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Sheriff Jack Carter: [Answering phone] Hey, Andy, let me guess. There's a quantum, run-away, something-or-other.


Sheriff Jack Carter: Somebody did what? [pauses]

Sheriff Jack Carter: I'll be right there.

[hangs up phone]

Sheriff Jack Carter: Somebody robbed a BANK!

[runs out of Cafe Diem]

Sheriff Jack Carter: YEEEAAAHHH!

Vincent: Should he really be happy about that?

SUCH a great scene

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Just lost and despondent. It's like someone promising you a steak, and seeing them take it out of the microwave.

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As a side note to this: Cal Lightman makes a good point in Lie to Me, about a cutting edge polygraph, as compared to holding an ostrich egg, and if it breaks, the person is guilty: "It faces the same problems as the egg, it only tells you THAT the person is having an emotional response, not WHICH emotion, or WHY." or something to that effect.

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He fell victim to one of the classic blunders! Never go in against an Australian when death is on the line!

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On that note, it was really endearing to see your Twitter post where you got your desk plaque.