"Hello Everyone, I am Bernard Robichaud - Actor/Comedian/Writer & I will be doing a live AMA here on reddit.com on Wednesday June 27th at 8-10pmEST/5-7pmPST. (this AMA may run an additional hour FYI). Looking forward to answering your questions and having fun doing this LIVE "Ask Me Anything" event!" --- See You LIVE Tomorrow!"

Regards, Bernard Robichaud

SOME INFO FROM MY TEAM ABOUT MYSELF TO GET THINGS STARTED: Bernard is best known from his re-occuring role as "CYRUS" - the nemesis to Ricky, Julian & Bubbles in The Trailer Park Boys series & Movies.

Bernard has appeared in many films besides the TPB in his past and is currently working on new projects as well. There is too much info to list on Bernard's filmography and his current stand-up comedy show/new projects in development in this post. Please visit www.safetyalwaysoff.com and browse around, you will be suprised how much more there is to Bernard's career than the classic villian role of Cyrus in the Trailer Park Boys.

This AMA is not about any certain thing -- questions can be about anything. Bernard has many things going on currently, but he is not appearing to promote anything specific. He is doing this AMA to have fun and interact with fans. Again, we encourage you to learn more about Bernard by visiting www.safetyalwaysoff.com and browsing his biography/filmography/videos etc.

This thread is open NOW to questions for tomorrow's AMA now here in the Reddit Trailer Park Boys Sub-Page! Tomorrow about this time a post on the iAMA page will go up as well that will point to this thread so all the questions appear in the same place.

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indianapolis-jones63 karma

Who would win in a dirty dancing contest, Cyrus or Patrick Swayze?

BernardRobichaud68 karma

Hahahahaha, yeah right Indianapolis Jones, I already beat Ricky, and I'd have to raise Patrick from under the table during a fuckin seance!

BernardRobichaud59 karma

Thank you to Reddit for there hospitality and having me on this evenings AMA, it's truly appreciated and an honour to have spent the time with all of you and thank you all for taking the time out of your evening and busy lives for me. I also want to thank you for your years of support its been a wonderful ride and I've met many friends who have taken the time to get to know me. I also want to thank Atticus138, and Hero0fwar for putting this event together and moderating it for all of us to enjoy. Good Night to you all, its been my pleasure. B

andrew198949 karma

2 hours and only 9 comments?! gree, hee, eassy.

Bernard, big fan here, though you'll have to forgive that I've only seen you in TPB and that one standup on your website. Anyway, a few questions:

1) Who did you get along with most on the set of TPB?

2) In the scenes with Terry and Dennis, was their junk really hanging out during filming?

3) Do you drive a red corvette in real life? That car suits you really well.

BernardRobichaud47 karma

We all got along on the set thats the beautiful thing about the show it had a great cast and we were a great team that worked well together! LOL no Terry and Dennis junk wasn't really hanging out, at least not in front of me! No I don't drive a red corvette but if you know someone that wants to give me one to drive and use for promotion, shit, let me know!

TwoCatsGrinding37 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA.

1) How much freedom did you have with the Cyrus character?

2) Who came up with the "Safety always off" line? I know that a lot of the dialogue isn't scripted.

**BTW, Here is a pic of me,my wife and The Boys at a show back in October. When your name came up at the show the reaction from the crowd was great! Everybody was screaming and booing!!

BernardRobichaud34 karma

My pleasure! Well we had a great director in Mike Clattenburg who allowed us more freedom than most which helped with the creation of the character! SafetY Always Off was actually something Mike Clattenburg asked me to say during the filming of my interview in the very first episode. Good question Thank you! Oh thats very cool man, its very humbling to know the character has brought that much attention and animosity to the show!

Ultradroogie31 karma

What was the song that was always playing when you pulled up in the car?

You ever get your grade 10?

BernardRobichaud47 karma

Im Old You're Young by Rick Jeffrey from the CD Twice As Hard!

