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How am I attracted to you and afraid of you at the same time?

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Meowww....purr....meo-BOO! Like that?

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Fuck you. Shut up and talk about Rampart already!

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I'm sorry, I'm only here to talk about Rampart. I'm afraid I can't talk about Rampart.

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How do you feel about America's current social views in comparison to European countries with more liberal views on issues such as gay rights?

Also, how many French girls do you intend to fuck in your first month in Paris?

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Well, shit...this took a turn towards the serious and political.

Honestly, I feel as though our struggle as a country to deal with something as simple and seemingly obvious as allowing two men or two women to marry each other is deplorable. It should be a basic right, nothing more, argument stops there in my opinion.

That said, I hate faggots.

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You're my new favorite person.

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And you're mine.

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I want to chew on the smelly bits you get off your toe nail clippings

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Welcome to Reddit.

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Do you still have, one many today have started to call, "The Phone of Legend"?

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You know, I actually don't - although I've been a rabid iPhone supporter since that day! I think that poor thing may have shattered long ago.

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Yes! Yes I did walk out of work without pants!

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Oh good ... laughed so hard at the proof video i was in tears.

Like I said, you should have your own show. What is it you did in the computer industry at your last job?

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Hahaha, thanks!

Ugghhh....that job. It was decent at best. Loan servicing for a large bank, dealing with foreclosures and default issues. But the people were fantastic!

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I hope to fucking Elron I'm not Tom Cruise.

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You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France?

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Where's the metrics guy? SOMEONE GET THE METRICS GUY.

Royale with cheese.

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Non, juste "Royal Cheese".

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C'est tout? Mais ce n'est pas le phrase que Samuel L. Jackson dit dans le film.

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I'm gonna wait for you when you get off the plane and steal your iphone !

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So single. So single right now.

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I still think you act(ed) like someone from a 90's nickelodeon tv show. You SHOULD at least try some acting or something. Have you had any acting classes?

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Hahaha, it's funny you mention that - acting was what I studied alongside piano for the majority of my life. Thinking about picking it up again once I get to Paris!

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Did she freak out after they said you can only buy 1?

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Her face turned to stone. Like, literally - her face became petrified. It was terrifying. We had to call an ambulance.

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Be careful in Paris dude, there is a gay canadian cannibal murderer in France somewhere.

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That's like kryptonite to Parisians.

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How was the Flaming Lips concert?!

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The F'Lips were absolutely INCREDIBLE!! A fantastic send-off for my last couple days in this country. St. Vincent opened, too - all in all a fuck of a set!

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I guess that's a... good thing?

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That it is, my friend. That it is.

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-Department of Eagles - The Cold Nose

-Madvillain - Madvillainy

-Binary Star - Masters of the Universe

-Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

-The Beatles - Abbey Road

This was hard to do...I can't pare it down to just 5!!

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4 and 5 are albums I really like too but Madvillainy's just the pinnacle of hip hop imo. I could talk for days about that album. You seem like a pretty cool dude.

As for a question, uh... Favorite dead US President?

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Absolutely the pinnacle of hip-hop, in my opinion. Raw, unadulterated, uninterrupted flow and beats. Where the HELL is the second one??? We've been waiting years for this shit!!!

Favorite dead U.S. President: Grover Cleveland. That fucking beard.

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What did you have for lunch today?

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Chiken Tikka Masala, Sag Paneer, and some fucking delicious Naan.

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What are your plans in Paris?

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Well, I'm gonna be working on my music - maybe with a little acting peppered in there if the opportunity allows. But also just turning the page and living somewhere I've never lived before!

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Also, maybe raping some kids....you know.