I've been a part of the show for a very long time and part of a lot of different musical experiences. I'd love to share stories and talk about things with all of you!

My girlfriend convinced me to do this. I don't know what I'm getting myself into.

EDIT: Oh yeah, here's proof!

my twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/AlexFosterLive my website: http://www.alexfostermusic.com

DOUBLE-EDIT: Hey guys, I'm really enjoying this AMA and I'm just letting you all know that the best way to support me or instrumental music is to maybe check out my latest album or (god forbid) buy it? It's called Alex Foster's Condition. That'd be nice. [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/alexfoster]

THIRD-EDIT: I'd love it if you guys asked me some questions about jazz and my experiences with those musicians!

FOURTH-EDIT: Alright guys, we've been at this for about 6 hours. This has been a great eye-opening experience, maybe we can do another AMA later if you guys want! So we can answer some other questions for the people that we missed. Thanks so much for being a great audience and we wish you all a good evening and a wonderful life.

Thanks for the good time and question, check out the CD please and support instrumental music!


Last last edit: Or you know, like my facebook page... or... something. Thanks! Last last last edit: This is his girlfriend, I realized I could link you guys to a full track from the album! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtcHC7ex1aE&feature=relmfu Enjoy! :) Have a great night! We had tons of fun.

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IAmAlexFoster542 karma

Hey guys, I forgot to mention a really great way to support me and instrumental music would be to check out my latest album (or god forbid, buy it), "Alex Foster's Condition"- I'm sure you internet people will find it somewhere.

or... http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/alexfoster

EDIT: I can tell if you buy it... YOU ALL MAKE ME SAD. D: At least listen to it on Spotify?

Vaypo143 karma

What is this? Some sort of shameless plug?

Just kidding, upvote!

P.S. Do you partake in the burning of trees?

IAmAlexFoster212 karma

I do not! I am completely sober.

Nappyheadedbro206 karma

What do you think of this guy..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaoLU6zKaws

IAmAlexFoster257 karma

... he's a bit out of tune?

[deleted]177 karma


IAmAlexFoster211 karma

Gain as much mastery of your instrument as you can, so if you want to be a professional musician you can fit into a lot of different musical situations. That way you will not be limited to what musical situations you can fit into. Be prepared.

cclef135 karma

What school did you go to? Any advice for how to choose a music school? I'm getting my grad degree at the University of Maryland and it was SO hard to figure out where to apply/how to find a school. I'm lucky I landed in the right place.

IAmAlexFoster203 karma

I went to San Francisco Conservatory, Curtiss Institute and the Institute for Advanced Musical Studies in Switzerland... I dropped out of all three- I am not a good person to answer this question!

cclef110 karma

I have a great friend at the San Fransisco Conservatory and another friend who dropped out of it (still a fantastic oboe player).
Have you found the things you learned at your schools to be valuable? What are your thoughts on theory and aural skills (I'm getting my phd in theory so I'm extra curious about it).

IAmAlexFoster28 karma

What I learned in schools is what gave me the confidence to move to New York. I think theory and aural skills are absolutely imperative if you're going to be an improvisor, there is no avoiding it! It doesn't mean that you have to be able to look at chord changes, but you have to understand the relationships between chords and scales. You have to know what to do what you hear it! Look at all of the great "sightless" musicians. If you want to be a fluent musician, it's necessary.

Trapped_in_Reddit144 karma

Do you feel any pressure to laugh during the monologue? I always feel second-hand uncomfortable for the band when the host is bombing.

IAmAlexFoster131 karma

No, because I'm off camera usually, but I can't speak for anyone else! But I'm assuming... let a smile be your umbrella probably goes into effect.

blueboybob91 karma

who is the one gentlemen center row right who is ALWAYS on camera laughing. He has dreadlocks.

IAmAlexFoster229 karma

On the bandstand? Probably Tuffus Zimbabwe, our keyboardist.

buffcat249 karma

What an awesome name

IAmAlexFoster175 karma

He does.

ARMENIAN_headies131 karma

Do you guys ever do any improv type jams off camera or during practice?

IAmAlexFoster357 karma

Yeah, we do something we call "sound sculpture" which is totally free improvisation. It generally happens almost every rehearsal at some point between at least 2 or 3 of the band members. Sometimes it explodes to the full band.

Because... we're musicians and we want to be free?

yourdadsbff54 karma

Is there perchance a video clip of one of these "sound sculptures" available for our viewing pleasure?

