Actually the title sums it up pretty well.

Here's today's tweet announcing this AMA:!/manderso7/status/201376337062150144

aaaand a backwards Photobooth picture:

Edit: Well that was fun and chaotic. I replied with the right answer to the wrong post accidentally a couple of times, missed ones I meant to reply to, and can't find other questions that were really really good and seem to have disappeared into thin air. Most of you were extremely nice. I particularly enjoyed all the pictures of penguins that kept popping up.

tl;dr I gotta go do other stuff

Thank you, S

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Etch_A_Sketcher1738 karma

Welcome to Reddit, Stoya. Here's your complimentary etch a sketch portrait: (SFW).

Have fun with the AMA!

IAmStoya1334 karma

Keeping that forever.

pilotoatomico1580 karma

You that you have the greatest facial expressions in the world.

IAmStoya1403 karma

Um, aww. Thank you :)

silencegold1474 karma


IAmStoya976 karma

Thank you, too :)

8oh8ts1577 karma

Have you ever had sex with a fan? If so, how was it?

IAmStoya2411 karma

A genuine don't-know-me-in-day-to-day-life fan? Yes. They were so nervous they ejaculated twice before we even got to any of my holes and I gave up. He was super cute though.

Shtriiganu1045 karma

You might say he was overcome with excitement. I'll show myself out......

IAmStoya846 karma


alphanovember576 karma

Dream come true. How was this arranged?

IAmStoya1292 karma

He showed up at a signing and was really adorable so I slipped him my #.


Clarify Adorable. Adorable Brad Pitt Status, or Adorable puppy. For Science.

IAmStoya1399 karma

Puppy adorable... but in a non-beastiality kind of way.

ohlordnotthisagain2010 karma

I imagine everybody who has had sex with her is a fan.

IAmStoya2660 karma

THIS! <3

RaptorFlapjacks1391 karma

How does it feel being living proof that pale girls are sexy?

IAmStoya2203 karma

Super nifty. Also, living proof that asymmetrical vaginas are awesome, small boobs rock, and super awkward chicks that read can get laid on a regular basis.

Ceret377 karma

May I ask, super awkward chick who reads, what the last book you read was, and what the last great book you read was? Thanks!

IAmStoya910 karma

The last book I read was "The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld"

The last great book I read was Nicholson Baker's "House of Holes"

and right now I'm reading Kathryn Davis's "The Thin Place"... so far (60 pages in) it's great. DO NOT SPOIL THE ENDING PLEASE.

[deleted]1223 karma

I'm sorta curious about how anal sex works in porn. Do you always have some sort of buttplug to loosen things up? Do you eat certain foods/no food the day before? How clean is it? Is ass-to-mouth ever gross or does it get clean enough to where you don't even notice it?

Do you genuinely enjoy anal or is it about work?

IAmStoya2057 karma

I used to totally stress about being clean and not eat the night before, do a super intense enema, sleep with a butt plug in. Anal was enjoyable, but I thought of it as too much prep work to do in my personal life. Then I started having anal sex off camera and realized that I was just as clean 95% of the time and waaaay less stressed about it. I think the key is to just eat healthy things and not have buttsex when you need to poop.

ThatRandomNiceGuy600 karma

95% of the time.

What about the other 5%? ಠ_ಠ

IAmStoya2029 karma

Then poop happens. It's one of the risks you take when you put something in an asshole.

[deleted]323 karma

My fiance really really loves a little bit of ass play. Licking, fingers, tickling, etc. However, it seems impossibly tight and that putting a penis in there would just never happen. Any tips for getting started? What suddenly made it more enjoyable for you at home?

IAmStoya1136 karma

Probably lack of pressure. Something about dudes nagging about getting in there makes my asshole tighten up.

IAmStoya547 karma

Because Quantization pointed out that I skipped one: How could I possibly seriously say yes or no to a threesome before finding out what you smell like, what your sexual health procedures are, what your small talk is like, etc.?

Robotov977 karma

How do you feel about the fact that although you doubtless have tons of fans on this site, very few of them are likely to have ever paid a cent for your work?

