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Woah, I'm in Northern Illinois and have had vision correction all my life. Maybe you've puffed that eye puffer in my eyes. Fuck that thing. Seriously, the main reason I opened this AMA was to tell you that fuck that eye puffer.

Also - I have a legitimate question. For some reason, on the letter chart, the first row is always E (from what I've seen.) Now, I can't see it clearly and if it were any other letter, I wouldn't be able to tell what it was. But because it's an E, I can still tell you what it is. Is there a specific reason behind the choice of the letter E and why it's never a different letter?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

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4 and 5 are albums I really like too but Madvillainy's just the pinnacle of hip hop imo. I could talk for days about that album. You seem like a pretty cool dude.

As for a question, uh... Favorite dead US President?