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They charge more to come to people. I guess this is the reason. And private drivers who would be willing to help them out in an emergency and aren't gang affiliated are probably pretty rare.

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That's an outstanding advertisement. I want to buy it just from watching that and I don't even have a crime scene....


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What worked with me for one who just wouldn't quit:

  • Play along like you are interested for about 15 seconds

  • Ask for their webpage. They probably hesitate. Ask again. "YEah, I'm thinking about a home loan. Say, do you have a webpage? Oh.. Okay, well, do you have a webpage? Okay, is this something I can look up on your webpage?"

  • Look up the company

  • Can you find any board member or manager who's a CPA? Actuary? Member of a professional body? You're in luck!

  • Call them up and say that you are going to ask his professional body to revoke his license for failing to supervise his staff and unethical conduct

  • When I did this they claimed they had no knowledge of the company who called - but the calls stopped.

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I don't want to be discouraging because you sound like a swell guy, but if prostitution is illegal there's probably a theoretical possibility you could be hitched. Most countries have general laws about "assisting". They would have to prove the girl was a prostitute, and then they would have to prove that you knew about this, and then they would have to care enough to do so in the first place. Each of these is a bit of a hurdle. Since your cop friend says "no" then that probably means it's very unlikely. But if you drive through the best hood in town I would try to avoid bumping any supreme court judges.

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"See, your gold isn't pure, and that makes it hard to sell. I would have to find someone to buy it from me and then refine it, and then they would have to sell it on to make a profit. So if I factor in their time and materials and then my own margin, we're not exactly talking 95% of the price you read in the newspaper."

"Pure 24K gold? Oh boy, I'm not sure who to sell this to. A jewelry store off the street could never use this because it's just too soft to create anything from. Wish I could give you more, but I have to make a profit for my time here"