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What is the strangest thing you've been requested to do and actually DID?

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How hard was it to get this done, in regards to red tape?

Been wanting a project like this in the Detroit area for years. Good job on getting it done.

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Welcome back. Glad to see your follow up post. It made me smile.

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I'm all for 3rd parties, and use to be a card carrying member of your party.

That was until I realized that regulations keep people safe, and many of the laws your party wants to obliterate keep greed in check (which isn't working because we also elect greedy men into positions of power).

With that in mind, how do you justify doing it, and more so, why the hell should I support a party that is only going to benefit a small few while the majority of the population gets screwed?

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With the recent boom in success of your clothing line, do you foresee expanding the operation in the near future?