come of it?

Also for ideas, a Mega Man or a Mario balloon. Since you were able to make the dark lord with little difficulty, making one of those should be a cakewalk.

stevensballoons85 karma

Actually, I made a Mario balloon (though I must admit, it was only his head) at the same party where I made the Cthulhu. It's pretty cool having a viral photo online, and yes, business is booming for now. I do like the megaman idea.

alphasci23 karma

you should do a reddit meetup where other chicago-land-inians pay you to make things.

kinda like a flash mob, cept with pale neckbeards.

also, props for being a jew

stevensballoons24 karma

That's a cool idea. As i said in my post, I'm not so familiar with reddit yet. How would I go about setting that up?