Thanks everyone this was a blast, I think I was able to respond to most of you! Just wanted to address a concern with many of you, about the potential budgets of future episode (IE-Titanic) Yes they are much larger, but we are NOT shooting those now. Those are simply outlines of potential future episodes, exples to show some other stories we had and where it could go. If the series were to get picked up, they could scrap every idea we had and make entirely new future episodes. Hope that helps. Thanks again for everything, I will still be glad to respond to any questions that might pop up.

EDIT: A lot of you are interested in auditioning. I'm glad to consider anyone. We are in Colorado. For now, just follow our facebook/web site and I'll be sure to post updates about auditions when we start that process. The script is there so you can see the characters. Also, thanks to everyone, this has been awesome! Keep it coming!

I am the writer and director. Proof

The show is called Everywhen and the Pilot is about two friends who travel to 1774 and team up with George Washington to chop down a mutated cherry tree that is causing the dead to rise from their graves. Every episode will deal with a different event in history, some big, some small.

Some examples:

2 "Titanic Mishap" When sea creatures attack the titanic our hero's must sink the ship before the monsters can reach land.

3 "I Heart Earhart" Ray and Wes return to 1937 where they meet Amelia Earhart on a strange island inhabited by the Atlantians.

5 "A Cold Word and a Gun" The group gets more than they bargained for when they help a detective, Vince Capone, find his brother Al during a freak snow storm.

6 "Dry Spell" In Egypt, 1279 BC, the group awakens King Tut, a terrifying creature that drains the liquid from anything it touches.

8 "Seeds of Destruction" The group must stop a deranged Geneticist known as Johnny Appleseed who has been killing mill workers along the Potomac River with monsters that sprout from the ground.

11 "Resonance" The group must stop Nikola Tesla from destroying San Francisco with his Resonance machine.

Here is a video I directed explaining the series: EVERYWHEN

Currently we are in the process of trying to get it crowd funded, I have uploaded the script, because if you were to donate, you should know what you're going to get :)

DOWNLOAD THE SCRIPT Just a note - the ending is cut out; if you want to know how it ends help us get it made ;)

If you like what you read, here's our website and kickstarter

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it! I'm happy to answer any questions or just discuss stuff in general.

EDIT: People have been asking about the facebook - and Twitter- @everywhentv


EDIT: I am no longer a "wirter"

Comments: 423 • Responses: 68  • Date: 

SuspiciouslyFast116 karma

I would watch the shit out of this. What are the chances of it getting picked up?

KnowsGooderThanYou73 karma

Awesome, that's what I'm hoping for! lol. Chances of picking it up, right now, i don't know. We just went live with it yesterday. Right now the plan is to shoot the pilot and use it as a vehicle to sell the series. I am working with a producer (Greggory Dikes) who knows a lot more about that stuff than I do! Keep an eye out on website or facebook or whatever to stay updated. Like I said, since it's crowd funded, its as much for you as it is for me!


Sounds like something SyFy would pick up.

KnowsGooderThanYou22 karma

I'd be happy to get interest by a network, I'd just have to careful SyFy doesn't turn it into something generic :P (Not to say they would)


Yeah, good point. As far as the more mainstream networks I could definitely see SyFy or even the History Channel or Discovery being interested.

KnowsGooderThanYou20 karma

unfortunately the "accuracy" of the history in our series is questionable so Discovery might not be interested. And History would ruin any mysteries. "Aliens."

nonhiphipster14 karma

So, so far you've ruled out SyFy, History and Discovery (though the last two were doubtful in the first place)

...ABC Family for you, it looks like! Congrats.

KnowsGooderThanYou13 karma

I didn't rule out SyFy, just said I was skeptical. Idk, I think it'd fit in great after Glee or Modern Family. It just what they were missing.


Yeah, Discovery likes to keep it accurate.

Did you have any ideal channels? Someplace where you know you'd be able to broadcast freely but to a large enough audience.