JPsmooth4230 karma

I want info on the possible TPB movie filming in the fall. Are you going to be in it? What are the chances it will actually get made? and fuck off!

BernardRobichaud44 karma

Yes there is talk of TPB3 filming this fall, but when I couldn't speculate on that, sorry! Will I be in it? Thats also been rumoured but again I can't confirm, I don't have a contract yet but it's too early to talk to much on the subject. I hope I will be part of it. Theres a petition online apparently so if my character is one you'd like to see, voice your opinion and sign and fuckoff yourself!

LiquorballSandwich25 karma

What was it like being there at the very beginning of the series - before any episodes had be aired or even filmed? Was there a lot of optimism that the show would be a success or did you think that it wouldn't really turn into much of anything? Also, how in your opinion has the series changed over the years? And lastly, what's your favorite episode?

BernardRobichaud35 karma

It's always exciting in Canadian Film and Television to work! We were happy to be working and have a job, we had no idea the show would turn into what its become, even after we were hired for season 2. Well At least I felt that way when season 2 happened. Its hard to say hjow its changed, we've grown in character, scripts, etc. And I don't really have a favourite, I get pleasure out of doing the character and if that brings a smile to others than I've done my job.

ladyrara21 karma

How hard has it been getting new jobs being that Cyrus was such a defining role? I love the character Cyrus, but I feel like I would think of you as Cyrus in anything I saw you in.

Love your work. now fuck off I got work to do

BernardRobichaud24 karma

Ive worked while I was Cyrus, check out my filmography on my websites or IMDB! Yeah well no offence Lady ra ra but I hope your not hiring.

atticus13820 karma

I've got a couple things...

1 - Aside from the possible upcoming TPB movie, do you have any new or interesting projects in the works?

and 2 or 3, or whatever the fuck number we're on, have you seen the Trailer Park Boys Drinking Game? SmartWentCody posted it here last month.

BernardRobichaud17 karma

I have the Adventures of Black Bart in development, along with two screenplays Kitchen Sports and A Woman Scorned which are both in the draft phases of development. I haven't seen it but great its great to have the tribute to the show even though I don't think I'm part of the game but then Cyrus is a drug dealer not a bootlegger!

[deleted]19 karma

I really want to know the origin of the line "Fuck off, I got work to do". Such a great line; I'd love to know if it was some random adlib or if there's some story behind it.

edit: I just realized from the TPB flair we have here that it might be weird that I'm asking you a question with a picture of your face next to my name.

BernardRobichaud26 karma

I said it in the first scene and it stuck. I don't think I was the first to ever say it just the first to make it stick. No shit no man don't feel weird I'm getting use to being called J A Sterling!

wombatwailer5516 karma

I've got a few questions. 1) How much of the scenes you were in were fully scripted and how much of what we saw was improvised? 2) what influenced your acting style and helped you develop your character? 3) Any chance of seeing you in the upcoming movie? I hope so! love your character and thanks for doing this AMA.

BernardRobichaud13 karma

Good question but hard to remember a percentage but if you like how it was done then we did it well. My character is based on several I grew up with as for my style its something I envision while reading the character I'm portraying and therefore changes with every role.

bumblefuck14 karma

I have no questions for you, Mr. Robichaud. I just want to tell you that you have aged magnificently since first I saw you on TPB. Please feel free to remind me that I should fuck off, I know that you've got work to do.

BernardRobichaud20 karma

Ok thank you, that's very kind, and please fuckoff I have work to do!

ar15440613 karma

My 2 main burning questions have yet to be answered. 1) whats in julians cup? 2) did the actor who played Jim ever get wasted or is that the best acting ever?

BernardRobichaud21 karma

Coca cola, and he's very talented!

bigz2213 karma

Who actually drew the cock on the trailer in season 5? Quality work, for sure.

