EDIT: Two things I wanted to note; 1. I am not the tweeter who is seen in the screen cap bashing reddit. 2. This is not the AMA people!

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cpcallen587 karma

Apparently not all of her followers are big fans of reddit...

GoodLeftUndone256 karma

Yeah I noticed that as well. Although, all that matters is that she is so haters gonna hate

indigoawareness179 karma

Why can't she type for herself?

GoodLeftUndone99 karma

As far as I read she can type, just not proficiently. So she may be having someone else type for her to allow for quicker responses.

OnlySpoilers105 karma

loving the tweet at her at the bottom of the picture

GoodLeftUndone111 karma

He must have just gone to R/Spacedicks.

Wonderfat98 karma

Can we please not ask about Rampart? It's getting old guys.

GoodLeftUndone34 karma

Why don't you tell us how you felt about rampart?

W3dn3sday72 karma

If she replies to one thing for me I can die happy.

GoodLeftUndone29 karma

What would that one thing be....?

W3dn3sday54 karma

Anything, even if i asked how her day was and she just said fine. I'm not a clever man. Though odds are im going to get quickly buried.

GoodLeftUndone27 karma

Well now I'm hoping that she replys to something of yours so you can have that fulfillment!

KennyLog-in34 karma

Can you tweet her some info? This is a how to document. Also, have her message the mods if she needs help or has questions.

GoodLeftUndone7 karma

Will do thank you for passing along this info. This thought actually popped into my head.

DampCottonClouds32 karma

people tell me i look like her all time time. i hope that's a good thing.

GoodLeftUndone25 karma

Everyone had/has a crush on her. If I were you I would be extremely flattered. Although, a lot of the aspects of the crush I believe revolves around her quite innocent personality in her roles. Do you get told you act that way aswell?

Rumer26 karma

How much does she hate being on the Secret Life of the American Teenager?

GoodLeftUndone14 karma

Is that question to me? I'm beginning to feel as though people think I am in some way a representative of her. I am not. I just simply tweeted her informing her of the request which was followed by her announcement that she would do so. Also, passing along some info to her as requested by the mods.

uguysmakemesick16 karma

Holy fuck. Reddit can get ANYONE to do an IAMA. Okay, now I gotta start thinking of people who'd I like to talk to.

GoodLeftUndone22 karma

The only advantage reddit held in this circumstance is that she herself, is a redditor a previously noted in the original request.

JohnWad12 karma

I used to have a huge crush on her....especially in 16 candles.

GoodLeftUndone33 karma

The question is who didn't?

Onefortwo10 karma

Yeah its cool and all but once I finally see it to ask my question there will be 5000+ comments and my question will never be answered.

GoodLeftUndone5 karma

But, isn't that the outcome for most large scale IAmA's?

Crane_Collapse8 karma

She can't type, eh.

GoodLeftUndone6 karma

Well she stated she can't type quickly, she can type, but she'll need someone that is more proficient in typing to allow for quicker responses.

d-nj8 karma

See, this is fucking awesome.

GoodLeftUndone29 karma

I did my best to get her to acknowledge the original request by tweeting to her. Not an hour later she tweeted that she would do so. This, will probably single handedly be my one achievement on reddit.

d-nj8 karma

GoodLeftUndone6 karma

I realized also, after I posted the info passed on to me from the mods for her to her twitter, that, anyone with half a brain would be able to simply go on twitter see the info and realize who I am IRL. Doesn't matter at all to me though, just a slight realization.

Heisenburg2 karma

Ok, I'll alert my gay uncle of the AMA.

GoodLeftUndone2 karma

My god man! Are you trying to make him straight?!