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mightbesideshowbob1794 karma

do you get a designated lunch break?

amypage1682 karma

no but as long as there isnt any line ups and im not in a party, I can do whatever i want. I have my own room with netflix on tv. I like to veg out all day with my ancient aliens and TedTalks programs. We have catering all day to answer your question.

InMyWhiteTee1595 karma

You ever get a client who's so hot you're just like: This one's on the house, stud.

Also - do you have sex outside of work? 'Cause I definitely don't look at Excel spreadsheets on my days off.

amypage1491 karma

I give the really hot ones a good deal if they do not have hardly any money and Im horny. Yes I have hot sex outside of work, atleast twice a day. Morning and night.

AbortionMonster1309 karma

If i were to buy your company for lets say...a blowjob...and I cum in like 2 seconds, what happens? Its something I have always wondered.

Do I get charged and told to leave? Do I get another one? What protocol for an early exploder?

amypage1714 karma

then you can eat me out now!

pack0newports1158 karma

Why is the bunny ranch so expensive?

amypage1709 karma

Because its a legal brothel and we have to pay for test, supplies, room and board, food... They take care of us here, and we take care of you.

kingbinji1492 karma

can we get a reddit discount?

amypage2766 karma


finiteautomata2406 karma

Sweet jesus. Brace yourself ....

disposablechild2203 karma

AMA request: redditor who visited amypage

fingerfuckfungus1733 karma

this one NEEDS to happen. We should start a cause to get some virgin redditor laid by amypage. I'd donate $10

[deleted]885 karma

I'm 30 minutes away and am seriously thinking about it

Edit: did some research and I can not afford that level of a lady at this time. Meaning if I'm going to do it I dont want to skimp out on the good stuff and have a half assed experience. I will do it before leaving the area though, because you know, it's a unique element to Nevada's culture. When that happens I promise to do an AMA.

Edit: my most upvoted comment is now this. Thanks guys.......

amypage349 karma

Im at the bunny ranch for three weeks, then I go home for two, Back and forth. Just email me at [email protected] to set up an appointment.

Clown_Shoe1662 karma

Tomorrow will be fun when 1000 redditors show up to the ranch parking lot but are too nervous to go inside. We could tailgate.

karmehameha258 karma

I'll bring beer !

Potato_killer187 karma

I'll bring the grill

amypage373 karma

I'll bring fish tacos

amypage114 karma

Nothing creepy about it! We have biker tail gate parties during street vibrations in August.

amypage236 karma

This is only with me, boys. this doesnt apply to any other bunny. Unless they agree to it. Ill ask.

MrKrazybones614 karma

It is? How much expensive? (Ive never been there, might stop by someday)

amypage1002 karma

Its not that bad. We are selling our bodies, remember?

gildedyak1146 karma

Are you ever genuinely pleasured by your clients?

amypage1494 karma

Yes, alllllll the time. I have orgasms if the guy is doing me right

cocoabeach1073 karma

Has anyone ever seriously said marry me and I'll take you away from all this?

amypage1530 karma

I havent heard that yet.

Gih0n1056 karma

Do you kiss clients?

Are you going to clean the birds nests out of your sign?

amypage1290 karma

Yes I do. We do not have to. Most girls choose not to. I have a bad oral fixation. My mouth has to be doing somthing at all times ;) Im sucking on a lolly pop right now!

EvilAnagram1043 karma

Don't leave us hanging. What about the bird nests?

amypage810 karma

What bird nest?


Gnostic_Mind1048 karma

What is the strangest thing you've been requested to do and actually DID?

amypage1773 karma

A former celebrity child star wanted to rub his .... on my arm. I was fully clothed. He picked me in the line up for having the hairiest arms. I'm not even hairy..