BernardRobichaud18 karma

No idea, not sure I want to know, I can't draw a cock.

asasuka12 karma

I recently went to the TPB stage show in Melbourne, Australia. They asked for audience participation to play out a skit from the show. Ricky and Julian asked for "the biggest dickhead in Melbourne', and proceeded to use the 'dickhead' for your part. Having said all that, is it all in good fun, even after all these years and do people come up to you and tell you to fuck off because they've got work to do? Is it still fun to be the 'hated guy'?

Also, how was the atmosphere on set? A good environment with free range to improv or was it strictly set to script?

Thanks for your part on the show! Great character.

BernardRobichaud11 karma

The boys have toured and done that i believe you can see a lot of footage on Youtube. I think it would've been funnier with me, but yes all in good fun, and yes people say that all the fuckin time. It's always fun to play the bad guy.Yes as I stated above the set environment was a healthy one which transformed onto the screen.

hero0fwar12 karma


BernardRobichaud28 karma


BernardRobichaud27 karma


SerialRappist12 karma

One of my favorite things about TPB are the fight scenes...i like how shitty they are and how no one even attempts to make them look real. Fighting Randy with his pants off was one of them that killed ...what was the atmosphere on the set before and during these shitty fight scenes?

-Safety always off!

BernardRobichaud9 karma

Well they were all fun to be apart of, Randy and my fight was fine until he actually did hit me and then he was very apologetic for hours afterward.

ceruleancity12 karma

Were you on set for the Steve French episode?

Are you friends with Dennis outside of TPB?

Were the camera men that filmed TPB actors acting as cameramen or cameramen acting as actors?

BernardRobichaud20 karma

Nope. We haven't talked in about a year and then it's been on Facebook. They were cameramen acting as cameramen.

Johnny41911 karma

All right I got one for ya, heavy-metal dick.

You're character rarely (if at all, my memory is fucky, I may remember you drinking in Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys, but that's it) drinks on camera. In a show where basically everyone else drank! Was that to make you seem like more of an outcast/asshole type character or did the boys just not even bother having Cyrus drink?

BernardRobichaud20 karma

No Cyrus is a drug dealer, and I don't drink and drive. How am I sposed to sell drugs out of my car if I'm half in the bag!

onelovelegend9 karma

Mike Smith posted this link on Facebook yesterday - are you (going to be) involved with the upcoming project, as well as anything with the boys in the future?

e: Also, what was it like working with John Dunsworth? I read somewhere that he rarely drinks, so he's an amazing actor to pull it off so well and consistently, and from the interviews I've watched he seems like a great guy.

BernardRobichaud13 karma

I couldn't say for certain. Yeah Johns a great actor and we've known one another over 20 years.

milky_c9 karma

I love the song that is always playing in Cyrus' car! how did they choose that song? Also, where can I get a copy of it?!

BernardRobichaud12 karma

Mike Clattenburgs father was very food friends with Rick Jeffrey, I believe they played together, and I'm sure thats how it came about but couldn't confirm but likely.

MrEngenz9 karma

I always wondered: why IS the safety always off?

BernardRobichaud32 karma

To make easier to put a cap in your ass!

ilmaestro9 karma

  1. Do you still have the safety always off?
  2. Will you have anything to do with the rumored new TPB movie?
  3. How's Ricky's homegrown?

BernardRobichaud11 karma

Yes, it's always off. Possibly, I can only hope, it would be a pleasure to work with the cast and Mike Clattenburg again.

elbrian8 karma

  1. Was the gun a prop, or real?
  2. Do you still have the original gun?
  3. Was it always the same gun we saw on the show, or were there multiple?

Breaking from the gun questions:

  1. Do you smoke buds? If not, did you back then (during Season 1)?
  2. Are you close with The Boys? Any plans to hook up with them for any potential future projects?
  3. What is your favorite performance, of yourself, from anything besides TPB?

BernardRobichaud9 karma

Guns real fires blanks. No I have something very similar. There were multiple. No. Not sure, it's possible I guess.

