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I have a hard time to believe the legitimacy of your proof. You have a patch that says to valhalla in Swedish and a random skull on your vest. You wear some armoured claw tacticool gloves and have no actual insignia or unit patch. I find this highly suspicious and in bad taste.

Edit: Your account is 0 days old and this is your only post. Please do not make light of this tragedy for karma. Can someone with more gun knowledge look at that AK closely it looks a bit odd to my eye.

Edit2: There used to be more proof photos in the now removed text. So far I have to say I am very sceptical of the legitimacy of the claims from this post. I support fully the effort of everyone fighting alongside Ukraine for their sovereignty. I just want to be cautious and point out possible oddities. You can be anyone in the Internet for whatever reason and I don't like when it is done for the wrong reasons.

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Sorry, I had to create a new account for my own safety. We are not forced to wear some specific patches and it's even not recommended to wear the official ones on the front line. That's also true that some of us don't get full kit of the equipment and we have to buy a lot of stuff by ourselves.

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Well hard to tell if gun’s real, but units in ukraine made by volunteers do use blue duct tape on their guns and shoulders -> check the bottom of the magazine and also the front of the gun.

Also they do not use any specific insignia or patches - so you can wear what you want.

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That tape at the front of the gun doesn't make sense, it would burn off immediately in the first fight. Maybe the tape is to show you haven't been in a fight yet?

inandrew5 karma

It's not a tape at the front but part of the rubber cover to avoid getting dirt inside of the gun. As you can see it didn't work well :)

inandrew1 karma

Hey man. I've added one more proof to the post, hope it helps.

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How's it going?

inandrew83 karma

It's tough because of the daily shelling and fear for my life and life of my close ones. However everything else is fine. Myy family and friends are healthy and safe and that's what matters.

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Why are your uniform and equipment freshly laundered and in pristine condition? Why are your hands so clean?

You do not look like someone who is actually living in the field, like a MANPAD operator would as an attachment to a maneuver unit.

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We don't shoot at the helicopters or orcs all the time. We have time and possibility to wash clothes and use wet wipes to wash hands 🤷 I really live in the field but we have water in bottles, travel shower, etc. Besides uniform on that photo was like 2-3 days old so it was in pristine condition.

periphrasistic2 karma

Wet wipes don’t get the dirt out from under your nails. It takes days of being back in civilization to get that shit cleaned out. So why aren’t your nails grimey? Field manicure stations?

inandrew1 karma

Because I bite my nails. Old bad habit. So my nails are clean but ugly :(

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at this moment, what do the Ukrainians need the most?

more tanks, more javelins, more HIMARS, anti-air defense?

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I would say more air-defence systems especially anti-rockets and more long-range weapon like ATACMS rockets

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Was joining the army a choice or were you forced?

inandrew11 karma

It was my choice. Around 70% of the soldiers I know joined the army voluntarily.

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Did you finish BotW yet? What do you think of it?

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To bounce off of this one, how are you keeping your console protected and charged in a war zone?

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We have diesel generators in a few kilometres from our positions. I carry it in the protective case and it's enough. Of course it won't help in case of artillery hit.

inandrew10 karma

Not yet. However the game looks and feels great, I really like some game design ideas there. I don't have a lot of free time now so I believe I'll finish it after the victory.

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Was is an average day like for you?

inandrew13 karma

Half a day of watch Few hours of night watch As much hours of sleep as I can get And some daily routines like charging stuff (you have to walk 1-4 km to the charger), cooking, washing, etc. Honestly every day feels the same and half of the summer felt like a week..

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A couple things stand out to me, why I think this is fake: 1) everything is too clean. 2) there is tape at the end of the rifle. That’s idiotic for someone firing a rifle that heats up, not so much for air soft. 3) there’s no plate in that plate carrier. 4) your hands: way too clean 5) maybe the images aren’t recent, but right now it’s summer in Ukraine. That means the leaves are out. It’s just weird that the “proof” is old pics

That’s what I got, anyone else? Could be wrong, mods can we confirm?

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Yep, I’m especially fixated on the fact that his nails don’t have any dirt under them. Your nails accumulate dirt the more time you’re in the field and it is impossible to clean that out thoroughly until you get home. I’ve never seen a soldier spend any time in the field and not have filthy, grimey finger nails.

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Only if a soldier bites his nails :( Unfortunately, my nails are clean but ugly. Btw, one more proof added to the post

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Nice LARP gear bro. Where did you buy it?

inandrew1 karma

Thanks, I get it from volunteers and they get it probably from a local airsoft shop. Yup, I know it's not how it's supposed to be but all real military equipment was sold out in a few days after Feb 24. I was in a wave when I couldn't buy anything good in the shop already and there was not enough personal equipment from western countries yet.

MrGlayden4 karma

First off my message of support, keep fighting the good fight and give em hell.

Secondly, i do a lot of 3D printing, is there any way i could help with that?

inandrew2 karma

Thank you, bro. Our infantry uses drones to drop vog-17 and small bombs on the enemy (public info). It requires 3D printed drop system with RC but Idk where you can find assets to print it

kokaklucis1 karma

What were you planning to do on the day invasion started? What plans got ruined?

inandrew2 karma

Unfortunately, a lot of plans. Music festivals, vacation in Egypt, trip to Iceland. This year was supposed to be full of activities and new experience... Now it's full of horrifying experience.

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As of this moment what is the most interesting or even terrifying thing that has happened to you personally so far?

inandrew1 karma

Our advance into occupied village. A lot of fire, shelling, aircrafts and destroyed buildings. It was the first time I really thought about how close the death is.

KieferSutherland1 karma

How's the morale? Has the Russian offensive slowed at all?

Sorry your having to deal with such bullshit. You were existing and Russia can't handle that apparently.

inandrew1 karma

After hitting russian warehouses with Himars their offensive slowed a lot. Our morale is fine, we know we will win with western support and we have it. It's not enough but it helps us still be alive and keep orcs on their xurrent positions

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Do you have any ways to calm fear/anxiety?

inandrew1 karma

I talk with my gf and friends, watch movies or tv series when there is an internet connection, play games sometimes and make our living space safer and more comfortable. Those things help a lot.

Cometstarlight-1 karma

What's the most helpful thing we can do for you right now?

inandrew1 karma

Don't let yourself, your friends and your government forget about this war, about how much civilians die each day because of sick and insane neighbors we have here

LegendofTheWastes-2 karma

How much military experience did you have prior to joining?

inandrew1 karma

No experience, FPS games only :D

sonofabutch-2 karma

MPADS are surface to air missiles, I believe… so what is the air space like, is it an ongoing battle for air superiority or does Russia completely control it? Are there lots of targets for you, or do the Russians rarely fly over your area?

inandrew1 karma

No, russia doesn't control it totally. Of course we don't have as much aircrafts and helis as they have, but our air defence systems including mpads work hard and almost every day one or more targets are destroyed. Yes, I have targets too

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Hmm, I don't find it nazi-ish at all. Anyway I do not support nazi, their ideology and etc. The same shit as russian fascism.

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How hard is it to carry around your massive balls? Shoot straight and good luck sir.

inandrew7 karma

Thanks man. Idk about my balls but Stinger is pretty heavy!