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How is it more disgraceful to have a non-Indian boyfriend than it is to have a homeless daughter.

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No shit, shepherd's pie is way fancier than anything we ever had.

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I once had salmonella poisoning, and they also opened me up thinking it was an appendicitis, only they left that ticking time bomb inside of me once they saw it was not the problem.

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Wait, was it the court denying bail or the Private jail, because the way you guys are wording it, makes it sound like the private jail is the one making the call.

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Since much of this is Historical fiction, why not set episode 11 "Resonance" in New York city, where Tesela actually used his Resonance machine and got scared he was about to destroy buildings, and had to break his machine with a hammer to stop it. Unless you are planning it to be 1906 and Tesla caused the earthquake, kinda morbid, but could be interesting.