AbeFroman19868 karma

Which episode(s) were your favorite to film and why? Which person from the cast did you relate with the most, off screen?

BernardRobichaud9 karma

Of screen we all have rooms to hang out in and relax, Barrie Dunn and I have been friends for years so we often hung out on our down time.

ac_slat3r7 karma

  • What was your favorite episode you appeared in?

  • Did you come up with the "hubble-bubble telescope" nickname for Bubbles or was that a writer?

  • What is your favorite meal?

Loved your work in the show, and good luck with your stand up! I'll come see you if you can make your way down to Chicago.

BernardRobichaud8 karma

I didn't have a favourite they were all fun, but season 45 seems to be most everyones favourite. No did not come up with that line but its very clever. Anything Italian. I love Chicago so I hope so too.

Turnowchyk37 karma

-Is tpb 3 actually happening and please for the love of god tell me Cyrus is making an appearance? -Is it fun working with the "boys" and when you guys start the swearing at each other how hard is it to keep a straight face? -Last, what's next for you as far as acting, writing, directing? What can we look forward to?

-Thanks buddy for doing this, it means a lot to the little guys. Keep up the good work.

BernardRobichaud15 karma

I've been told it is a ago not sure when, see above. No we all swear like troopers. It's normal we all read Websters Collegiate Dictionary prior to doing the show and that where we got all our fuck words.

Billy_Blaze7 karma

"Fuck off, I got work to do"

Just wanted to say that part cracked me up every time, especially when Cyrus gets his ass kicked, says that, and peels out in his car. My question (if you're allowed to answer): Was there ever real weed smoked on the show?

BernardRobichaud10 karma


therobieshow7 karma

Just logged in to say my last name is the same as yours. I totally flipped out when I first saw your name in the titles. I'm American, but my family's from New Brunswick originally. What part of Canada are you from?

BernardRobichaud11 karma

I live in NB now.

hotrodsho7 karma

Hey Cyrus do you like fishing?

BernardRobichaud14 karma

Fishing fuck yeah deep sea with one a them fly rods!

Egyptshunned7 karma

Why does Cyrus listen to "I'm Old, You're Young" by Rick Jeffery everytime he's in the car?

Why is Cyrus so damn cool?

BernardRobichaud16 karma

Well its the only song I have and the 8 track is broken. And Cyrus is so damned cool cause he's the only guy in the show driving a fuckin sports car.

greasyhobolo7 karma

Any thoughts on the actress who plays Terry and Dennis' Grandma? What do you think she thinks of the show and her role in it?

BernardRobichaud13 karma

I don't know I don't speak Japanese. She does make a great cookie.

crawsome6 karma

Where'd you get that sweet-ass jacket?

Seriously though, you fit the part perfect and I love seeing you in the few episodes you are in.

BernardRobichaud12 karma

Thank you that jacket I bought while I was living in LA at a place called Thieves Market!

travelsize6 karma

Mr. Robichaud Which do you find more challenging. Augusta or Peeble Beach?

BernardRobichaud5 karma

I haven't played either but have been invited to play Peeble Beach. Augusta is very hard to get onto.

yonderboy12346 karma

What is the status of your project "Black Bart" ? ANy idea when we might see that on tv. Sounds interesting.

BernardRobichaud10 karma

Still in development not sure when but we'd like to think we will go viral with about 10 mins of the first episode late summer. We are trying to raise about 5k to facilitate that at the moment. If any or all of you want to generously donate to that, 20 dollars I'll send out autographed 8x10's.

shaygrover6 karma

Hey Bernard, I appreciate you doing this AMA but alot of people are expecting it over at http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/ maybe you could move it over there :)?

Also where did you grow up? Did you grow up in New Glasgow like Mike or are you a Halifax native?

BernardRobichaud6 karma

I grew up in Halifax.

koiboy5 karma

Will there ever be a spinoff centered around Cyrus' character?

