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Favorite guest host? Favorite guest band? Do you have a day job or is SNL a full time gig?

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What are you studying at university? Your english seems to be pretty good, have you been studying english all your life?

And as for proof, you could take a photo of your school i.d. card (block out whatever information your don't want us to see) and have a piece of paper next to it saying something like "Hi reddit. May 3rd 2012 iliketothink"

EDIT: grandma

EDIT2: Gramma auto-corrected to Grandma. Leaving it, made me laugh. GRAMMAR

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How do you make a living? Are you paid (sponsorships) for rowing? Are you extremely busy and balance a full time job on the side?

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How do we know your not really Wayne Gretzky?

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To make things really interesting, i vote the shots be taken every 50 upvotes.