IAmStoya1590 karma

Well... frankly... I'm not sure if it matters any more. The company that I work for was recently purchased by a company that owns a lot of the tube sites, so I suspect that somehow the piracy may actually be funding the production now. I don't claim to have any clue what their business model is or how it works, but it must work for them to have the money to buy up half the industry.

LastInitial1213 karma

Ads. Lots and lots of Ads.

graingert1401 karma

AdBlock plus always use protection

LastInitial998 karma

I went in bareback once... ended up with a virus.

IAmStoya1540 karma

Shoulda used a condom.

neo72100 karma

IAmStoya1663 karma


hodayathink120 karma

On that subject, do you think it's a good or bad thing that Manwin seems to be trying to buy all the major companies that they can? Both as far as content goes, and as far as the legal battles that porn is either facing or about to face (i.e. the condom issue)?

IAmStoya247 karma

I really don't know yet. It could enable them to do phenomenal, inventive things with adult content, or it could ruin everything good about pornography. We will just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Wonderfulmetropolis sums it up best with "It's a really ...interesting thing they're doing"

imnotu786 karma

Big fan here (I literally stayed back from my plans today to ask you this, so I really hope it gets answered). Wikipedia cites that you had a problem with authority. What exactly is your problem with authority?

Also, what is your kinkiest fetish & what makes a guy attractive to you? I need some tips to help me with my game ;)

IAmStoya1327 karma

Wikipedia quotes an article written by a person who came into the interview with their piece already written. Didn't you know that everyone who makes nonstandard decisions about their lives has a problem with authority? #Sarcasm

I enjoy playing with kinks, but do not have any fetishes. The term fetish has a connotation of irrationality and necessity, meaning that an actual fetish is required for sexual arousal or completion.

The last man I slept with was attractive because he does a crossword puzzle every day to completion and was so nervous around me that he visibly twitched every time I got within a foot of him. The one before that was attractive because he's extremely dominant and filthy. Attractive qualities depend heavily on the person in question.

das_poop571 karma

Went ahead and changed that wikipedia entry for you.

IAmStoya495 karma

Thank you! It hasn't been properly updated since 2009 :(

Warlizard563 karma

  1. You mentioned you like to read -- what types of books? Favorite?

  2. Let's say you just won 50 million bucks. What would you do with your time? Would you continue in the industry?

  3. Since the vast majority of people will never meet/talk with you and will only know you from your work, what would you want them to know about you that wouldn't be readily apparent?

  4. Lastly, you're in a very controversial line of work -- are you adequately compensated and are you socking it away?

IAmStoya929 karma

  1. Terry Pratchett, Warren Ellis, heavy books about sexuality that make my brain hurt.

  2. I would groan about having to hand half of it over to the government and then maybe get an apartment in LA so I wouldn't have to deal with hotels when I go there to shoot.

  3. Everything that I want to put out there aside from my orifices gets put on twitter or tumblr. I leave it up to the individual in question whether they want to explore those things or project whatever personality traits they desire onto my porn scenes.

  4. I think I'm adequately compensated. I do put most of it in savings, yes.

Stellar_Duck245 karma

A Pratchett fan as well? Favorite book of his?

IAmStoya625 karma

Carpe Jugulum.

Doubleeight3XL128 karma

Terry Pratchett, Warren Ellis, heavy books about sexuality that make my brain hurt.

I'm going to assume that you've read, "Crooked Little Vein" by Warren Ellis then. That book was nothing but a sex fetish manual written by an awesome writer.

IAmStoya204 karma

Yes... and Gun Machine which is absolutely brilliant and makes me sad for everyone who has to wait until 2013 for it to be published.

merper72 karma

Everything that I want to put out there aside from my orifices gets put on twitter or tumblr.

Are most porn stars funny or do we just get a biased sample on reddit?

Are there any method actors in porn?

IAmStoya109 karma

I think you get a biased sample.

I've heard many jokes about method acting but do not actually know what it is.

merper88 karma

Method acting is when an actor stays in character off camera to prepare for the role.

Like James Deen might try to go around delivering pizzas to people before coming on set. Or sit around smoking weed and watching Adult Swim, pretending he just delivered a bunch of pizzas.

IAmStoya102 karma

Not that I know of. If anyone in porn was a method actor though, my bet would be Evan Stone.