KnowsGooderThanYou4 karma

AMC would be cool, any major network, the HBO's etc, really anything would be cool. The other producers are better than I am with that aspect

TheSloth176 karma

Just keep it as far from FOX as you can, they get their jollies by killing sci-fi shows

KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

X-files and Fringe weren't that bad (though I stopped watching fringe so I'm not sure how it is now)


Sounds cool. Sorry to hear you lost your position as "wirter".

KnowsGooderThanYou4 karma

lol thanks, i guess not everyone is cut out to be a wirter :(

SuspiciouslyFast17 karma

AMA and links saved. I await your hopeful victory :)

KnowsGooderThanYou24 karma

thanks man, help us spread the word :D Hit me up anytime if you wanna know more

BrodioJohnston6 karma

How can i audition for this? i want to be a part of it!

KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

Shoot me a PM and follow our site and I'll stay in touch :)

hoffmanz80383 karma


KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

we will audition, follow on facebook for updates (everywhentv) And shooting will be determined by whether we can raise the money

[deleted]60 karma

From a production design standpoint, 100K isn't near the money you need to make this script.

A horse, period wardrobe, the lawyer's boardroom, the truck, the ground floor apartment, the inventor's room, the Machine, the Mt. Vernon exterior, the Stables, the Dining Hall, rain, and zombies. Unless you have access to some amazing locations, as well as a free horse, you are still looking at production value problems if you want to achieve the proper scale for a scientific tale this ambitious. (just an honest opinion from someone who works on these types of things.)

Then there's the problem with the bad script - with a little rehearsal your actors could flesh out some real dialogue, but the characters are still fairly broad and cliche, the premise build is flimsy, and the pacing is staid. Editing could help, but the script isn't really there yet.

Interesting premise. And a few details, like Gordon not knowing his grandson when he shows up in the past - good call, good for conflict and tension. Other than that, it seems that you believe HBO is going to pick this up and throw 5 million an episode at it. That's more what you would need to make what's in your head from what's on those pages. Maybe a milli, but if you can get a milli, you can get 5.

That's my take. I've worked on many commercials, music videos, fashion shoots, a feature film, and a few short films. I avoid tv spec pilots like the Plague for just this very reason - unreasonable expectations.

It doesn't mean you should give up or quit. But you've got a ways to go, my friend. My advice - base your premise on what you already have access to and what can be done with little budget and still be compelling. Good luck.

KnowsGooderThanYou10 karma

You need to think low budget indie on this, rather than HBO 5 mil out the gate. Like I said, a LOT of materials and everything are being donated to us. Which will keep many of the costs low. The locations, with a few set decorations are very simple fair, and being in Colorado we have access to TONS of horses no problem. As for the dialogue, nothing is set in stone and it lends itself to improv as well.

Thanks for the feed back :)

[deleted]17 karma

Sorry, I am thinking low budget indie. That's why I think your budget is unrealistic. Low budget indie isn't going to sell this huge of a sci-fi show, and I don't see 100K pulling off the effects or the locations or the CGI that you describe in your script even with a free horse - just wanted to make that clear. Did I mention I'm a production designer?

I'll be following your Kstarter. Good luck.

KnowsGooderThanYou12 karma

thanks, sorry, didn't mean any disrespect, or to sound condescending; yes there are things that are very ambitious, but I am working with some extremely talented people in producing this and have complete confidence we can make an excellent product.

[deleted]6 karma

Hey, I'm sure you can manage it under 100k.

here's a list of movies (much more expensive) that were made for ~100,000.

KnowsGooderThanYou4 karma

thats an awesome link, thanks.

[deleted]2 karma

hint hint, nudge nudge cough, ahem, cough so about that pilot...totally give me that shot.

Or not. Kinda have a career in the medical field. Though it would be cool to see that other side. Anyway, this is all in jest. I honestly hope this will get the greenlight. I could totally see AMC doing this.

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

AMC would be awesome! haha. Well if you're in the Colorado area shoot me a PM and I'll hook ya up as an extra!

