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It's tough because of the daily shelling and fear for my life and life of my close ones. However everything else is fine. Myy family and friends are healthy and safe and that's what matters.

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Sorry, I had to create a new account for my own safety. We are not forced to wear some specific patches and it's even not recommended to wear the official ones on the front line. That's also true that some of us don't get full kit of the equipment and we have to buy a lot of stuff by ourselves.

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Half a day of watch Few hours of night watch As much hours of sleep as I can get And some daily routines like charging stuff (you have to walk 1-4 km to the charger), cooking, washing, etc. Honestly every day feels the same and half of the summer felt like a week..

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I would say more air-defence systems especially anti-rockets and more long-range weapon like ATACMS rockets

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It was my choice. Around 70% of the soldiers I know joined the army voluntarily.