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to just hire some developers and build some websites

Building a website that has internet marketing power is not that simple. The average business owner in my area who has tried to make a website has failed utterly to make any presence online (those are the people I try to help). Its a different skill set and most web developers don't specialize in it.

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You play Alto, Lenny plays Tenor. Yet, Lenny can play far higher notes than you, can't he? Not a knock against you, just guessing that the man is unparalleled in his control of the higher registers as I always hear him screaming the shit out of that sax in the end credits.

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Its not inconceivable that the words would be badly spelled.

On August 8, 1969, Donald and Bettye Harden of Salinas, California, cracked the 408-symbol cryptogram. It contained a misspelled message in which the killer claimed to be collecting slaves for the afterlife.

The actual message had words like "FORREST" and "DANGEROUE" and "PARADICE"

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Amazing comment in retrospect...

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X1-X3 is probably my favorite in all games ever. As a guitarist, the riffs and licks on those games were out of this world. I still hear the Spark Mandrill theme in my head from time to time. Usually guitar composers never deviate out of a certain "box," but MMX composers regularly used key changes, chromatics, interesting scales, beautiful melodies and overall catchiness. It's definitely not something I've found anywhere else outside of Chrono Cross' guitar-led tracks.

Please bring whoever was responsible for that back?