Thanks, it all depends on the funding! Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink

[deleted]3 karma

Haha...well if you get the funding I'd love to be the "gorgeous extra". I did have a modeling job once...ahem...(don't fricking judge me) through Abecrombie =(

I'm glad I went to med school instead of opting that route. Though being an extra would be pretty awesome. If you do get the funding, I'll totally fly out to Colorado (I want to move to Boulder anyway).

I'm actually pretty hyped and hoping you get the funding. Either way, I'm going to watch it. The narrative sounds 10x better than the crap out there right now.

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

wow thanks, well, drop on by the kickstarter and hopefully we'll see you soon ;)

NinjaDiscoJesus25 karma

this sounds truly terrible

KnowsGooderThanYou7 karma

I'm sure its not everyone's cup of tea lol. The scripts there if you're curious just how terrible haha.

wtstephens23 karma

This looks fantastic. I'm spreading the word about your kickstarter. I assume you are influenced by Doctor Who?

KnowsGooderThanYou21 karma

Thanks man! every penny counts! be sure to sign up for all our pages for storyboards, art and videos, and feel free to contact me if you ever want to know more :D

My knowledge of doctor who consists of only what I've learned from Abed on Community lol.

Decapitat3d15 karma

You might consider watching Doctor Who. Not to say you don't know your shit, but you could probably learn a little bit from watching it.

KnowsGooderThanYou9 karma

for sure, plus I hear it's a good show.

Frajer13 karma

Why don't you just do a webseries?

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

it's a possibility, the end destination is not set in stone yet. Though, I want to make something that feels really cinematic, like a mini movie each episode and that's much harder to do well in something like a web series. And either way, we still need to raise the funds to shoot anything at all haha

sreerambo2 karma

I don't know if you'll see this but for someone who isn't in the US (like me) a webseries would be better since it seems to take forever for decent TV series to be picked up by local networks.

Dunno if this would also geographically limit the people who would contribute to your kickstarter or not.

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

Don't worry I'm trying to get to everyone!

Right, and that's a great point, at this point, the way we envision it, it works better as a network show. :P

randomsnark2 karma

Just make sure you make it big, then one of your millions of legit viewers will record it and put up torrents for us international folks =P

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

sounds like a plan!

AwesomeFama8 karma

Have you considered doing it as an animation (something along the lines of Metalocalypse?). I missed the "live action" part when first watching the trailer and it seemed really interesting, but live action is really hard to pull off with a small budget (compared to animation).

KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

It was discussed, (my brother in particular has some awesome fan art and a style that would really fit!) But for me personally (coming from an independent film background, this is easier for me, as well as the people producing with me, and we are getting amazing deals on all the equipment and everything so we can keep costs down. I am 110% positive we can make this thing amazing and can't wait to show you all what we can do! (My Brothers art ) PS- Metalocalypse rules!

My_boy_baron4 karma

I'm going to jump on the this should be animated bandwagon. I was sceptical but after looking at your brothers art, you're right, it fits perfectly. I'm not saying give up on what you're trying to do but if all else doesn't come to fruition having a back up plan wouldn't be so bad.

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

It would fit for sure, I just personally am more interested in live action, so, yea haha. I'll make him draw some more :)

dotgeorgie6 karma

As a Doctor Who fan, I would LOVE to see this. Also, you're essentially doing what I dream to do except I'd be producer/writer because I don't like directing. Umm, I don't really have any questions, but if you would like a guest writer/Irish actress/whatever, I would do what I can! I'm going to share this with my friends :)

KnowsGooderThanYou5 karma

thank you so much! Seriously, I can't tell you how much every penny / share / comment means haha.

Feel free to shoot me a message, I'm glad to check you out when we cast :)

Rishiku5 karma

Seems like its a little Doctor Who-ish.

I would probably watch it.

KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

Sweet! Good enough! haha

smokinjoints4 karma

Is the show serious, or funny? What was the biggest challenge you've faced in developing the pilot?

KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

Yes lol. It's definitely a comedy but with high stake plots. (It has zombies and george washington; its only kind of accurate lol)

Biggest challenge was just developing the time travel aspect. (paradoxes, and what was to stop them from instantly NOPE-ing out the second any danger showed up etc.)

Be sure to check out the script and let me know what you think :)

thisismy_name3 karma

Have you watched TV in the last 10 years? It is mostly unoriginal formulaic crap. What makes you think there is an audience that could support the (high) budget that this idea would require?

[deleted]3 karma

Just so you know, the pilot episode of Game of Thrones was $10million, so $98,000 is very low - especially for a scifi style piece. A sitcom or family drama would be quite different budgeting.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

yes I know its very low, like I said, almost all equipment and man power (crew) is being donated to us or rented at extremely discounted prices, which is how we can keep the cost so low.

aPirateNamedBeef3 karma

  1. Is this your first attempt at a TV pilot?
  2. Have you chosen any actors yet?
  3. Do you need any extras?

KnowsGooderThanYou5 karma

  1. First one I've written / directed yes. Though, I was DP for a horror show a friend of mine wrote and directed. I will try to find a trailer of it somewhere (unfortunately it isn't mine so I can't just send it to you)
  2. Have not chosen actors yet but will be doing so in next few weeks (we will post updates and video blogs on our website regularly) If you're interested, shoot me your info :)
  3. Yes shoot me your info, we'd love to have you.

I want this to be a show that the audience can not only enjoy watching but also be a part of in making and really be involved, I mean without the audience there wouldn't be TV shows :P

He_Himself2 karma

You should have Jorge the Dominican Dwarf cameo in each episode, in a time-specific role. "Helloooo! I can hear jou in dare!" can be his tag line. It'd be so super funny.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

That could be great, Unfortunately they have a mansion now :P

Excessive12 karma

Skimmed through your script.. When I saw the word "zombies", I immediately upvoted..Good luck to you, sir.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

awesome thanks! dont forget our kickstarter ;)

Ommec2 karma

Pilot? What's a pilot?

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

A pilot is the first episode of a television series.

Ommec2 karma

Pulp Fiction quote :D

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

oh, right, lol. :P

killroy9012 karma

Have you written anything else before this?

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

yeah, TONS of shorts, commercials, and short films for school projects (5-25 minutes in length), a feature for an assignment and just other things that are all half finished that I'd like to one day make into a movie.

killroy9011 karma

Anyone one of them uploaded on YouTube? And I really hope pilot is aired and is a success. Then I can tell my kids I spoke (kinda)to the writer of Everywhen

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

haha that'd be awesome. Yeah, all my own personal little side projects are on youtube. You can just search my name.

abeautifulsky2 karma

This is really cool. My dad and I would love to watch this! I'll start reading the script with him tonight. And hey, if you need any extras or characters or anything feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can. I go to an arts school as a singer/actress so this would be really cool. Seriously, good luck to you. I hope it gets picked up. My question to you is, what advice would you give to students who are around my age (16)? Advice as in, what paths to take to get what you want in the industry, main focus's a film student should use, etc.? Sorry if this question is too vague.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

Thank you! Yeah I hope you like the script! If you do please shoot us a donation. I'd love to talk to you about being an extra. Shoot me a PM or contact us through our website. As for advice; hmm... I went to school for directing/writing so I'm not to sure about acting, but film making, I'd say just keep filming, try to be a part of as many projects as possible, you never know which one will get noticed, and keep working at it/ honing your skill. I'll try to keep thinkin of better advice for ya haha :)

Mount_Bugatti2 karma

Your best chance is to leak the pilot to the public pvp torrent trackers and every redditor will rave about how amazing the show is

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

that is definitely a possibility, but we need to raise the money to do that ;)

60yearoldME2 karma

Great idea! I have a couple questions... 1. Are there many studios in Colorado Springs, is that where you plan to shoot?

  1. $98,000 is absolutely enough to shoot a pilot episode. Where did you get the $$?

