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periphrasistic27 karma

Why are your uniform and equipment freshly laundered and in pristine condition? Why are your hands so clean?

You do not look like someone who is actually living in the field, like a MANPAD operator would as an attachment to a maneuver unit.

periphrasistic10 karma

The fact that it’s brand new is the give away. As a supposed MANPAD operator, he should be an attachment to a company level maneuver unit (infantry, armor, artillery): in other words he has claimed to be a grunt. A grunt with clean hands and nails, and clothing and equipment with nary a sweat stain or smudge of dirt.

periphrasistic6 karma

Yep, I’m especially fixated on the fact that his nails don’t have any dirt under them. Your nails accumulate dirt the more time you’re in the field and it is impossible to clean that out thoroughly until you get home. I’ve never seen a soldier spend any time in the field and not have filthy, grimey finger nails.

periphrasistic6 karma

MANPAD sections typically attach to company level maneuver units? He should be as filthy as any infantryman.

periphrasistic3 karma

So is the plan then to fight without cover but have a bunker to retreat to if you take indirect fire? Are you worried about the competence of your NCOs and officers? Seems like you may want to read FM 21-75 https://www.bits.de/NRANEU/others/amd-us-archive/Fm21-75_15%2884%29.pdf since your life is going to depend on it.