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People tend to absorb information like they're watching a movie or reading a novel. No event in a piece of fiction is insignificant, but sometimes random shit does happen for no apparent reason in real life.

Damn that was insightful. Always a please reading your comments, alienth. You're a smart mofo.

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Oh good ... laughed so hard at the proof video i was in tears.

Like I said, you should have your own show. What is it you did in the computer industry at your last job?

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I wish that genuine, original content like yours was a 'thing' on youtube. Now it seems that the only popular youtubers edit the shit out of their vids and it feels inauthentic. That's why your videos are so funny, IMO. It's just a guy with a camera doing stupid shit. No studios ... no special lighting and scripts. We get enough of that shit on television!

But If I could describe your humor in one word, it would be 'unexpected'. That to me is what humor is all about, it's an encounter with the unexpected. Showing up to work in underwear = unexpected. A skit about a pedophile trying to kidnap a kid = unexpected. The "Funny money" Fontaine video is a delicious, perfectly done satire. Famous youtubers, with very few exceptions, have become so cheap and gimmicky. It's almost like you are fed material from a southern fast-talking used car dealer, who sells jokes instead of cars. But people like you are the antithesis of that and people like you are what make the internet so damn good. the same goes for life outside of the internet. it's the people around me that make conscious attempts to be funny -- even if most times, they are not -- that make life worth it. because moments of pure, heart-felt, genuine laughter to the core make all the unfunny and dull, worthless hours of the day worth it! it's better than sex! thank you! and good luck in paris. i hope you become a marquis or something, if they still have those.

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wait so it's not like a 'salary' as NateSamsung indicated, it's a pay-as-you-make thing, am I right?