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It seems like these spas are the worst kept secret out there. My wife and her mother were in Florida and wanted to go to a legitimate spa... and stumbled into one of the spas on the list here. They noped right the hell out of there as soon as they realized what it really was. She looked later and the yelp reviews were screaming about what the place really was. Seems like everyone knew that it was a front. I guess my question is... why does it take so long for what seems like something so very obvious to get taken down?

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What do we need to do to convince you to regrow the beard? Charitable donations? Animal Sacrifice?

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  1. What is the hardest thing to do when making a balloon creation?

  2. Is there anything thats impossible to make?

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It was.... OR WAS IT!?!?

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Are there ever any criminal charges/follow up to the creation/dissemination of malware? Do you folks ever get involved in such an investigation?