Alex Foster

known for playing alto sax in the Saturday Night Live house band

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A weapon of loveeeeee.

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Hey guys, I forgot to mention a really great way to support me and instrumental music would be to check out my latest album (or god forbid, buy it), "Alex Foster's Condition"- I'm sure you internet people will find it somewhere.


EDIT: I can tell if you buy it... YOU ALL MAKE ME SAD. D: At least listen to it on Spotify?

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Yeah, we do something we call "sound sculpture" which is totally free improvisation. It generally happens almost every rehearsal at some point between at least 2 or 3 of the band members. Sometimes it explodes to the full band.

Because... we're musicians and we want to be free?

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Practice long tones for a half hour every day, practice all of your scales and chords and when presented with a new tune to learn- practice up and down the chords (arpeggiations) and locating and determining the scales REPEATEDLY until you get the 'sound' of the song in your head. Find the notes that resonate with the melody of the song and fit into the chord, loop it, you'll start to hear it naturally on your own.

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... he's a bit out of tune?

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On the bandstand? Probably Tuffus Zimbabwe, our keyboardist.

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I do not! I am completely sober.

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Gain as much mastery of your instrument as you can, so if you want to be a professional musician you can fit into a lot of different musical situations. That way you will not be limited to what musical situations you can fit into. Be prepared.

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I went to San Francisco Conservatory, Curtiss Institute and the Institute for Advanced Musical Studies in Switzerland... I dropped out of all three- I am not a good person to answer this question!