As requested last night. We are both going to Answer the questions with our own perspective. So my answers will be HIM and then hers will be HERS. Ok go!

Edit, here is the original post I put up.

Edit: Her Response to my ad and our 1st emails to each others

Edit: aww

Edit: Time Stamp Request.

Edit. This is our throwaway for this, someone requested it last night

Edit. Ok everyone. Time for sleep, now 242am. Thanks for the questions.

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AbeautifulMan1304 karma

This is the most hipster shit I've ever read in my life. You two are made for each other(for the next 3-5 years)

SammyDavisJesus325 karma

i originally requested this AMA so THANKS for responding and being so candid you guys! it's truley a romantic notion that something as far fetched as missed connections can lead to a long lasting relationship. and it's only a matter of time before ashton kutcher and zooey deschanel star in a rom-com based on your story.

AlmostMissedConnecti148 karma

HIM: Would we get the royalties? Cause I'm in!! And thanks for requesting this, had no idea we should ever do an AMA about it. We were both sitting on the couch last night and saw the request. What made you ask? Just curious. And thanks again.

AlmostMissedConnecti106 karma

Her: Ooooo that was you! Actually I feel like I should thank you, I can't tell you how quicky the warm-fuzziness of it all came rushing back. Tiss a nice feeling.

Xovaan314 karma

Hey, OP! I met my current girlfriend from missed connections as well. She's actually the best and most awesome girlfriend I've ever had. (I might be biased) Who knew this shit worked?

Original message:

She'll never admit to it though. Ever. I think it's hilarious.

AlmostMissedConnecti63 karma

Him: Sweet! Congrats. I dont admit to it either so I understand her stance.

IrrelevantUsernames7 karma

Why don't you admit to it? It's a pretty adorable story and a lot of people meet online these days.

AlmostMissedConnecti6 karma

Her: he gets bashful.

xBarracuda229 karma

Can we get a picture of you two together? And thats actually pretty cool!

AlmostMissedConnecti371 karma

Her: ask and ye shall receive!

longdongT844 karma

Lets be honest, everyone who clicks that is expecting ugly.

Excentinel676 karma

Yep. I clicked expecting two hambeasts and was pleasantly surprised.

AlmostMissedConnecti418 karma

Her: Upvote for use of "hambeasts"

AlmostMissedConnecti100 karma

That is funny.

Sqk7700144 karma

You two make a cute pair

AlmostMissedConnecti102 karma

Her: Thanky kindly!

StrikingCrayon94 karma

I came to ask the impolite question of are you "conventionally attractive". Glad to see that unnecessary as pictures have been provided. Upvote all around for openness.

AlmostMissedConnecti73 karma


i_practice_santeria256 karma



AlmostMissedConnecti103 karma

both muahhaha

TheAceMan61 karma

Glad to see you are still going with the black hat a year and a half later.

AlmostMissedConnecti102 karma

Her: Me too! hah actually I gave him that hat in the photo!

AlmostMissedConnecti99 karma

HIM: I still have the other hat, but its ripped.

SuddenlyHorny91 karma

I like how you guys reply separately. Sneaky karma trick. Oh you!

AlmostMissedConnecti92 karma

Her: oh throwaway account!

Milovic32 karma

I assume that's the green dress as well?

AlmostMissedConnecti157 karma

Her: No actually, it was a green skirt that i bought that day his memory is just terrible

[deleted]138 karma


AlmostMissedConnecti88 karma

HIM: Whoa..... How did that happen?

[deleted]146 karma


AlmostMissedConnecti89 karma

Her: you guys should post your story! it's even more improbable than ours!

AlmostMissedConnecti116 karma

HIM: Yeah, I went on their a few times and it was just people cursing at me. That is amazing.

NullCharacter135 karma

I don't have much in the way of a question but as someone who met his current girlfriend in a similar serendipitous manner, this is fucking awesome. It really gives me hope.

Congrats to you guys and I really, really wish all the best for both of you.

AlmostMissedConnecti75 karma

HIM: Thanks man. What is your story?

AlmostMissedConnecti29 karma

Her: I wanna know the story!

aneffigy114 karma

Had you talked with her before you posted the ad? Was it a completely random encounter? How'd you explain how you met to your parents?

AlmostMissedConnecti476 karma

Her: Completely random, but as it turned out we almost met a whole bunch of times. We always missed each other by a few days or a month. I found out on our second or third date that not only was he invited to the new years party I went to (that he did not) but also he was friend with a lot of my friend's friends. That same night I had told him about a birthday party I was going to for my friend {insert boy name here}. He asked "wait do you mean {insert same boy first name + last} on friday night?" to which I excited exclaimed that they were one in the same.