IAmAlexFoster59 karma

Unfortunately, not that I'm aware of- sorry!

lax13117 karma

A couple of questions coming from a rising Jazz Saxophonist who's in high school right now.

  • What is the most productive way to practice?
  • What can I do when I practice to get the most out of it?
  • What was the easiest way for you to get around to being able to play around the changes? I find that I have difficulty connecting my phrases from chord to chord.

IAmAlexFoster313 karma

Practice long tones for a half hour every day, practice all of your scales and chords and when presented with a new tune to learn- practice up and down the chords (arpeggiations) and locating and determining the scales REPEATEDLY until you get the 'sound' of the song in your head. Find the notes that resonate with the melody of the song and fit into the chord, loop it, you'll start to hear it naturally on your own.

bcbcbc12342 karma

That is awesome advice! I'm a freshman music major with an emphasis on saxophone and I love hearing new ways of practicing! Feel free to share any other tips haha

IAmAlexFoster71 karma

Definitely play along with records. But when you're practicing your exercises, always push the velocity as far as you can do it. Do the whole range of speed that you can possibly play at, and that way it gets lodged in your subconscious.

SimonNoGarfunkel116 karma

Have you ever used your sax as a weapon?

IAmAlexFoster778 karma

A weapon of loveeeeee.

FartsMcMasters100 karma

Does the band ever jam with the musical guests before/after? Any good stories? Thanks!

IAmAlexFoster175 karma

In the 80s and 90s the band was more involved with the musical guests because in those days horns were more of a part of pop music. So in short, yes. We rehearsed with Bruce Willis for two days to learn one blues... that was interesting.

dmcnelly73 karma

Do you think that horns are ever going to make a prominent return to pop music?

IAmAlexFoster165 karma

I'm doubtful.

EDIT: To be honest, I don't know if real instruments as a whole will make a return either. Most pop music made in the US and Europe are made with samples, even if it sounds real it is usually a sample. People's ears have become attuned to those kinds of sounds.

dmcnelly146 karma

When I begin working on my next CD, I am going put real horns in it because there's not enough real horns in music anymore.

IAmAlexFoster140 karma

Good idea.

theshinepolicy40 karma

I just wanted to say I've been working horns into our music for the last year and have loved it. We have gone in kind of a Amy Winehouse / Dap Kings direction (shameless plug) and the horns fit the motown/funk sound so well. I've always loved the outtro theme of SNL, i can't believe that was you the whole time!

IAmAlexFoster61 karma

It's actually not me, it's Lenny Pickett- but thanks!

imstillyourking99 karma

whos the biggest jerk to have hosted?

IAmAlexFoster181 karma

Well, I haven't had any personal run-ins... but I heard Stallone was a little weird.

DDerpDurp90 karma

Jazz trumpet and guitar player here, also senior in high school, I have watched the SNL band in for years in complete awe. It's the one part of the show that I truly enjoy every time, but always gets cut short. You guys are awesome, hopefully get the chance to hear you guys live.

IAmAlexFoster85 karma

Thank you.

FirstLongTimeTime89 karma

Favorite guest host? Favorite guest band? Do you have a day job or is SNL a full time gig?

IAmAlexFoster184 karma

My favorite guest host is probably Alec Baldwin because he's a very nice guy and he's a good actor. My favorite guest band was probably Tina Turner.... SNL has been my full time gig for... a long time.

disoriental78 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing this AMA. I have 2 questions:

  • How did you end up working for Saturday Night Live?
  • Who are your favorite hosts and musical guests, and why?

IAmAlexFoster147 karma

I was rehearsing with Lenny Pickett and the Borneo Horns and he told me that they were thinking to call me for the job in 1985, and when I heard that I called the contractor who I knew as a friend, Lew Delgatto, and he told me to come to the rehearsal. I came to the rehearsal which was right around the corner from where I was living at the time, and right after that they told me I was hired.

Favorite host, Alec Baldwin, favorite musical guest, Tina Turner. Alec because he's very nice. Tina because she's amazing.

johndoe4245 karma

You play Alto, Lenny plays Tenor. Yet, Lenny can play far higher notes than you, can't he? Not a knock against you, just guessing that the man is unparalleled in his control of the higher registers as I always hear him screaming the shit out of that sax in the end credits.

IAmAlexFoster79 karma

Yes, you're right and he can. That's his specialty.

QuebecMeme78 karma

What about drinking and drugs before and after the show? Obviously no names, but COME ON there has to be SOMETHING you can share...

