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Don't leave us hanging. What about the bird nests?

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SAG-AFTRA is an actors' union. It always has been, and it's a requirement for joining. Like all unions, it exists to negotiate favorable contracts for its members, and its members vote on whether or not to allow the union to take certain actions. SAG-AFTRA cannot negotiate for better developer conditions because developers, as a group, have not given them permission to do so.

However, unions also frequently work together to pursue similar ends, and the simple fact is that if developers had a union (and if anyone should, it's game developers), SAG-AFTRA would be itching to work with your union to negotiate for fairer contracts across the board. In fact, if developers magically unionized tomorrow, SAG-AFTRA would almost certainly ask if your union wanted to vote on whether or not to conduct joint negotiations.

But, and this is important, they have no right to negotiate on your behalf unless you give them that right. There's no sensible reason to be angry that they aren't negotiating on your behalf because developers haven't agreed to allow them to do so.

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According to this, the bonuses are staggered to meet certain profit levels. For the voice actors to get extra pay, the game has to be successful first.

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The opening title song, with the few long notes that seem to last forever, never fails to evoke a sense of wonder in me. Why is that?

If you could score a single person's biopic, who would you choose?

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Lacking teeth stops you from being able to eat many kinds of food. Being deaf is just a communication barrier. If you moved to China without speaking the language, you would have a harder time getting around than a deaf person.