I guess we just weren't meant to miss each other anymore.

glass_bottle670 karma

I don't know how to say this, but I think you've been target by the Adjustment Bureau. Look for classy hats. That's the only advice I can give you.

AlmostMissedConnecti20 karma

Her: someone else said that too!

AlmostMissedConnecti108 karma

HIM: Yeah totally random. Went to buy sweaters, wasn't looking, trying, and to be honest even caring to meet anyone. I had just got out of a relationship that made me want to get out of a moving vehicle and run like hell, so I was really not even looking. But when I saw her I just had a nagging gut feeling that I should say something, and when I didn't I just threw it to the universe with a random craigslist ad, never expected to get a response.

i_practice_santeria51 karma

Can we hear from her on what brought her to Craigslist Connections that day? I noticed she responded the same day you posted the ad.

AlmostMissedConnecti100 karma

Her: I think I posted that earlier, but it just kinda popped in my head to do it. I never had before and I don't know why I knew I just did. He later admitted to send me "you will go to missed connections" brain wave commands. Whatever it was I'm happy I did.

i_practice_santeria40 karma

Did you have him in mind when you checked? Had you thought about him at all after that short meeting and before you saw the ad?

AlmostMissedConnecti130 karma

Her: I did! He was on my mind the whole car ride back actually, I have to admit I was quite smitten.

ololcopter102 karma

omfg you strange strange people, I am really happy for you (in all seriousness). I was recently perusing the 'missed-connections' section as I do for time to time for my own amusement and I was thinking, musing, meditating and wondering "wtf is wrong with these people? Has anybody ever met anybody here?"

And like mana from the heavens this story falls into my lap, affirming that some star-crossed destiny shit went down and lasted at least one.five years.

you quirky kids you, keep it real

AlmostMissedConnecti49 karma

Her: I <3 you!!! "mana from the heavens" priceless!

AlmostMissedConnecti125 karma

HIM: Oh great dude, now she loves you. I'm keeping half of the dog.

ololcopter67 karma

:p thx but sounds like you two are a good enough match already.. i can see it already, "woman leaves man, man rips dog in half." ppl'd be like 'wtf happened' but i would know, goddamnit. i would know.

AlmostMissedConnecti45 karma

HIM: Its a LAZY dog. I don;t think she would even know.

AlmostMissedConnecti36 karma

Her: this made me cackle! thanks for the laugh!

All_the_other_kids60 karma

I have been watching this thread. It really restores my hopes in finding the right girl. congrats to the both of you and for everyone else I AJ'd this whole thread, free upvotes!

AlmostMissedConnecti66 karma

HIM: I have to say I had a series of awful relationships, it was only when I totally surrendered and really did not give a shit that it came along. The world is a strange place. Good luck to you man.

AlmostMissedConnecti31 karma

Her: Hooray!

talentedtraveler55 karma

Where did you go on your first date?

All_the_other_kids234 karma

Probably third base

AlmostMissedConnecti174 karma

HIM: Nah dude, I'm a gentleman.... at first.

AlmostMissedConnecti139 karma

Her: he is!

AlmostMissedConnecti159 karma

Her: Like he said, we went hiking and bowling (I lost every round). We stopped and sat in the bar part, he got drunk and cute, I was to busy being nervous and smitten to drink too much and talked for a solid 3 hours.

Ooo one thing he did forget though was we stopped at this hole in the wall local bar after our bowling adventure, as soon as we walked in everyone stopped talking, I mean they instantly hated us. I guess we intruded on their townee thing or something but he took it all in stride and walked straight to the jukebox put on tatu - all the things she said and I think a madonna song or two and we just sat at the bar soaking up the hate emanating from everyone. It was fantastic.

AlmostMissedConnecti94 karma

HIM: In the ad I was trying to be cute so I mentioned skee ball. Instead we explored a strange facility that stores documents in a mountain, then we went bowling where I got kind of drunk on wine and told people at the bowling alley bar Michael Jackson jokes. After that we went to her place where we sat on the couch sharing youtube vids with each other, then I left like a gentleman.

AnonUhNon39 karma

You explored Iron Mountain?

AlmostMissedConnecti48 karma

Her: that we did, but we couldn't get to anything good, I think he peed in the parking lot though.

All_the_other_kids45 karma

Wow, I think the chances of that are extremely slim. I browse CG maybe 3-4 a week and any of the m4f etc etc missed connections etc etc maybe twice a month for kicks.

About 2 months ago I posted a missed connection to a cute girl in a big red truck who flipped me off. What are my chances?

AlmostMissedConnecti69 karma

HIM: Haha. I hope pretty good, she sounds feisty.

