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people tell me i look like her all time time. i hope that's a good thing.

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I said it in jest earlier, but I totally would love to take you out for a drink and talk science/journalism. Cute little lady-journalist from New York here. :)

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On your show you always seem so positive about drugs, their effects, and their users. Have you ever researched or come across any substances that you felt were "too much," so to speak? Or felt there were any substances that people really should avoid using or trying?

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Thanks for the reply! These are the things I'm currently doing. I have a portfolio, write for free as often as possible, and I have a specialization. Hopefully things turn out as well for me as they did for you!

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i'm also a freelance writer, fresh out of college...but nobody seems to want to pay freelancers or take on recent graduates full time. what is your advice for getting someone to give me a shot?