Chaosdada1710 karma

America, where even prostitutes are ashamed to say penis.

amypage708 karma

penis penis penis penis penis fuck fuck fuck

Zamnoskies1014 karma

Is this where you thought you would be as a young woman, and at what point did you decide that this was something comfortable doing as a profession? How did your friends and family react to your decision?

amypage1406 karma

I decided its something I wanted to do three month before I got on a plane and flew out here. My Dad bought my plane ticket out here. I told my mother two weeks later, she cried but still loves me and calls me every week. My friends thinks its cool.

Jigsus1187 karma

Would you refuse your friends as customers?

amypage1649 karma

Actually, yes.... some of them.

Zamnoskies500 karma

What brought you to that choice? How much fun are the work Christmas partys? Glad to hear that not all prostitutes come from broken homes.

amypage720 karma

I was unemployed for a year after being layed off by a call center. I was trying to find work at a waitress or phone dealer but no luck. This was the first place to hire me in a while.

YesIamaWizard999 karma

I'll be the guy that also asks about penis size. Do you have a preference in size? And what would you say the average size is you have seen?

amypage1263 karma

5 inches... aslong as its thick. hits my g spot perfectly..

PMacLCA981 karma

What is the process of being tested for STD's? Do all of your clients wear condoms all the time, or is it up to your discretion?

amypage1225 karma

Yes we get tested once a week. Customers wear condoms for oral and sex. I have many different sizes and flavors! Magnum, Ultra Thin, Mint Flavored, Banana Flavored, Strawberry, Ultra Lubercated, Extra Large, Snuggle Fit, Iron Grip, and Tuxedo Black.

[deleted]913 karma


amypage1232 karma

50% of the time

Questions_About_Cum_905 karma

Since guys wear condoms do they HAVE to cum inside them, or could they pay extra and cum on your face or your tits?

Do you let your boyfriend fuck you without a condom in your personal life? Where's your favorite place for him to cum?

amypage709 karma

you can cum on my tits

lost_arcadian846 karma


amypage1561 karma

im not sure, he couldnt speak english, but I helped him with his diaper if that anwser your question ( I meant he is old and wears adults diapers.. not because he enjoys it but because he is 87 years old )

AmandaPants87828 karma

In some of your Facebook photos, you appear to have a C-Section scar. I don't mean to be a jerk, but as this is an AmA ... I'm very curious to know if you had a child - and if so, where he or she is now.

amypage1291 karma

My kid is three. He lives with his dad while I am working. I go home every three weeks for three weeks. So i see him 50% of the time.

joedel311801 karma

What kind of rate did John Hammond get?

amypage1439 karma

that is a fake picture my guy friend posted for me. Im not sure why he did that.

swiminthepoole745 karma

How much money do you typically bring in on any given day at work? When kind of rules/regulations are there in legalized prostitution?

amypage1351 karma

I get half of what I get paid by the customer. I made 12,000 last month and only worked for two weeks. And I might only get fu*ked once a day.

msmckernickle743 karma

What do you love and hate about working at the Bunny Ranch?

amypage1318 karma

I hate sleeping in my bed alone at night, I want to cuddle and watch a movie with a guy, but who would pay for that. I love being able to meet so many cool people.

Frajer736 karma

What is your average customer like? In terms of age/race/financial status/whatever?

amypage1067 karma

There is no average. I get all men and women under the sun. Old, young, hot, not so hot, short, tall, wheelchair, celebrities, women....

jelvision698 karma

do you ever do pro bono work?

amypage1248 karma

Only in the real world, back at home. I did join a two girl party ( two girls and one guy), for free once, just because I was horny and already in the room. The customer did not complain.

otterfied688 karma

Do you enjoy sex with clients?

amypage1091 karma

Very very very very much so!!! My favorite is the two girl parites... I love playing with my girl friends too.

dabi0222683 karma

what is the etiquette for requesting a specific type of prostitute?

amypage977 karma

Go on www.bunnyranch.com and pick the one you like on the front page, and email her! Or come to Carson City, to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and pick one from line up, or call 1-888-Bunnyranch and tell them what you are looking for.