IAmAlexFoster161 karma

After the show, I generally don't go to the after parties but everybody stays pretty contained. The AFTER-after party is a whole other story.

squatly62 karma

go on...

IAmAlexFoster112 karma

I wouldn't know because I don't go!

ast10135 karma

Do SNL read these posts? I'd love to know if they do

IAmAlexFoster96 karma

There are probably a couple of closet redditors in the band...

amburton0877 karma

SO COOL!!! Two Questions: 1) A lot of people say that Lana del Rey was/ is the worst performance in SNL history. Do you agree? 2) What was the aftermath/reaction backstage when the Ashley Simpson Lip-Sync tape screw up? And, How did it happen? Oops, that's three! :D

IAmAlexFoster124 karma

1) No, the Ashley Simpson thing was actually the worst thing. I had never seen anything like it. I don't know if it was the WORST but it definitely wasn't on the high end... worst is pretty big. 2) Her drummer triggered the wrong track, a lot of the acts that come on SNL play along to a track... that's how it happened. The aftermath/reaction was pure disbelief. I understand that the drummer was her boyfriend... so who knows where they are today.

IAmAlexFoster66 karma

Did the romance survive?

amburton0841 karma

That guy was probably blacklisted from her life and the music scene... Or at least he should have been. Oh! Does that happen?

IAmAlexFoster57 karma

Definitely, not officially but it definitely is there.

amburton0838 karma

Do you know of any actor/ musical guests that are not allowed back or on SNL?

IAmAlexFoster36 karma

Not that I know of!

whatthefuckisareddit26 karma

What about Sinéad O'Connor?

IAmAlexFoster35 karma

Not that I'm aware of!

littlemissdangerous74 karma

Here's something I don't get to say to strangers very often- Thank you for, in some small way, being a part of my life for 20+ years. :)

IAmAlexFoster41 karma

Thank you!

ARMENIAN_headies73 karma

Did you ever get to jam with G.E Smith?

IAmAlexFoster137 karma

Of course I jammed with G.E., but he fired me in 1990. But then they hired me back when he got fired in 1995. Everything was a jam with G.E!

[deleted]54 karma

Why did he fire you? Did he want to fire you when he came back? What did you do between 90-95?

IAmAlexFoster114 karma

He said he wanted to "shake things up." He also fired the trumpet player, he thought the horns were voiced too high. He thought it'd be a more satisfying sound for him. But after he fired us, they realized that he was wrong. He rehired the trumpet player, and hired another saxophone player. I was hired back when GE was fired from the show. Between 90-95 I toured in Japan with Michael Franks and playing with the Gil Evans Orchestra. Also playing with Steps Ahead- and actually I was in Japan when I got a call to see if I would return to the show.

MrWhat432 karma

what was it like playing with the Gil Evans Orchestra? That sounds awesome.

IAmAlexFoster56 karma

It was sometimes quite fun, in the early days I started playing with the Gil Evans band because George Adams recommended me to play tenor- when he left, I became the tenor player. It was always a lot of fun and I never spoke to Gil until the very last show we did at Sweet Basil. For some reason we just never spoke. But at the very last show, his sons Noah and Miles literally carried him off the stage because he was so sick. I remember asking Gil when I finally spoke to him, "How are you?" and he said "I'm going to the hospital. That's how I am." That was 1988.

dumlucks61 karma

What kind of gear do you use (sax, mouthpiece, etc.)

IAmAlexFoster98 karma

I'm playing RS Berkeley Virtuoso saxophones and I also use a yanagisawa soprano and on the alto I use a Fred Lamberson custom mouthpiece, on the soprano I use an Otto Link 8. My clarinet is a Buffet with a Charles Bay mouthpiece and my flute, which I play occasionally is a Trevor James heavy wall.

varamartin46 karma

Jesus, otto link 8?? You must have wind turbines for lungs. what reeds do you put on that?

IAmAlexFoster69 karma

2 1/2 Vandoren

dahkink58 karma

If you could choose ANY of the musical guests you've seen on the show and somehow convince them to join the band full-time, who would it be and why?

IAmAlexFoster124 karma

Paul McCartney, because he's a gifted musician. I worked with him on a music video called Stranglehold in 1989 and he was one of the kindest musicians I've ever met.

dahkink44 karma

Love that song (and your choice)! Are you in the video :) ?

IAmAlexFoster96 karma

Yes, I am!