  2. What networks do you plan to pitch to? Do you have an agent?

Good luck! (p.s. im a union editor in LA working on a few pilots myself)

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

Thanks! 1. There are a couple. We have not scouted all the locations yet so nothing is final, though we have good relations with many of them and I have worked for one for several years. 1.1 We do not have the money yet, that is why we need your donations (anything helps!) 2. We have a few networks that we are looking at, I can't say anything officially quite yet as one of the other producers is handling that. No, I personally do not have an agent.

Thanks :)

jpop23mn2 karma

Since you are using reddit too gain support for your show you need to do reddit a solid during the titanic episode. Show a lady in the water on a huge floating door. Guy in the water asking if he could maybe lay on there too. "Ohhh no jack, you wont fit"

KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

haha, oh there are all kinds of little things like that planned for that episode. Girl "I'm flying, I'm-" Monster grabs her and pulls her over board.

Someone goes to hide in a car, Monster goes in after, bloody hand print hits window and streaks down. (Not as sexy... but close)

buhdoobadoo2 karma

hey! fellow tv/film aspiring person, though yet to make anything worthwhile. what is the hardest part about starting off? how have you marketed this towards a wider audience of people?

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma


  1. hardest part of starting off, just getting noticed and stuff I think. It's like the "I can't get experience if I can;t get work" Only, "I can't get great material to show you if you don't hire me to make it!" I got lucky and met someone in the industry in high school and worked for them for many years.

  2. we just went live yesterday with everything so we are still in the process, aside from reaching out to all you fine folks here at Reddit, my other producer is handling the PR portion of things for the most part. But I'm really hoping to get the potential audience involved since we are relying on them for funding :)

flintstonesvitamins2 karma

I like that you're a writer and failed to spell "writer" correctly. Do you like this too?

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

lol, whoops, :P Do I like that feedback? Sure why not haha.

Demojen2 karma

When finished, will this show be on basic cable or cable that requires a subscription? -Since it would be already paid for by fans.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

Currently this show has no deals with any studios or anything, so it is being produced as a stand alone "Indy film" We will then use this to help sell the series. at that point, Its ultimately up to them what happens with it.

But don't fret, anyone that donates a minimum of $10 will get a copy of the film.

HenryLoveYouTwoTime2 karma

WAIT. This is Animated, yes? No? Perhaps so?

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

live action. But you can see some cool storyboards and fan art on our website and facebook :)

decaptcha2 karma

Sounds interesting. Thanks for not writing a_cop_drama_3839223.

KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

"Yeah I remember that guy, he came in here a few years ago, look worried about something. I think he said something about meeting some guy named Harry who lived at 799 Road St, a tall blonde guy... but hey, I'm just a bar tender."

SevenSignz2 karma

I absolutely love this type of fiction. Imaginative retellings of history are the best! You can count me as a backer. Whether movie, show, or web-series, best of luck to you.

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

Thanks! You have no idea how much that means to me!

seguin192 karma

Is it standard to raise money to produce a pilot via donations, rather than through some kind of investment relationship where people buy stake in the financial success of the future show? It seems like the second path might also be a good indicator of the show's potential - if someone not a fan of the genre considered backing the show to be a good financial opportunity, that would be heavy praise.

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

Great question. Personally I am new to this. Most TV shows are written by people who have written for shows for years and make a deal with a studio and make a show. A couple get outside investors. My friend Greg is the one who is the go to guy for that, I am just writing/directing and doing anything I can to get this made. As far as I know he has spoken to a few large investors who would invest through kickstarter, but I'm not 100% certain on that.

TL;DR It's not common.

Herpington_Smith2 karma

It's past 3am where I am so I'll amend my comment once I've had a proper read through your script but (and I'm sure you must be sick of hearing this) it does indeed sound very Doctor Who.

Not in a bad way (it's one of my favourite shows of all time) but more in the concept itself. And I know Doctor Who didn't invent time travel, but it damn well defined the genre so comparisons will be inevitable. Great idea though! Seriously.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

Thanks! I look forward to hearing what you think

matthewhughes2 karma

How do you feel about piracy?

