I'm all done guys! thanks!

EDIT: I am going to go eat dinner and stuff now. I will be back in a few hours and if there are more I will answer them! Thanks everyone!

Hey everyone! Lets try this again since I accidentally posted this in the wrong subreddit earlier.

I always see the prostitute AMAs on here so I figured I would give it a shot from a different perspective! For the past year I have been a driver for Prostitutes in my area. Four I will drive regularly, and I have ~6 more that know the ones I drive frequently that will occasionally call me. I have a completely normal job on top of doing this and I actually enjoy the company. I am not a pimp or anything like that and I refuse to take part in the booking aspect of it. I am here for transportation from point a to point b, and occasionally step in if someone gets rowdy.

I am not sure how you guys would like me to provide proof, I can't really post the numbers for the girls I drive for (though, one or two may appreciate the call).

So, reddit! Ask me anything!

edit: Wow! if I hit front, this is on the front page! I never thought I would be here!

edit edit: I am really trying to get to all of you! I promise!

I am in Canada for what it is worth!

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MedicGoalie84945 karma

Have you ever had sex with any of them?

[deleted]1704 karma

Nope. When I first got into this I was asked if I would like "other" forms of payment, but I declined. Driving a girl to 5 different guys in one night then her asking if you'd like a go at it isn't exactly a turn on for me.

mega sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths.

ISISFieldAgent1282 karma

This is kind of a hilarious AMA to do on fathers day.

[deleted]1386 karma

oh shit. thanks for reminding me

spoilme737 karma

Are the girls nice? Do you get paid well? Do they have sex in your car? Have you ever saved a girl from an awful fate?

[deleted]884 karma

Most of them are awesome people and really nice. I have had one or two that have tried to short me money or not pay me at all, but that was the worst - so I can't complain too much!

Pay depends on where we go, if I am staying north of the city (I live just outside a major city) I usually get 80 dollars if its for 1/2 hour, 100 if she is there for an hour or more. If I have to go into the city its always at least 100, and south of the city I will get 150. The majority of these girls charge 300/hour and they take pretty good care of me money wise. If we have two people really close by I only take money for one of the trips, however they do pay per visit.

No sex in my car, clients hotel/office/house only.

I haven't had to save from an "awful fate", but I have had to stop people from grabbing them when they leave because they feel uncomfortable in the house. A lot of the guys they visit don't want any trouble - can't blame them.

[deleted]791 karma


machzel08611 karma

The driver isn't there to drive them, they are there to make sure after the predetermined time they actually come out alive.

NakedObeseSnake1240 karma

As a killer of prostitutes I can confirm this.

[deleted]230 karma

If the following clients are in the same general area I don't charge per person. Only if I have to go from home>city, city> south, south>city is when its per person.

ssnakeggirl191 karma

I think they're paying for the friend and security more than the ride. It would also be cheaper to get a cab, but it's good to know that someone is close by who knows exactly where you are and what you are doing.

Tortured_Sole425 karma

...they're paying for the friend...

A prostitutes prostitute, so to speak...?

[deleted]435 karma

I never thought of it that way.

ohdotman594 karma


[deleted]1039 karma

I did at first, but I am good friends with a police officer and I asked him straight up if I could be arrested for it and he said no. I am hired solely as a driver, I have no part in what ever happens behind closed doors. But this applys to the US, not here

[deleted]1552 karma

Your cop friend is wrong. -Lawyer

[deleted]377 karma

more info please? here or PM is fine.

RuleLawyer425 karma


But yeah, you're an accessory, no different from the getaway driver at a bank heist.

[deleted]388 karma

I disagree a little. I know of no illegal activity, nor do I condone it. They are people paying me gas money for a ride somewhere. If she paid a taxi, would the taxi driver be an accessory?

T_Jefferson988 karma

I know of no illegal activity, nor do I condone it.


I am a driver for multiple prostitutes!

[deleted]467 karma

Poor choice of words, I should have said escorts. I knew this would get more people to talk to me.

dingoperson185 karma

I don't want to be discouraging because you sound like a swell guy, but if prostitution is illegal there's probably a theoretical possibility you could be hitched. Most countries have general laws about "assisting". They would have to prove the girl was a prostitute, and then they would have to prove that you knew about this, and then they would have to care enough to do so in the first place. Each of these is a bit of a hurdle. Since your cop friend says "no" then that probably means it's very unlikely. But if you drive through the best hood in town I would try to avoid bumping any supreme court judges.