EDIT: ... I was chubbier then. They asked me to send them a picture before the video for the audition, and I sent a picture of when I was 15 pounds lighter. When I got there they said, "Oh, our chubby sax player."

Caltron300044 karma

Justin Timberlake is a frequent guest-star/host of the show. How would you rate him as a performer, musically?

IAmAlexFoster90 karma

I give him high marks, he is quite well trained and quite comfortable on stage!

[deleted]44 karma

Does Steve Turre ever decide to play his conch shells instead of the trombone?

IAmAlexFoster53 karma

It's been on the air many times! You might have missed it?

nasalganglia43 karma

What's the most challenging part of your job?

IAmAlexFoster136 karma

Staying awake until 1 AM.

immerc56 karma

Are you sure you're a musician?

IAmAlexFoster75 karma

Wake up at 9 AM to get there and stay there till 1. That's why I'm tired.

Dingobabies43 karma

Do you ever get to have conversations with the celebrity guests, or the musical guests?

IAmAlexFoster68 karma

It usually depends on how comfortable the host is with their contact with the band... it generally has to do with if they're relaxed and comfortable- a lot of hosts are nervous when they do the show so they tend not to talk that much.

Dingobabies37 karma

Thanks for answering! Another question though. Do you have a close relationship with most members of the band?

IAmAlexFoster62 karma

Yes, the band has been together as a band pretty much for about 25 years! And before that, I knew many of the musicians of the band. Matter of fact, 3 of us grew up in the same area of California, Steve Turre, Lenny Pickett and myself are all from the Bay Area in California.

CheapBeer37 karma

How much would you say the show has changed, in terms of how its run, since when you came aboard and now?

IAmAlexFoster59 karma

It's been run almost exactly the same from the time I came on. When I came, they had the routine basically polished and they haven't really strayed from their original format.

Crunchitize_Me_Capn37 karma

Do you have any good behind-the-scenes stories? Who are/were your favorite cast members?

IAmAlexFoster103 karma

Kristen Wiig is by far one of my favorite cast members and Dana Carvey was great, because they make me laugh. Oh yeah, and Maya Rudolph! One time Lorne Michaels asked me how his suit fit in the wardrobe and I said, "It was nice."

It's a good behind the scenes story because he doesn't talk to anybody.

Rick_Cranium33 karma

Is he really that awkward?

IAmAlexFoster56 karma

I don't know if awkward is the right word. I wouldn't say he's awkward, I just figure that over the years he has found a way to propel the show with minimal interaction with the band.

brunnock34 karma

Do you have a favorite season?

IAmAlexFoster222 karma


bertpie32 karma

any Norm Macdonald stories? Farley, Sandler stories?

IAmAlexFoster52 karma

Norm Macdonald was not one of the favorites of the band. I was also fired from the band during the Farley/Sandler period, sorry!

Ricktron303023 karma

Can you elaborate on that? What did Norm do to draw the band's ire?

IAmAlexFoster48 karma

Band didn't appreciate his humor

YoyoThrowThrow29 karma

How was working with Doctor Luke? Giant Douche control freak with issues or a good dude?

IAmAlexFoster97 karma

Doctor Luke is a sweetheart! That's all there is to say about him. We're friends!

EDIT: he fell asleep on the show one time and hit the pedal board, made a FJKSALDJIWAOJDKSLA noise, I remember

dylan8928 karma

Really cool AMA!!!

Have you ever been asked to take part or have you ever taken part in a skit? Would you ever?

IAmAlexFoster41 karma

I've been in skits on camera, but never with any dialogue!

[deleted]28 karma

Have you ever met Andy Samberg? Is he as funny in person?

IAmAlexFoster50 karma

I introduced Nat and Alex Wolff to him, they were thrilled. He seems like a really nice guy, I don't know if he's as funny in person. I guess we're acquaintances since we work together.

Nkliph27 karma

Doesn't that make you like the longest running cast/staff member?

Do you get to talk to any of the hosts? Who has been the coolest? Who has been the UNcoolest?

IAmAlexFoster65 karma

Oops, I replied halfway to the one above. I am definitely not the longest running member, the majority of the band on the show has been around longer than any cast member. Our musical director Leon Pendarvis has been on the show for 32 years!

IAmAlexFoster58 karma

My favorite guest artist to PLAY with is probably Al Greene, because he's very soulful.

