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Boston-born, Canadian-based, actor, writer and comic, Bernard Robichaud, known to fans worldwide as Cyrus, the gun toting, drug dealing nemesis from the hit television series Trailer Park Boys, started his life in the spotlight as a sought after model.

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Hahahahaha, yeah right Indianapolis Jones, I already beat Ricky, and I'd have to raise Patrick from under the table during a fuckin seance!

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Thank you to Reddit for there hospitality and having me on this evenings AMA, it's truly appreciated and an honour to have spent the time with all of you and thank you all for taking the time out of your evening and busy lives for me. I also want to thank you for your years of support its been a wonderful ride and I've met many friends who have taken the time to get to know me. I also want to thank Atticus138, and Hero0fwar for putting this event together and moderating it for all of us to enjoy. Good Night to you all, its been my pleasure. B

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We all got along on the set thats the beautiful thing about the show it had a great cast and we were a great team that worked well together! LOL no Terry and Dennis junk wasn't really hanging out, at least not in front of me! No I don't drive a red corvette but if you know someone that wants to give me one to drive and use for promotion, shit, let me know!

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Im Old You're Young by Rick Jeffrey from the CD Twice As Hard!

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Yes there is talk of TPB3 filming this fall, but when I couldn't speculate on that, sorry! Will I be in it? Thats also been rumoured but again I can't confirm, I don't have a contract yet but it's too early to talk to much on the subject. I hope I will be part of it. Theres a petition online apparently so if my character is one you'd like to see, voice your opinion and sign and fuckoff yourself!

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It's always exciting in Canadian Film and Television to work! We were happy to be working and have a job, we had no idea the show would turn into what its become, even after we were hired for season 2. Well At least I felt that way when season 2 happened. Its hard to say hjow its changed, we've grown in character, scripts, etc. And I don't really have a favourite, I get pleasure out of doing the character and if that brings a smile to others than I've done my job.

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My pleasure! Well we had a great director in Mike Clattenburg who allowed us more freedom than most which helped with the creation of the character! SafetY Always Off was actually something Mike Clattenburg asked me to say during the filming of my interview in the very first episode. Good question Thank you! Oh thats very cool man, its very humbling to know the character has brought that much attention and animosity to the show!

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To make easier to put a cap in your ass!

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