[deleted]280 karma

I bet I've driven to a judges house....

But yes, you are right. The good news for me is I am on my way out of this and wont be an issue. Thats the only reason I did this AMA now...I am not really involved much anymore, soon to be completely out.

executive_executive90 karma

Honestly, it is not black or white. Yes you could be arrested, and you could be charged. Actually getting found guilty is extremely slim though. Most cops won't want to deal with the paperwork to charge the driver of a prostitute though so you are pretty safe. My friend who is a cop arrested a prostitute and her driver. He was charged, but the case was dropped because the DA is too busy to deal with little stuff like that. He said he wasn't actually going to arrest the guy, but he didn't leave when told to and kept mouthing off.

[deleted]184 karma

In my experience, if you're nice and listen to police they will not be dicks to you.

If I was ever stopped and told to leave, im out!

Gyrael379 karma

You must be white.

[deleted]225 karma

only on days that end in y

[deleted]457 karma

Can all of you people stop fucking telling this guy that this is illegal? A lot of you aren't even completely positive and none of you know which country this guy is in. And even if it were just ask questions, there have been plenty of illegal things in AMA's. Who cares. He's not here to be judged by the likes of you.

Waadap360 karma

Scariest situation you've been in?

[deleted]279 karma

I really haven't been in any scary situations. The girls do their screening and for the most part don't see people who aren't "approved"

Jessereddit357 karma

If someone put a gun to your head and said 'Tell me the funniest thing you experienced on the job' what would you say?

[deleted]856 karma

I thought this was funny, the escort did not...

An escort asked for a ride to a freaking forest, and I felt a little weird about it but I just drive where I am asked, what ever. We get there and there is a conversion van on the side of the road (small dirt road that opened up, Ill find it on local.live and show you) in the middle of nowhere. She said she would be fine, and went in the car to do what ever it is she does, and about 5 minutes later I heard her let out a scream that could have woken up the dead. I get out of my car and she comes running out of the van covered in vomit.

Mr. John had way too much to drink and ended up vomiting on her, which then made her start to vomit. It was fucking everywhere.

I still drove her home, but she was wrapped in blankets and towels (I come prepared).

I don't witness much, but that made me laugh to no end.

banemall261 karma

You come prepared, so what other things do you bring when driving them?

[deleted]765 karma

tissues. Sometimes they cry and its pretty crappy.

IrritableLinden591 karma

Something about this makes me very sad.

[deleted]572 karma

Makes me sad too. They are normal people, and have feelings. I am pretty good friends with a couple of them now and it sucks to see.

IdleGod219 karma

Every time one of these types of AMAs happen, I feel less inclined to ever see a prostitute. Not that I ever had any real desire to. But, this comment really seals it for me. It makes me sad. :(

[deleted]572 karma

  1. Hire prostitute
  2. Ask her what she likes to do (movie, bowling, dinner, etc.)
  3. Take her to movie, bowling, dinner, etc.
  4. Be the nicest guy in the world.

EDIT: and dont bone her

supermadmax876147 karma

Why do they cry?

[deleted]459 karma

They don't always want to do this shit, and I don't blame them. Emotional breakdowns happen.

Buckfutters40 karma

You would cry too if you had to spend a few hours a day with a kielbasa in your bum.

[deleted]46 karma

damn right I would.

kkurbs86 karma

What made you prepared to bring enough blankets and towels to wrap her in? Clairvoyance?

[deleted]250 karma

I keep blankets and towels in my car for other reasons too, you can never have enough blankets!

Kaarboer465 karma

Always carry a towel.

noahjk372 karma


NFeKPo352 karma

Have you ever driven a girl to someone you know?

[deleted]468 karma

Not yet!

Ninj4s74 karma

Trust me, the time will come. And you will never be able to tell nor forget.

[deleted]107 karma

actually, it won't for me. I am just about done with this (1 or 2 times a month) and wont be doing it anymore very shortly

TFiOS346 karma

Does your family or girlfriend know you do this?

[deleted]553 karma

no. god no.

TFiOS186 karma

What would they think?

[deleted]393 karma

well, no girlfriend so I am okay on that one.