All_the_other_kids38 karma

That's exactly what I thought! Big red truck, check. Country girl, check. Fiesty, check.

We could go 4x4'ng together :(

AlmostMissedConnecti53 karma

HIM: I hope it happens for you man, what road was it, just go back and drive like an asshole to get her attention. Sometimes you have to force fate.

All_the_other_kids30 karma

In front of my local college. My chances will greatly increase when I enroll again :) I think if it truly is her I will run into her bumper for forced small talk

AlmostMissedConnecti49 karma

HIM: Totally. That could not go badly at all :) Good luck man.

[deleted]40 karma

How long did it take after she contacted you for you guys to meet again in person? Where you at all nervous that it wouldn't be who you expected it to be?

AlmostMissedConnecti142 karma

HIM: We met on a weekend, and went out the following. It was pretty quick. I was nervous a bit at first, but it went extremely smooth, we had a ton of stuff in common to talk about and the whole entire date went by without one of the awkward, "what the fuck do I say moments." Which in my experience is pretty rare.

AlmostMissedConnecti137 karma

Her: aww mister you get an upvote for that.

AlmostMissedConnecti50 karma

Her: Hah! Imagine! Some random creeper just playing like it was him, holy jebus I never even thought about that!

another-work-acct34 karma

You lucky fucker...

AlmostMissedConnecti67 karma

HIM: I paid my karmic debt upfront, you should date some of my exes.

AlmostMissedConnecti41 karma

HIM: And yes, I am very very lucky.

AlmostMissedConnecti29 karma

Her: I'd like to think so!

SaraJeanQueen28 karma

Was this the first Missed Connection you posted? The first time she checked it? Tell the truth :)

AlmostMissedConnecti43 karma

Her: yeah, as I said before; I NEVER go on missed connections, I never used it before but knew I should just check it out this one time.

AlmostMissedConnecti96 karma

HIM: I did send her psychic/telepathetic signals while driving home feeling like a coward saying "I'm going to post this on craigslist, go look!" Didn't expect it to work. When it did I tried bending a spoon like in the Matrix. That didn't work.

lalit00840 karma

Maybe you'll have better luck dodging a bullet

AlmostMissedConnecti47 karma

Im going to skip trying that one.

AlmostMissedConnecti39 karma

HIM: Yeah, absolutely the 1st ever. 1 for 1.

Troggie4227 karma

Note to self: Mention Skee Ball. Bitches love Skee Ball.

AlmostMissedConnecti23 karma

Her: I will admit that was the line that completely won me over.

[deleted]25 karma

When you tell people the story of how you met and got together, do you tell them the part of the story that involves craigslist?

Do you think that internet dating (or meeting people after talking to them on the internet) in general is viewed down upon in today's society?

AlmostMissedConnecti38 karma

Her: He does't like it so much, so I avoid the whole story and leave it at a "we met at a goodwill". It really does't bother me though, but I chalk that up to my hopeless romantic tendencies being through the roof. He on the other hand I think gets bashful at what other people will think (correct me if I'm wrong here mister).

hah don't tell him I told but that's why we had to create a throwaway account.

AlmostMissedConnecti34 karma

HIM: Good question. To be honest I am somewhat embarrassed sometimes, so I usually just say we met at a goodwill. Or if she starts to tell the whole story and how romantic it is I give her the "Don't go there" eyes, but it is pretty rare so I should just be ok with.

As for internet dating if it works for people why not. With this I did meet her first, but sometimes its hard to meet folks, so the more tools you have for finding folks why not.

AlmostMissedConnecti24 karma

HIM: My girlfriend is posting the original ad right now. Just one moment.

AlmostMissedConnecti22 karma

Her: Posted!

detaer18 karma

Got ya beat, 5 years in july. :)

Congrats to you both!

AlmostMissedConnecti11 karma

Her: Ooo what's your story?

detaer29 karma

I posted it before but I am pretty sure I can type it up faster than finding it.

I went to a cafe on a break from work, and flited with the lady behind the counter. After the flirting coffee lady went home and posted a missed connection. I don't read missed connections, so I didn't see it.

My coworker was dating someone at the time and they used to post messages for eachother using code words in missed connections. While he was scanning for a coded note from his lady he was able to identify me by my the hat I was wearing along with a few things she quoted me as saying in the listing. He forwarded it over to me.

I talked to her a few times and we went on a date. Skip forward a bit and now here we are!

AlmostMissedConnecti9 karma

very cool.

krustin55017 karma

What did you think the chances were that she'd respond (him)?

Were you looking/hoping to find the missed connection, or did you just casually "happen" upon it (her)?

Was that the only missed connection you had done (for both)?

Congrats to both of you guys.