KnowsGooderThanYou3 karma

thats a good one and a tough one. I think its inevitable. I'm certainly guilty of it, though I do my best to buy things I like (movies, music etc) Obviously I don't want anyone stealling my stuff, but at the same time I want as many people to see it as possible... Which is why I think the audience should be more involved in shows, music, etc. Like if you could directly fund certain shows so yu know your money goes to something you like VS 16 and pregnant (unless you like that) ; but even that presents tons of problems. lol

matthewhughes3 karma

Thanks for answering my question! How do you feel about the studios? Do you think they're helpful for independent artists like yourself, or otherwise?

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

Again tough for me to answer. They have pro's and con's. I mean, if I can get a studio to back what I'm doing, then shit yeah haha. I think a lot of it though is just pure luck of who gets picked up/ promoted/ etc (like music specifically) And I definitely don't like how much of a "you have to know people" to get into the industry it is, like it is VERY hard to break in, but I guess thats true of any profession to an extent... :P

Nice_Dude2 karma

Seems like a cool idea, best of luck with your project!

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

Thanks man, if you read the script I hope you like it, I'd love to hear what you think (even if you hate it lol)

manutebowl22 karma

Have you ever heard a joke on The Big Bang Theory that you thought was actually funny?

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

I watched the first 1 or 2 episodes and realized I didn't like that show. But yea there were a few I probably laughed at. Now Futurama, THAT'S good comedy.

redditorsinnombre2 karma

is it a comedy?? Genuine question, not sarcastic douchebaggery

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

yes. Check out the script and let me know if it gets a laugh

James90052 karma

this sounds excellent.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

thanks we appreciate any support you can give.

Meriis2 karma

How did you get attention from someone seeking to actively be involved in your brainchild? I'm a screenwriter myself, sci-fi and comedy. I've written peer-reviewed (friends, coworkers) screenplays and they've been considered "good".

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

I have worked with these guys for a few years, they know me, and what I can do, they know how passionate I am about this project, and they also liked the content and want to see it made. Otherwise I'm hoping to get people involved with this AMA to make this project a reality. Hope you enjoy the script.

dumbgaytheist2 karma

Everywhen is a horribad title, in my opinion. You are a writer, not a wirter. Nikola Tesla was a great man who wanted the best for mankind. Please don't paint him as a villain or bumbler whose mad experiment would destroy a city.

Good luck.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

We ran through a LOT of titles lol. Right, I'll fix that, just a slip of the fingers on the jeyboard... keyboard :P And don't fret, nothing in later episodes (11 and so on) is set in stone, we still need to shoot a pilot. haha

dumbgaytheist2 karma

How about "The History Revisionists"?

I'm a writer too. I hope you make it.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

I like it! Thanks man, feel free to shoot me your work, I'd be glad to read it if I get a chance.

[deleted]1 karma


KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

titles can change :P lol For almost a year we called it YesterYear. then other terrible stuff before that lol

Redeemed-Assassin2 karma

So, it's Dr. Who basically?

Two friends, traveling through time, fixing strange, out of this world occurrences? It sounds cool, but it's still a Dr. Who knockoff.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

they don't fix anything as much as cause them. Better example = Homer sneezes on a dinosaur, Ned is now overlord in some weird ass future, he has to fix it.

Redeemed-Assassin2 karma

That could be hilarious, but I can imagine that would get crazy as time keeps overlapping.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

Haha well it won't be without funding wink wink

Yeah a lot of potential, but as a comedy its also easier to keep simple and you dont need to give a billion details.

n4lunaluz2 karma

Since this is an AMA, I want to ask you about film school up at UCD. I went to UCD, but dropped out of the film program early because I was a wimp/the program seemed scattered (this was in 2006.) So my questions are

--What is your overall opinion of their film program?

--Do you feel like your degree was worth it financially?

--Why did you move down to the Springs as opposed to staying in Denver?

--Did you do that Performance Visualization class? Ugh.

