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Or Reddit.

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I was only missing for a couple months, but my father had kidnapped me as well. The issue was that because of my age at the time I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought I was staying with my dad for one reason or another. I know your situation wasn’t as much a kidnapping as it was just more so your dad doing right by you. But do you feel like initially you didn’t think it was anything serious because of your age? Like I did with assuming it was all normal?

I should add that my dad was and is a shit abusive piece of shit and never gave me the option of going to my mom. But I still didn’t recognize it was wrong due to age.

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Yeah I noticed that as well. Although, all that matters is that she is so haters gonna hate

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I was held in one spot not overly far from home so your displacement so far away from your home definitely makes sense why it hit more suddenly. But it does sound like your father was still very good to you through most of this. Is that true? I know with mine like many other kidnapping victims it always tends to turn abusive quickly. The issue was that I was abused from birth so I also didn’t know that wasn’t something that was right. But your father genuinely sounds like he was trying to do the best thing humanly possible for you while still being a good parent/person and offering you a life with your mother. Am I reading that correctly?

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At first I read this as no change in your normal intake. Then I realized you meant you burned through 15 minutes of air in 2 minutes.