As for my family, as long as I'm not breaking the law they wouldn't care

[deleted]108 karma

When you said "god no" for emphasis I expected the twist to be that your girlfriend is a cop who busts prostitution rings and you're in this Breaking Bad style game of cat-and-mouse trying to cover your tracks.

That or you just didn't really want people to know about it.

[deleted]47 karma

unexpected twist! Shes the fake prostitute that does stings!

no, just kidding. However, I just keep my life to myself.

wsouloa92 karma

well, no girlfriend so I am okay on that one.

I trust this guy, he is a redditor

[deleted]82 karma

can I be a part of the club now?

mishagale313 karma

What do you do while sitting in your car waiting on your fares? Do they ever tell you weird/disgusting/funny stories about what they just did on the way back?

[deleted]701 karma

I play angry birds, scramble and i read reddit - fascinating shit!

They tell me a lot of stuff, the amount of guys who can't get it up because they are so nervous she is a cop is pretty funny, I had a tally at one point with one of the girls.

One thing I don't get is some of the guys are dirty and gross...why? you know someone is coming over to slob on your knob, why can't you take a shower?

protip: This is straight from an escorts mouth guys! if you are having someone over, take a damn shower! She will enjoy it more, and then so will you.

TreyTop945 karma

Sorry, but I would never take anything straight from an escorts mouth.

[deleted]761 karma

This is actually pretty good advice....

Diggity_Dave150 karma

Scramble With Friends?

[deleted]223 karma

yeahhhh buddy!

Diggity_Dave184 karma

Message me your user name, we can play while you wait on your clients!

unprotectedsax825 karma

Nice try FBI...

*1day wow, this place is crazy.

Like_20_Ninjas226 karma

Nice try CSIS...

Sorry, but he's Canadian. FTFY

kimi2167 karma

You apologized for helping a guy out. Are you Canadian, too? Or is OP's Canadian-ness rubbing off on you?

gregNose290 karma

So would you say these girls are attractive? Every time I've seen a prostitute on the street they've looked like really messed up drug addicts. I assume you're driving around higher class working girls.

[deleted]424 karma

They are pretty attractive, I'd say most are a solid 6-7 on a 10 point scale-o-hot. A couple that I drove once were obvious drug addicts and I won't work with them.

shapsai4271 karma

How does that discussion go? Do you tell them it's because of the drugs?

[deleted]150 karma

yup, i have no tolerance for that

rapeorama14 karma

Addicts are also more likely to be a pain in the ass business-wise.

[deleted]19 karma

Very VERY true

satin_rules279 karma

This honestly sounds like an awesome side gig, how would one get started in such a proffesion? Also how did you get into it?

[deleted]570 karma

It really is awesome, and I was genuinely surprised how normal these girls are.

I posted an ad online advertising myself as a driver, and an escort happened to call me one night. She didn't say what it was but once I was there for an hour and at some random house I had an idea, and then she asked if she could keep calling me for rides. Sure! Then she passed my name on to other providers and now I am here!

[deleted]274 karma

So, you wouldn't qualify this as "take your daughter to work" material, would you?

[deleted]806 karma

I mean, if she wants to be a driver....not a rider...

horrible_man229 karma

What is your power animal?

[deleted]617 karma

a Dog that shoots lasers out of its eyes and bees from its mouth

IsaakCole321 karma

Well, I'm certainly not fucking with you now, friend.

[deleted]458 karma

He is a cuddly bastard, I swear.

[deleted]98 karma


Zantar60 karma

Too bad the bees aren't : /

[deleted]116 karma

just be gentle.

Litheon1220 karma

What is the creepiest place you've ever dropped off a girl?

[deleted]367 karma

The woods. The story is in a comment somewhere else here

literally_butts219 karma

I just wanted to say that I am so touched that you have a positive outlook on sex workers and provide safe transportation and offer protection for these women! Thanks for doing this AMA!

[deleted]136 karma

hey! you're welcome!

[deleted]204 karma


[deleted]494 karma

A taxi won't help if they are in trouble.

Tscheg180 karma

Do you step in if they don't pay?

[deleted]280 karma

nope! I avoid any of the actual transactions or setting things up - thats for someone who is involved with the girls and their "business", and I want no part in that.