BernardRobichaud8 karma

I could only wish that to happen.

carny6665 karma

Ad founder of /r/trailerparkboys I'd like to thank Bernard and those who made this possible.

BernardRobichaud9 karma

Thank you!

dollar_on_105 karma

What do you enjoy more.. Filming TPB or doing your live touring show and why?

BernardRobichaud9 karma

they both have their merits, I enjoy, one is in front of the camera and one is live and requires a state of mind which in my opinion makes stand up one of the most difficult mediums to work in.

MelanieNikita5 karma

1: I've seen photo's of Bernard playing hockey and golfing in his Cyrus Character with his leather jacket on! WTF is that about?

2: Does Bernard often get people coming up to him while he's doing everyday errands because they recognize him as Cyrus?

3: Who has inspired Bernard the most in the entertainment profession? And if he could meet one famous celeb who would it be?

BernardRobichaud7 karma

Well I participate in many fundraising events for the under privileged. Not if I'm wearing a ball hat. Many have inspired me over the years I was under privileged but if i was able to meet one celebrity it would be Clint Eastwood.

mr_lahey_tpb5 karma

Hey Cyrus, how much of a sports fan are you? Have a favorite NHL or CFL team?

Thanks, and hope to see you swing by Regina sometime.

BernardRobichaud9 karma

Boston had always been my fav hockey team and no I don't watch much CFL regardless of the guys I know in the league or have been apart of the league.

cumin5 karma

Thanks for doing this!

If you don't mind answering a couple of questions about TPB,

  1. Who was your favorite character and why?
  2. What was your favorite scene from TBP with you in it?
  3. What about a scene that you weren't in?

Thanks so much again!

EDIT added more questions!

BernardRobichaud6 karma

My pleasure! I don't really have a favourite character tiger than my dirty dance girls they were awesome. And all scenes with them were the same.

peewinkle4 karma

1) What's Black Bart all about? Will it be aired in the US? Mistaken for a school teacher but moves from town-to-town? More info!

2) I know there has been some bad blood between Clattenberg and some of the cast before (Corey and Trevor), what is your take on their claims (assuming you saw the thing that Mike Jackson wrote). It's been asked if you are going to be in 3, but do you know if they are?

How did you get into acting? From the stand-up? Any formal training? Did you learn anything from working with Dunsworth and the others?

BernardRobichaud11 karma

Its about a dumbass parolee who owes a Drug Kingpin money and he tries to avoid that and Fabrizio the cross dressing collector by hitchhiking across the country and by doing so fucks up others criminal activity but helps some poor sole along the way. Its kind of breaking bad meets the littlest hobo. I really couldn't tell you anything about that or the claims you're referring to sorry. I went to Dal theatre school and then worked with Dot Ward who taught at Stratford and now George Brown and she was instrumental in getting me hired at Neptune Theatre in Halifax where I learned my craft. I believe you learn from every job you take on like you would with every other thing you do in life.

DirtyDanceGirl4 karma

Obviously when Lahey kissed you on the lips you weren't expecting that. What happened after that was shot and what was said? Can't help but rewind every time I see it! haha

BernardRobichaud6 karma

no i wasn't but nothing happened we all laughed and had listerine!

TheOneCalledGump4 karma

I was just introduced to TPB about 3 months ago, it is by far the funniest shows I've seen in a long time! Anyway:

Where did you get your start?

How were you introduced to the role of Cyrus?

What are you working on now?


BernardRobichaud7 karma

I got my start in theatre school. I auditioned for it. Barrie Dunn called me the night before and asked if I would.

gosling_el_operator4 karma

how do you feel about Sonny jocking your style? seriously that motherfucker has all your trademarks

BernardRobichaud7 karma

Very flattered, nice work.

EdgHG4 karma

I have heard that most of the dialog is improvised. Do you guys have to do a lot of takes from cracking up a lot?