AlmostMissedConnecti68 karma

HIM: I thought the odds were basically Nil. I was definitely freaked out when within 3 hours she had responded and we were chatting on Gmail. Which by the way she used a fake Gmail at first incase I was a rapist. Which makes sense.

And Thanks!

AlmostMissedConnecti84 karma

Her: Well you could have been!!!

shiftywalruseyes122 karma

He still might be... ಠ_ಠ

ThrillinglyHeroic97 karma

He's just very patient and very dedicated.

AlmostMissedConnecti63 karma


khanpak14 karma

Hmm all the answers so far are from HIM... Are you sure you didn't make this all up in your head

AlmostMissedConnecti95 karma

HIM: I am sure, she is picking photos, she will be answering in one moment. And if it is all in my head I am doing a fantastic job. Masturbation has improved 200%.

AlmostMissedConnecti17 karma

Her: i'm real, pinky swear!

phiberoptick14 karma

if you have a son together will you name him craig?

AlmostMissedConnecti78 karma

HIM: We are both hoping to spawn no lifeforms. Funny story, a guy I know bragged to me about of this trick he can do where he can have an orgasm but hold in his ejaculation. He is having a kid in 3 months.

phiberoptick6 karma

that "trick" sounds painful

AlmostMissedConnecti12 karma

Him: And it doesn't work. Dont try at home.

lookylieu12 karma

Stuff like this makes me want to believe that certain people are just meant to be. :)

AlmostMissedConnecti20 karma

HIM: Its funny too because we missed each other so many times. We lived 4 blocks from each other in high school, lived in two of same small towns at the same time, and knew the same friends. Ironically if I never posted the ad I probably would have met her at a friends birthday party again the next month, we both were invited through different friends.

Also we she was crashing at the state college I went to while I was there.

millionyearsummer9 karma

Can we hear the girlfriend's side of the story? And also for her, what was it like when you first saw the CL ad: ecstatic? bemused? a bit creeped out?

AlmostMissedConnecti45 karma

Her: I posted that here

as far as my reaction, I was all of that and more. I was excited that we posted and happy that he didn't pass me by and bouncy when I saw it and had a wtf moment when I though about how the idea popped into my head right after I left Goodwill. I NEVER go on missed connections, I only just barely knew of it, never used it before but knew I should just check it out this one time.

Then it got even weirder when we started talking about all the times we "just missed each other" throughout the history of our lives...I have to say I was smitten off the bat but the happenstance of it all just sent me head over heels.

sdhsdj9 karma

My question for HER, did you go to Craigslist to post an ad about this guy in Goodwill too but he beat you to it?

AlmostMissedConnecti15 karma

Her: Nope, I knew he posted.

Sqk77008 karma

Who posted the missed connection? Did the other person see the ad or did a friend bring it to their attention? What did the ad say?

AlmostMissedConnecti43 karma

Her: first off he has a memory of goldfish but he's got it mostly right : p

I saw him when I first walked into the store. I remember I circled the front counter he was standing by three g'damn times trying to get his attention. Then I gave up and went on my way to look at the skirt section. I looked up every once in a while to see if he was still there and then I lost him and gave up and went to the check out.

Turned out he was behind me and got online right after me. I remember we made horrible small talk, I giggled, tried to stall online, then paid the lady at the counter and said "It was nice meeting ya mister". I walked away totally pissed I didn't ask him his name, number, anything and decided "ok i'm gonna wait outside by my car for him, I can totally do this."

He came out side, beelined straight for his car and I couldn't even get a "Hello" out.

I got in my car and as soon as I got a block away from the Goodwill the idea popped into my head to check craigslist missed and I did as soon as I got home. Oooo wait I totally have my reply! I'll post it too!

AlmostMissedConnecti37 karma

HIM: I posted the connection. I was shopping at Goodwill after a night of not sleeping, and saw my now girlfriend also shopping. She came and stood next to my on line after seeing my eyeing her a bit. We exchanged a few sentences and made some minor jokes, but that was it. She left the store after she bought her stuff. I told myself if she was still outside when I was done I would grow a pair and approach.

I got outside and she was there, "Folding" her clothes on the hood of the car. I made quick eye contacted and then gunned to my own car like a coward. I even called my buddy as I was driving away and told him I just met the female version of me and blew it.

I got home, posted the ad at once, and literally within 3 hours she responded. Really surprising.

carBoard7 karma

for HER what inspired you to check CL that day?

AlmostMissedConnecti24 karma

Her: well besides his sexyness (as he so eloquently put it) I donno, I just knew to check, I got in my car drove a bit home and it just kinda popped up in my mind. He told me that he was sending me brain waves signaling to go check craigs list when I got home. hah I guess that helped in some way too.