Akylees561 karma

As a fellow Redditor we demand more pictures of your pussy!...Err i mean CAT!! YOUR CAT! Mr.Sparkle

IAmStoya609 karma

I'm moving into a new apartment this month where I can have a cat. So stoked to rescue him from my mom's place :)

zoralee545 karma

Just want to say that I'm a big (female) fan! My husband and I love you because you always have great expressions during your scenes. You look genuinely happy to be doing what you're doing and that's a huge turn on. Rock on, pretty lady.

IAmStoya373 karma

Thank you :)

SEX_MASTER519 karma

Who was your favorite male star you shot a scene with?

IAmStoya879 karma

James Deen.

goneagain485 karma

Do you think being home schooled had any effect on your social norms and made it easier or harder to do porn?

IAmStoya726 karma

Hahahha. Being home schooled had a HUGE effect on my perception of social norms. I think my super out of the box approach to life has made my career more successful, but I'll be the first one to admit that I'm still a wee bit remedial when it comes to relating to people... porn people included.

deuce_hobo483 karma

What's the deal with gaping? Is it some industry joke on the viewer? What's your take on it?

IAmStoya623 karma

Someone on a set explained to me once that the way that the asshole is slightly (or way) open during gaping looks inviting. I don't understand it, but if it didn't sell they wouldn't shoot it.

deuce_hobo677 karma

That person told you unholy lies.

IAmStoya673 karma

Reiterating: I don't understand it.

IVIilitarus471 karma

Got any cunnilingus tips for the good people here? Anything that makes you go nuts, women go nuts in general? Anything you do in particular?

IAmStoya772 karma

Yes. Every single vagina (and penis) is different. There is no easy way to give someone the perfect oral sex experience. You just have to try various things and see what doesn't work, what works, what works very well.

tomcat23459 karma

Even with a quiet partner, you can watch their breathing.

IAmStoya821 karma

Also, you can feel things like muscle contractions in the lower abdomen/vaginal canal and increased lubrication.

Narmi1987414 karma

Thanks for doing this, it's really cool of you.

You work with quite a few girls, but it seems all the other DP contract girls are either a) blonde and b) had breast surgery. Do you ever feel pressured to change the way you look to fit in? What do you think of the practice of girls changing their appearance in general?

How would you characterize most girls in the industry? Do they genuinely enjoy sex are are they just acting and actually kind of jaded? Is there competition between people to have their picture/name on covers and get lead roles?

Lastly, it's a bit of an odd question, but why do you think people view the porn industry th way they do? I've read your tumblr a few times, and you come across very well-spoken/articulate, so I was wondering if the same could be said by other actors/actresses. I think Kayden Kross has written for a few blogs, Nina Hartley and Sasha Grey are pretty smart too, and I recently learned that Bobbi Starr graduated university with a music degre and plays the oboe. There's a ton more with degrees or worked in various fields before they ended up doing porn. I think it's a common view (or misconception) that people who end up doing porn do so because they don't have anything else going on for them. What do you think of that? Are people just demonizing an industry because it's socially taboo/unaceptable?

IAmStoya1064 karma

DP did ask me once if I wanted a boob job. I declined.

The adult industry, like any industry, has a wide variety of workers who are in it for different reasons. There's a full range from girls who really like sex and do porn for the opportunity to get into super depraved stuff in a safe environment through girls who are purely motivated by the money. I don't know about competition between people to be on covers and get lead roles, because I've been a contract performer for almost all of my career and those things are guaranteed for us.

I think the stereotypical way of people viewing the porn industry is a stereotype. I very rarely meet people who think performers are dumb or must be abused. Most of those spend too much time on 4chan.

UnitedGeekdom204 karma

I really enjoy and am happy seeing women in the porn industry who are as intelligent as you. So hopefully the stereotype will fade. Also what porn vids do you recommend for females? I'm really picky. The only ones I bought and enjoyed were pirates I and II. My boyfriend is happy with that of course. :)

IAmStoya194 karma

Picky, huh? What appealed to you about Pirates?

UnitedGeekdom150 karma

Just full on sex makes me uncomfortable. I always love stories and role playing. The pirates movies reminded me of pulps. I do have a fascination for vintage softcore and my bf finds odd old magazines full of those things and gives them to me. I love the clothes they wear and the cheesiness. I hoard vintage porn on my computer so I don't know if that helps.