I'll help her out if things get violent or head that direction, but anything else isn't my problem.

treedick2011173 karma

Ever had to help the john hide the dead body afterwards?


[deleted]413 karma

Glad to say I have a 100% return rate of live escorts. No dead bodies on my watch!

asstits164 karma

What kind of car do you drive? (picture pls, I'm bad with cars)

Do you wear some sort of work outfit?

What kind of music do you play? (I reckon I'd play a bit with them after we are used to each others company, say this song when she's going to a client, and this song after she's done)

[deleted]337 karma

I have two cars.

I drive a chevy trailblazer ss when I am doing this : http://chevyfan.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/trail-ss.jpg

and when I do everything else I drive a mazda! All set with expensive flashy cars.

No work outfit, normal clothes for me. I occasionally wear a suit though, just because it is awesome to suit up.

They choose the music, They pay me to drive so I let them choose. They are pretty cool girls so I don't want to fuck with them too bad...I want them to call me back. (Ill listen to those songs when I get a chance!)

bacon_trays_for_days214 karma


also corollary, Do they sit in the front seat like a friend or in the back like you're their chauffeur?

[deleted]437 karma

Front, I feel awkward having them in back

and plus, thats where lazer eye dog is.

monkeytorture130 karma

What is your profession listed as on your tax returns?

Excentinel176 karma

Driver. Chauffeur. Cabbie. Hooker-bus-driver. Take your pick.

[deleted]648 karma

Delivery boy!

zen_monkey114 karma

I'm skeptical but I'll give you a chance to clarify the math.

Girl charges $300/hour. You get $100 of it. Pimp gets ....

[deleted]384 karma

No pimp with the girls I drive. They are all independent.

[deleted]450 karma


teamhugecawk54 karma

What part of the country is your 'big city' you live in?

[deleted]157 karma

Canada, and the east.

Ehmanda103 karma

So Toronto.

[deleted]87 karma

whats up!

Ehmanda32 karma


MandatorySuicide106 karma

What in the hell do I have to do to find delivery prostitutes?

[deleted]125 karma

They all post online on websites! I'm not sure the whole arrangement since I try to stay out of it, but websites have their picture, phone number and sometimes rates. People then call, set up their appointment and then I get a call to drive.

nethermost102 karma

Are you pro-legalization for prostitution?

[deleted]180 karma

Sure! I don't really care either way.

Cycix100 karma

Hey thanks for the AMA! I was always contemplating on doing this. I live in Canada so it's completely fine but Ive always wondered, how did you start off doing this? Any tips on how to get started?

[deleted]165 karma

I'm in canada as well. I put an ad up just advertising rides for hire - airports, stores for elderly...anything I could get. One of the escorts contacted me and thats how I got here!

z8jay79 karma

Do you ever get weird looks from bystanders when scantily clad hookers enter your car? Ever been close to getting "caught"?

[deleted]234 karma

They are not ever scantily clad. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them and a girl in a store.

bhulk200 karma

What if I go to the hooker store?

[deleted]180 karma

Buy away, buy away.

retard_strong78 karma

So what type of fabric cleaner do you use on your back seats?

[deleted]137 karma

None! They don't use my car for what ever activities they are partaking in. They go in hotels/houses for that!

mobilelibrary73 karma

Have you ever seen one of the girls get arrested? Do you know if any of the clients are scandalously famous/well known?

[deleted]118 karma

No one has been arrested, most only visit people that are verified through other providers.

I have no contact with the clients, so I can't answer that! sorry!

[deleted]59 karma

  • What's the longest time you have had to wait?
  • What's the best story you have heard from a working girl?
  • How long to you plan to keep this up? Into your retirement maybe?
  • Do you tell the tax man you're earning this money / do you declare it?
  • What will you do if you get a girlfriend / what will you tell her? thanks bro

CB30455 karma

Are you Jason Statham?

[deleted]73 karma

I wish, I would be one hell of a sexy bastard

jivesukka36 karma

Have you ever taken a girl to a house and gone "Crap, that is my brother's house!" or anything like that? Even a mayor some city official would be interesting.

[deleted]64 karma

nope! But, if I did I wouldn't say a word.

Mounsh28 karma

Do you wear a cool uniform?!

[deleted]53 karma

Nope! but a suit sometimes

thatprettichick28 karma

Yes! A suit sometimes.