BurntMaToast675 karma

I have a funny little story...

We had just moved to Carson City. and my dad was working up in the same area as the Bunny Ranch.

My mom went to pick him up from work and I was in the car too.

on the drive back she noticed the Bunny Ranch, and she saw it and said:

"Oh look! a bunny ranch! lets go look at the cute bunnies!"

I laugh!

my dad looks at her...

and with a straight face says:

"not the kind of bunnies you're thinking of..."

she takes a second...

turns red...

and starts cracking up!

just would like to share that.

amypage535 karma

she isnt the first person to think that

[deleted]629 karma


amypage1099 karma

Many virgins.... Sometimes they fail to tell me till after.... No they never get it for free but they do get a deal and more time.

Captian_Cocksmith574 karma

I watched the show and remember that customers needed a certain ammount of money to even get in (like a million bucks or something) what are the restrictions to getting in there and can an average person afford it?

amypage775 karma

I can not legally discuss prices online but prices are different for each girl and depends on how much you have. What you pay is what you get. The more you have the more fun you will have.

kickstartaz497 karma

What kind of protection mechanisms are in place at your job to ensure you aren't physically hurt? Like do you have the option to agree beforehand as to what bizarre fetish a client may be into, are there cameras in the rooms monitored to ensure nothing gets out of hand, etc.

amypage983 karma

You have 30 women in stilettos. lol. Kidding. We have alarm buttons hidden in the room. Ill never tell.

ParaChizzy443 karma

Have you ever had a client get overly attached? How did you get rid of him?

amypage755 karma

They do fall inlove and get attached and text me all day long. If im not interested I just wont text back. They can come and see me anytime. I do not have a problem with clients falling inlove with me. Its happens. We are in an intimant situation. Its bound to happen.

BartenderJay434 karma

Any work related injuries?

amypage1265 karma

lol. hickies sometimes. I slipped on lube once.

synobal355 karma

Have you ever refused a client? and if so why?

amypage633 karma

Yes, last night... he didnt have enough money and he wanted too long of a time for the amount he had. Sorry.

monster_bunny315 karma

Have you ever had a customer just want to snuggle and talk? Like just wanted a friend for a few hours- no sex?

amypage473 karma

Yes... I had that two days ago.. Just wanted to cuddle and make out

MissChanandalerBong273 karma

Is Air Force Amy as crazy as she seems? She seems absolutely nuts.

amypage421 karma

Yes but she is also really cool!!! Her advise to me was to wear flats because im short and to showcase it.

JackNickelAss245 karma


amypage892 karma

Sometimes I qweef lol.

fenwaygnome241 karma

Can you offer any of us coupons and/or gift certificates?

amypage624 karma


speakstruth202 karma

What is the screening process like for employment at the Bunny Ranch? Do they take anyone or is there a strict interview-like process?

amypage301 karma

Just send in two photos, thats it

Steaktartaar149 karma

What makes people use your services? I mean, what sort of motivations (other than 'want sex') do your clients have? Is it the anonymity, or the lack of emotional attachment, or the convenience, or because they can ask for favors they might be afraid to ask their partner, or something else?

amypage284 karma

When people come see me, they think they want sex but really they want companionship. Someone who listens, someone to touch and to hold. And the freedom to fu*k my friends if they want to lol. Even at the same time. And yes, anonymity and without the baggade.

BartenderJay144 karma

What do you prefer to be called professionally?

amypage410 karma

a whore. lol. i dont care what you call me

pleaseanswerme2107 karma

If you have a female customer, what can you actually do together without the risk of passing STDs?

amypage315 karma

we can use plastic wrap?

IronCawk81 karma

What's the quickest a guy has blown his load? Longest session?

amypage180 karma

before I could even get his pants off

mmm_leftboob58 karma

How can I get pricing without flying to Nevada?

amypage123 karma

its _ _ _ _. _ _ an hour