Thank you by the way. I'm flattered to get a response.

IAmStoya291 karma

Digital has a whole line of purposefully campy vocational themed movies (Teachers, Nurses, Top Guns). Most of Wicked's product is about as plot driven as porn gets. Also, Burning Angel has some great hipster style comedy features.

[deleted]413 karma

How exactly did you end up in this business?

IAmStoya733 karma

I had a friend/roommate who wanted to start shooting for and and it sounded fun. Posing for nude photos ended up being so time consuming and profitable it became my full time job and after a few years of softcore work I was approached to do a couple of hardcore videos. That sounded fun too, and at 20 the decision making process mostly involved "Do I care about the reasons not to? Then why not?"

ProfessionalRaptor309 karma


IAmStoya452 karma

When I encounter a misconception and have the energy to get worked up about it I usually write some kind of blog. I think safer sex precautions in porn could use a revisiting even though I've covered it a couple of times already (old tumblr post and a video for Fleshbot last year)

BloodyNora145 karma

No offence to others in your profession, but you seem a lot more intelligent than I was expecting. Do you find that a lot of people assume you're stupid because of your job?

IAmStoya241 karma


jjbay284 karma

Hi, Stoya! Big fan (uhh, is that acceptable to say?). Anyway, what was your most memorable experience on film?

IAmStoya471 karma

Definitely my DP scene in "Bad Girls #something"... it was super intense and the former owner of Digital Playground said he's never seen a performer so happy to be on a porn set.

Mastersam16257 karma

Do you have a penis size preference or prefer larger penises now that you've done porn? Also, are the mens sizes as big in real life as they are on screen?

IAmStoya659 karma

Yes, they're as big in real life as they appear on screen. No, I do not prefer larger penises now that I've done porn. It's super fun to get stretched to the limit and be pounded by an abnormally large dick for a couple of days, but I don't think I could actually handle one of those daily in my personal life. Do you know how much it sucks to be turned on but too sore to have sex? It sucks a lot.

hodayathink253 karma

If you could perform with one person that left the industry before you entered it, who would it be?

IAmStoya552 karma

Oh! Wait! Jean Val Jean. I had him off camera and he was superb. Shame it wasn't recorded for posterity.

IAmStoya183 karma

I'm not sure if Rocco counts because he does still perform but only for his own stuff, but my first pick would be him.

waceyy248 karma

First of all I would just like to say that I am a huge fan of yours. So my question is: How is fucking James Deen different from fucking other porn stars? (Also, do you think that James Deen would be willing to do an AMA as well?)

IAmStoya389 karma

Personally, we have super ultra amazing chemistry. In a more general way, James (like Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete and a few others that aren't coming to mind right this second) actually connects. He looks you in the eyes. He holds hands. He kind of digs around in your head and figures out what you're into as opposed to having a routine that happens with every scene.

I don't know if he'd do an AMA. Why don't you ask him? People asking me via twitter is why I did one :)

[deleted]245 karma

First off, I'm a fan of all your work. You're an amazing performer. I would like to know if you consider pornography as a form of art. Also, how successful has the Stoya Destroya been for you? I really want one!

IAmStoya494 karma

Really successful. I keep having male friends who've had sex with my vagina have sex with it and they say that while it isn't the same it's pretty cool.

IAmStoya356 karma

Oh.. pornography as a form of art... missed that part. I would not call my video work with Digital or photo layouts for Club, Penthouse, etc. art. I would call the shots that Steven Klein took of me for Richardson art. Pornography and art are both pretty undefined, so it's a tough to generalize it.

gilnebran242 karma

You don't seem to film a lot of stuff, but you also seem pretty popular. Why don't you film more?

IAmStoya502 karma

1) Because I'm a contract girl. That's how the contract girl system works.

2) Because sometimes I get bored with it. That spark goes missing and I know the scenes won't be as good as they should be. Since I only shoot a few scenes a year anyway, I take time off if I'm feeling less interested in it. I'd rather shoot less and have the work be better.

[deleted]201 karma


IAmStoya281 karma

I don't watch much porn at home, but I don't watch much of anything at home.