I do get to talk to the hosts, the coolest to talk to is Paul Giamotti, the uncoolest was probably a musical guest.. Anita Baker. I can't think of any weird hosts that I've experienced.

ast10126 karma

I think as further proof you should perform a saxophone theme for reddit!

IAmAlexFoster107 karma

I can dedicate my album to reddit...

k1168925 karma

Who have you most enjoyed working with? Your opinion on the best /worst music artists snl has seen? Tell us Tracy Morgan stories!!

IAmAlexFoster84 karma

In my overall career, I most enjoyed working with Jaco Pastorius. He was the Charlie Parker of the electric bass. That was outside of SNL. The best were Foo Fighters and Paul McCartney. Dave Grohl is killer, and so is the other drummer. Tina Turner was great. The worst... are a lot of the rest.

Tracy is one of the NASTIEST stand up comedians I have ever heard in my life. But he's also a great guy. Well, he told me the other day at the live 30 Rock shoot we did that he has to go through all of his record archives just to find music that he likes.

ballzdeep6942 karma

you worked with jaco? that's heavy.

IAmAlexFoster55 karma

I'd love to hear some questions about Jaco.

ballzdeep6921 karma

what was he like to work with? i always get such conflicting stories about how his personality was like. what year(s) did you work with him? it sounds like it would have been a hell of an experience, his playing always blows me away.

IAmAlexFoster44 karma

I worked with Jaco from 1982 to 1985, he was a very complex person but also the ultimate, complete musician. He was full of surprises. Always. You never knew what to expect from him. But especially in the early years, or the first year I would say with the big bang- even though he was already starting to struggle with his personal problems, was probably one of the most incredible ongoing musical experience in my life.

remedyforreality20 karma

His bass is heavenly! His playing with Joni Mitchell on Hejira always gets me. What was his approach as a creative force to a group of musicians? Would he wrestle for the best performances out of people? How concrete was the sound in his head of what the final song should sound like before a track was even laid?

IAmAlexFoster33 karma

Well, Jaco had a lot of powerful material that he left for the rest of the world- and live, he was always the most dominant force on the stage. He would just sound himself with the best musicians he could get and he wouldn't worry about it. But, if he wasn't satisfied with somebody's playing he would make it clear. Well, if it was big band, it was orchestrated in a way that he was pretty much getting the sound that he was looking for. In the smaller band, it wasn't as rigid, that was left up to the players.

Menestheus_Lives12 karma

Thanks so much for answering these questions. Just out of curiosity, did you play on any records with him? If you did, what was working in the studio with him? I imagine it would have been a pretty intense experience.

IAmAlexFoster21 karma

I played on 2-4 of the Live in NYC records, I played on Invitation and was the lead alto player on Twins. I did do some studio things with him as well outside of those experiences with Pharoah Sanders, and Michael Schreeves (sp?) that were never released. Working in the studio with Jaco was total chaos at the time I did it. It was during his period when he was not as stable as he could be.

[deleted]13 karma

Have you worked with the rest of Weather Report too, or just Jaco?

IAmAlexFoster26 karma

I'm currently working with Victor Bailey, I'm playing with his band May 14th at the Zinc Bar. I've worked with Peter Erskine in Jaco's Big Band, I played Miroslav V. ... I worked with Omar Hakim too.

kal002925 karma

Can you play the theme from Night Court?

IAmAlexFoster98 karma

No. I don't watch TV.

(Girlfriend: He watches tv all the time.)

ARMENIAN_headies24 karma

Were you in the band when The Grateful Dead were on? I would love to hear some stories about that...

IAmAlexFoster20 karma

Unfortunately, no, sorry!

ARMENIAN_headies27 karma


IAmAlexFoster55 karma

Yes, I 'think' I was... but I don't remember anything about it

williemcbride23 karma

What's your favorite fast food restaurant and favorite color?

IAmAlexFoster31 karma

Burger King and green.

[deleted]21 karma

Wasn't it Sanborn that did that signature sax lick in the early theme? Its like a tenor going into alto register? Or maybe that was you all along?

IAmAlexFoster36 karma

What early theme? Could you please clarify?

wqz2320 karma

Whenever a host does their opening, you can see the band in the back laughing. Do the producers tell you guys to laugh or is it actually the first time you hear the jokes?

IAmAlexFoster39 karma

No, the producers don't tell us to laugh but it's also not the first time we hear the jokes

YoyoThrowThrow19 karma

Do you get paid per show? A salary? how much?