Good luck with your project! I would definitely try to be involved if I were still in CO.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

hey; excellent!

  1. Scattered, but I did learn a lot.
  2. We'll see. I suppose it has helped but no one went "Sick degree, you're hired!" It was more, the projects I worked on that helped sell me, not the degree itself.
  3. I am from the springs originally and went to Denver for school, went back down after (its cheaper) and I got work there.
  4. Yes... ugh is an understatement...

Thanks. Anything helps

Proxx992 karma

sounds like a season of doctor who.

Edit. This is a good thing

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

good = good

paltonas2 karma

This really reminds me of "The Twilight Zone" for some reason.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

I take that as a HUGE compliment! I LOVE THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!! Give this man ALL the upvotes!

seagreenblue2 karma

This sounds very reminiscent to me of Stargate SG-1, which I love dearly. I would check something like this out if it gets going. How much of the series will focus on ancient history and how much will focus on more recent events (choose your own definition of recent and ancient)? Best wishes!

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

Recent is easiest to incorporate (as its more well know) but I really want to include all world history! Pizarro, Stonehenge, ancient egypt, marco polo, etc etc.

PS- Well if we got Kurt Russell, BAM, it'd be the greatest thing ever!

edubyah2 karma

Oh my Jesus! In high school I had a similar idea for a film and one of the situations was the main character goes back in time and meets William Shakespeare and he's so flamboyant it's implied he's a flaming homosexual. Maybe Season 2 you can add there? :]

But anyway ended up majoring in film in college and mostly wrote films but have been getting more and more interested in television format. So Questions: What would be your important advice to an aspiring TV writer? What is your process when developing ideas? Obviously your film involves a lot of history. Do you do research on it yourself and what are major difficulties of incorporating history into a script?

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma


Wow, ok: 1. I'd say I'm still qualified as aspiring as well, I was determined to see this made so I wrote it and here I am. I guess just keep writing? I am new at trying to get a series made myself :P 2. When developing ideas; mainly what I think would be cool to watch. I love monster movies, I love history, but it'd be even better with monsters and BAM! 3. Yeah I spent HUGE amounts of time researching history. The hardest part was reminding myself that this is a comedy and I don't need to stay 100% true to exactly what happened.

Hope that helped.

edubyah1 karma

It's always good to hear from a fellow aspiring writer too. Good luck with your project you have a solid concept there and thanks for answering!

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

anytime :)

PotatoMusicBinge1 karma

If the show is as clever as the titles Ill watch every episode!

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

haha excellent! I'm glad you liked them. Let me know what you think of the script :)

TheYellowWombat1 karma

Would every episode be about different people going back and causing this stuff to happen, or would it be the same people? It seems to me that, if they inevitably wind up causing some great disaster in the past, they would stop going back to these times when great disasters happened, unless there was some set-up reason why they would go back to these times.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

same characters. Structured in a way that, in most cases they don't go to "Disaster" purposfully but rather some random place where they cause the disaster, which may or may not be famous. And not all episodes are about just disasters. Johnny Appleseed wasn't a disaster. They know not to go onto Titanic but a little boy steals a cell phone and runs on board and they can't leave their technology behind so they try to get back the phone before ship takes off. etc.

TheYellowWombat2 karma

Well, as long as you continue to explain it in such a way that it makes sense, I will continue to throw aside the tender barrier of scrutiny and watch it. Sounds like a good idea, and the writing seems wonderful.

KnowsGooderThanYou1 karma

haha bitchen. Thanks glad you like it.

Trashcanman331 karma

Since much of this is Historical fiction, why not set episode 11 "Resonance" in New York city, where Tesela actually used his Resonance machine and got scared he was about to destroy buildings, and had to break his machine with a hammer to stop it. Unless you are planning it to be 1906 and Tesla caused the earthquake, kinda morbid, but could be interesting.

KnowsGooderThanYou2 karma

Well nothing that far is set in stone. But the idea was to tie in the San Francisco earth quake.