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the mom had the kid when she was young. they told him that she was an older sister. she's now married and even her husband thinks that he is her younger brother, not her son.

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Be yourself but have perfect diction, great breath support, and awesome ability to adapt to client needs.

It's still a lot of technique, just in vastly different areas, haha.

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Sorry to delve into personal life, but since Before Sunrise was dedicated to her, do you feel similarly to how Jesse feels of his novel in Before Sunset, hoping that Celine would show up?

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Hi Brie! Thanks for doing an AMA!

What is something you love and hate about being a celebrity? Anything you typically dislike fans acting around you?

You mentioned you're a Reddit lurker - any favorite subs or do you mostly stick to the main ones?

Gonna be one of those people and say loved you in Scott Pilgrim! I loved Black Sheep and prefer yours to Metric's as well! It really was amazingly perfect. I tried to sing a cover for my boyfriend for Valentines Day and it turned out pathetically awful... haha

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hey! fellow tv/film aspiring person, though yet to make anything worthwhile. what is the hardest part about starting off? how have you marketed this towards a wider audience of people?