IAmAlexFoster59 karma

I get paid for show and I get residuals for reruns! We do 22 shows in the year.

CouchMuffin18 karma

What is the most epic, fun song you have ever played?

IAmAlexFoster54 karma

Teen Town. For sure.

TimMitchell18 karma

What changes have there been since NBC was bought by Comcast?

IAmAlexFoster42 karma

No noticeable changes... yet.

GroinSniper18 karma

Do you keep in touch with GE Smith? What's he like? I saw him in Delray Beach once and wanted to say hi but he kind of scares me. But then I see him playing with Hall and Oates and he doesn't. I'm very confused by him.

IAmAlexFoster30 karma

GE is unpredictable, and like I said earlier... he fired me in 1990- and I thought he was my friend. You never know!

GroinSniper13 karma

Was there a reason given or did he just decide you weren't sax-y enough for him anymore?

IAmAlexFoster10 karma

Stated somewhere else in the AMA, he wanted to "shake things up a bit."

Tropikal14 karma

What are the rehearsals for monologues and pre-show perfomances like? Are they as fluid as the live show or do the performers mess up a lot? Does the band ever mess up?

IAmAlexFoster29 karma

Of course it's not what finally hits the air but generally it goes very smoothly. The actual monologues are edited up until the live show. We do a dress rehearsal from 8-10 and after that the monologue goes into final edit. Sometimes the band will be edited out or in the monologue. Sometimes we'll be edited into a play off of the monologue... the show is in constant evolution up until the point to when we air- things are constantly subject to change.

KevinBaconAndEggs13 karma

What the hell is making that Taser-like sound in the opening credits?

IAmAlexFoster19 karma

Send me a link so I can figure it out!

hobbes_tcbc12 karma

Hey man! I have been playing sax as well for the past 8 years, and am first chair in my wind ensemble on Alto, and 2nd Tenor in jazz.

I have a few questions.

  1. Favorite style to play?

  2. Favorite sax you have?

  3. How often do you practice/ did you practice while in school?

  4. How is the pay in general for being a saxophonist? How much would you be making if you were not on SNL?

Thanks in advance!

IAmAlexFoster33 karma

  1. Jazz.
  2. To be honest, all three that I own are my favorites. None over the other.
  3. In high school, I would practice between 2-4 hours a day and now I don't practice much but if I am presented with some music that is challenging I will spend whatever time is needed to feel comfortable playing it.
  4. The pay scale generally for an instrumentalist now, especially a horn player or string player (non rhythm section) is quite low. You couldn't support a family in New York on what you would make playing music if that was all you did. If I wasn't on SNL, I'd be hustling a lot harder for other work, I'd probably be teaching at a school. It would be less.

meatybeast11 karma


IAmAlexFoster14 karma

Tom Malone and I played together in the Gil Evans Orchestra, I did a couple of Tom's solo albums back in the 90s, and I'm going to see him on the Gil Evans Centennial Celebration in NYC on May 21st.

rbaix11 karma

  • What are the last 5 (or so) albums you've purchased?

  • Have any recent musical guests caught your attention?

  • What do you usually do during the sketches?

  • Do you choose any of the music you play on the show?

IAmAlexFoster32 karma

Oh yeah, and FYI, you might hear 2-4 seconds of a song we're playing- but the band actually plays the entire commercial time- most people don't hear that!

IAmAlexFoster28 karma

I honestly don't remember the last time I bought a record, but people give me their records all the time. Paul Simon's manager gave me his record recently... I've been listening to a lot of indian music lately.

Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney definitely have my attention. During the sketches... I wait for my cue. No, it's all pre-selected by Lenny Pickett- sometimes they are songs I've written, I have a few in the book. However, it's all programmed by Lenny.

Wiffernubbin11 karma

Christopher Walken Stories?

IAmAlexFoster20 karma

He's one of my favorite hosts, and I hope that he hosts again sometime soon! He was always a professional, other than that I actually don't really have any "stories."

Urbo11 karma

Hi Alex! I am in the studio right now working with Ammo and Dr Luke. They say hello.

IAmAlexFoster14 karma


IAmAlexFoster13 karma

I say hello back... give me a gig!!!

toddtoven6911 karma

How can I get James Genus to call me up to sub for him?

IAmAlexFoster23 karma

Actually a lot of the sub calls come from Lenny, not James. A lot of the decision making definitely comes from Lenny- James certainly makes suggestions. If you want to get recommended, go to one of his gigs so he knows who you are.