BernardRobichaud5 karma

No we don't that's expensive.

QuaintPlatypus3 karma

I LOVE TPB so much, I have the box set and have seen the series through twice now, and me and my family watch an episode almost every night still (just last night finished the episode with the big gun fight in the trailer park) I've always thought Cyrus's character was hilarious too. I'll seriously be soooooo happy if a cast member of TPB responds to me and my family will be shocked too!!! Anyway for my questions: 1. Marijuana is obviously a huge part of the show, but did any of the cast actually smoke during production? It's obviously okay if you don't want to talk about something personal like that, but it's been a point of debate in my family for years.

  1. How did you like working on TPB? Was the cast and crew friendly? I remember reading the actor who played Cory's blog about how he hated it, and everyone treated him terribly. Did you feel the same way? Were you good friends with the boys? I really really really hope you can take some time to answer my questions Mr. Robichaud. I've always wanted to talk to someone that was part of TPB sooo much!

BernardRobichaud7 karma

no they never did to my knowledge, and Mike Clattenburg is totally against that sort of behaviour. I loved working on the show. I never felt that way, no. We are friends yes. I hope that answered your questions.

PntMadMan54453 karma

Have you ever gotten recognized? Were you feared or loved?

BernardRobichaud12 karma

Aaaaaaaah Yeah I've been recognized, and of course I was loved, but I had my gun on me.

timetogo3 karma

Did you think you would return so many times as our beloved antagonist after the First Episode of TPB?

BernardRobichaud3 karma

Never, but thankfully I did something right.

ztheday3 karma

I've always been curious if you knew early on that you'd get to play a recurring character on the show. I always thought I'd seen the last of you after early in Season 1, but then you showed up and just kept showing up throughout the series. Was this always the plan or just the effect of you nailing that character and really being a great presence on the show?

BernardRobichaud6 karma

I had no idea that would happen but I guess the proof is in the pudding.

Last_Gigolo3 karma

1 Will you be in TP3 that is being filmed this fall

2 how did you get the gig as the nemesis.

3 Does that corvette really drive

4 what's his favorite roll you have ever played (minus tpb part)

5 does it drive you nuts when people recognize him in the streets as cyrus and yell out "FUCK OFF"?

6 Any teenage memories in your life seem similar to a scene from tpb

7 did you watch every episode and season of tpb

8 have you ever thought of getting online sponsors and starting his own internet podcast with a few friends making side money between gigs, if so would that be a decent pay? if not what about charging per download? something like 75 cents a video. (too low to bother pirate.) edited Sorry I copied and pasted another post I did in the prep thread of this, legit questions I wanted answers to, but had to change some details

BernardRobichaud10 karma

Not sure, I hope to be. I auditioned and got the role. Yes the corvette drives or at least it did. They were favourites I don't put anymore or less into any role despite its size. I use to people saying that or at least I fucking better be. hahahahah They all do. I grew up in a similar neighbourhood.

DirtyDanceGirl2 karma

How do I become one of your Dirty Dance Girls???

BernardRobichaud9 karma

hahahahaha well you only have to audition.

EndofRebirth2 karma

What was your reaction when first presented with TPB? Were you ever considered (or thought about considering) for a different role in the show?

BernardRobichaud3 karma

Well I was flattered to be considered for one role but never another at least to my knowledge.

spongeBond2 karma

What do you value in life? As a real person, and as Cyrus.

BernardRobichaud11 karma

Honestly that question takes less time to write than it does for me to answer. Get to know me on Facebook and you'll get to know who I am.

chillcollinz2 karma

Are you as greasy of a dirty dancer in real life too??

BernardRobichaud3 karma

no I don't think so but you'd have to ask my dance partners that!

untrustworthyguy2 karma

What happened to cory and trevor in the last season?

BernardRobichaud4 karma

I shot them so they had toy go and get their arms worked on!