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n4lunaluz23 karma

Where do you get the underaged, innocent (?) kids that are in your movies?

n4lunaluz23 karma

Were you there (Dirty Jobs) when that guy got his hair stuck in his climbing apparatus whilst dangling from the building? I think you guys were in Hawaii? That was some scary shit. One of the cameramen wouldn't even do it. I got nervous just watching you guys from the safety of my living room.

n4lunaluz19 karma

I don't really understand the business of being a cameraman... what sort of insurance do you guys have? How does that even work? What happens if you get hurt on the show?

n4lunaluz7 karma

Tell us what happened after you wrote the script. I have a feeling a lot of unproduced screenwriters finish a feature and then say, "Now what?"

Since this is your first produced credit, I'm interested in how you sold it.

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TIL my future children's names.